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Mag 7 Star Atlas Project

Star Atlas plotting stars down to Magnitude 7.25, including double-stars (marked with a horizontal bar) and 550 DSOs. This is a full color version including different colors and symbols for DSOs, and a representation of the Milky Way. There are 20 primary charts, and one supplemental chart (11a for the Virgo - Coma Berenices region, plotted to Magnitude 8.5). An Object Index is available: https://archive.org/details/Mag_7_Atlas_Object_index
Published on 04/24/2007
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JSC Human Life Sciences Project

This section of the Life and Microgravity Spacelab (LMS) publication includes articles entitled: (1) E029 - Magnetic Resonance Imaging after Exposure to Microgravity; (2) E030 - Extended Studies of Pulmonary Function in Weightlessness; (3) E074 - Direct Measurement of the Initial Bone Response to Spaceflight in Humans; (4) E401 - The Effects of Microgravity on Skeletal Muscle Contractile Properties; (5) E407 - Effects of Microgravity on the Biochemical and Bioenergetic Characteristics of Human Skeletal Muscle; (6) E410 - Torso Rotation Experiment; (7) E920 - Effect of Weightlessness on Human Single Muscle Fiber Function; (8) E948 - Human Sleep, Circadian Rhythms and Performance in Space; (9) E963 - Microgravity Effects on Standardized Cognitive Performance Measures; and (10) E971 - Measurement of Energy Expenditures During Spaceflight Using the Doubly Labeled Water Method
Published on 05/26/2011
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An English Project Motivated by History

"An English Project Motivated by History" is an article from The English Journal, Volume 9 . View more articles from The English Journal . View this article on JSTOR . View this article's JSTOR metadata . You may also retrieve all of this items metadata in JSON at the following URL: https://archive.org/metadata/jstor-802276
Published on 03/19/2013
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Editorial: Saving the Project. Professional Citizenship

"Editorial: Saving the Project. Professional Citizenship" is an article from The English Journal, Volume 9 . View more articles from The English Journal . View this article on JSTOR . View this article's JSTOR metadata . You may also retrieve all of this items metadata in JSON at the following URL: https://archive.org/metadata/jstor-802666
Published on 03/19/2013
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ERIC ED414854: CORE Cluster Implementation Project.

This final report describes activities and accomplishments of a 3-year, federally supported project at the University of Massachusetts (Lowell) to develop a 4-year general education core program featuring both curriculum coherence and choices in courses for students. The curriculum was developed by faculty working in small interdisciplinary (cluster) groups. The cluster groups created five to nine courses in the humanities and social sciences to be offered to junior engineering majors. Four more liberal arts clusters and three science clusters for liberal and fine arts students were also nearing implementation. Evaluation indicated the project was a highly successful tool for faculty development and curriculum design, but that clusters were too small and should probably involve 8 to 10 faculty and as many as 10 to 12 courses. Student evaluations indicated satisfaction with clusters. (DB)
Published on 12/23/2015
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ERIC ED417861: The International Resilience Research Project.

Resilience is defined as "the human capacity to face, overcome, and be strengthened by experiences of adversity." This study used an Eriksonian developmental model to examine parents', caregivers', and children's resilience-promotion in children up to 12 years of age. Age and gender differences and cultural/ethnic similarities and differences in resilience promotion were examined. Subjects responded to 3 age-specific (birth to 3 years, 4 to 6 years, and 9 to 11 years) structured situations of adversity. Data were received from 27 sites in 22 countries for a total of 1,225 target children and families/caregivers. Findings indicated that about one-third of parents promoted resilience. Resilience was promoted more in situations where helplessness and need were perceived and where support seemed feasible and less in situations in which there were perceived threats to authority, in which blame and punishment seemed more important than understanding or communication, and in which the person who could promote resilience was more concerned with frustration. Younger children (4-6) relied more than older children on help and guidance from parents to deal with adversity; older children (9-11) promoted resilience as often as their parents. When younger children promoted resilience, girls drew on empathy and helpfulness more than boys. For older children, girls drew on trusting relationships, role modeling, and promoting autonomy more than boys; all internal resilience factors except a sense of control; and all interpersonal skills except managing impulsivity and seeking help which were used with the same frequency as boys. Examples from Sudan, Namibia, and Armenia suggested differences and similarities in successful resilience promotion. Socioeconomic status had an insignificant impact on resilience-promoting behavior; the difference was primarily in the number of resilience factors used. (Contains 43 references.) (KB)
Published on 12/24/2015
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Abandoned hardrock mine priority sites project report

Published on 08/19/2014
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Abandoned hardrock mine priority sites project report

Published on 07/25/2014
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Abandoned hardrock mine priority sites project report

Published on 08/19/2014
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Abandoned hardrock mine priority sites project report

Published on 08/19/2014
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