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ERIC EJ1007162: An Exploratory Study of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies in a Design Project by Students in Grades 9-12

This exploratory study evaluated self-regulated learning (SRL) strategies of 27 students in grades 9-12 during an engineering design project. The specific focus of the study was on student task interpretation and its relation to planning and cognitive strategies in design activities. Two research questions guided the study: (1) To what degree was students' task interpretation reflected in their working plans and SRL strategies use across the design process?; and (2) How did relatively lower- and higher-achieving design-performing students differ in interpreting tasks and deploying SRL strategies? Survey instruments and Web-based design notebook writing were used to capture students' reported use of SRL strategies. On the survey, students reported use of SRL strategies at the early, middle, and final stages of the design task, with a focus on task interpretation, planning, cognitive, monitoring/fix-up strategies, and performance criteria. The findings suggested that students scored higher on task interpretation than on planning, cognitive, and monitoring/fix-up strategies. Students' relatively high awareness of task interpretation-related-issues was also reflected in what they considered to be good design performance. Our findings were suggestive that higher performing students scored significantly higher than their lower-performing peer on cognitive and monitoring and fix-up strategies. On the other hand, lower-performing students reported greater use of planning strategies. Moreover, higher-performing students seemed to be able to convey more detailed and specific descriptions than did their relatively-lower performing peers. This article discusses potential implications for design instruction in grades 9-12. (Contains 4 tables and 3 figures.)
Published on 10/01/2018
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DTIC ADA311630: MAP Project, Multimedia Access Prototype (MAP) Project.

The Multimedia Access Project (MAP) project was the result of a grant from the Advanced Research Projects Agency. The project created a user-friendly, multimedia-based prototype that increased accessibility to the government's geographic information databases. The project was a test bed evaluation of distributed and collaborative access to open source government information. The results of the initial test bed evaluation were to assess and validate likely standards for use in DoD, government, public and commercial services. The following are the stated objectives for this project: (1) Provide information technology support to government agencies for crisis planning applications. (2) Provide the AIM Institute with the local infrastructure required to participate in the National Information Infrastructure (NII). (3) Deploy new technologies for presenting selected geographic data in a multimedia presentation format. (4) Distribute the geographic information over a broadband network to a substantial population. (5) Assess and validate likely standards for use in DoD, government, public, and commercial information service systems. (6) Prepare for further commercial development and generalization of such systems and services. (7) Collect evaluation data. (8) Evaluate the test. (9) Provide public access to all evaluation data.
Published on 04/01/2018
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Haryana Gazette, 1966-12-21, No. 9

Haryana Gazette Gazette Type: Ordinary Date: 1966-12-21 Gazette Number: 9 Department: PWD (B and R) Notification Number: 843-Project-3180-66 Subject: The Land Acquisition Act 1894 Section 4 Source URL
Published on 07/20/2018
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Document number CIA-RDP78-04915A000200030037-9 declassified and released through the CIA's CREST database. Previously available only on four computers located outside of Washington D.C., the Agency was successfully pressured into putting the files online as a result of a MuckRock lawsuit and the efforts of Emma Best. The metadata was collected by Data.World, and the files are now being archived and made text searchable by the Internet Archive.
Published on 08/19/2017
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Project apollo

Published on 09/04/2014
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Haryana Gazette, 1966-12-21, No. 9

Haryana Gazette Gazette Type: Ordinary Date: 1966-12-21 Gazette Number: 9 Department: PWD (B and R) Notification Number: 835-Project-3777-61 Subject: The Land Acquisition Act 1894 Section 4 Source URL
Published on 07/20/2018
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Folder: PROJECT NUMBER: 8803, SESSION NUMBER: 01, DATE OF SESSION: 12 MAY 1988, RV-079; STAR GATE was an umbrella term for the Intelligence Community effort that used remote viewers who claimed to use clairvoyance, precognition, or telepathy to acquire and describe information about targets that were blocked from ordinary perception. The records include documentation of remote viewing sessions, training, internal memoranda, foreign assessments, and program reviews. The STAR GATE program was also called SCANATE, GONDOLA WISH, DRAGOON ABSORB, GRILL FLAME, CENTER LANE, SUN STREAK. Files were released through CREST and obtained as TIF files by the Black Vault and converted to PDF by That 1 Archive.
Published on 06/25/2016
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ERIC ED047987: The Oakland County Mathematics Project.

Outlined is a mathematics project funded by the U.S. Office of Education for students in grades 9-12 who are in the 25th to 55th percentile range of mathematics ability. Presented are the philosophy of the project, the objectives, special features of the project materials, major mathematics covered and the materials developed to teach these topics, general student reaction, results of 1969-70 field testing, and the address of the project director. The mathematics in the project is spirally presented, students learn by active participation a substantial amount of mathematics, and the results of the field testing are promising. This work was prepared under an ESEA Title III contract. (Author/CT)
Published on 11/24/2015
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De Nederlandse Project Gutenberg Reader

Fragments from recent Dutch texts published at Project Gutenberg between 1 August 2008 and 11 September 2008.
Published on 09/11/2008
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Rimini Maintenance Project : final report

Published on 08/20/2014
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