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Die Zeitschrift bietet der Erforschung der europischen Interaktionen und der geistig-sozialen Prozesse bergreifenden Charakters ein Forum, aber auch Studien zur Ausstrahlung Europas nach Auereuropa. Jeder Band des Jahrbuchs ist einem Kernthema gewidmet, ohne dass dies die Aufnahme "sonstiger" Beitrge ausschliet. Die Zeitschrift enthlt Forschungsberichte zu ausgewhlten Themen. Durch eine Auswahlbibliographie des im zurckliegenden Jahr erschienenen einschlgigen Schrifttums und eine Rubrik, in der sich Europa-Institute und Europa-Projekte des In- und Auslands vorstellen, wird sein informativer Charakter noch unterstrichen.
Category: History. ISBN: 9783486706383


The purpose of the Bibliography of the International Arthurian Society (BIAS) , which continues the annual bibliography previously published by the International Arthurian Society since 1949 as Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Arthurian Society / Bulletin Bibliographique de la Socit Internationale Arthurienne (without any interruption in the numerical sequence of annual volumes) is, year by year, to draw attention to all scholarly books and articles directly concerned with the matire de Bretagne . Subjects which are only indirectly concerned with it, such as the origins of courtly love, are deliberately excluded. Also excluded are popular works, general surveys found in histories of literature and most studies which deal with the Arthurian tradition after the sixteenth century. Within these limits, the Bibliography aims to include all books, reviews and articles published in the year preceding its appearance, an exception being made for earlier studies which have been omitted inadvertently. The research section previously published in BBIAS/BBSIA will be integrated in the new Journal of the International Arthurian Society (JIAS) .
Category: Literary Criticism. ISBN: 9783110342888


Die International Bibliography of Historical Sciences (IBOHS), die seit 1930 jhrlich erscheint, verzeichnet die bedeutendsten Neuerscheinungen geschichtswissenschaftlicher Monographien und Zeitschriftenartikel weltweitvon der Vor- und Frhgeschichte bis zur jngsten Vergangenheit einschlielich der historischen Hilfswissenschaften. Die Werke sind innerhalb der systematischen Gliederung nach Zeitalter, Region oder historischer Disziplin alphabetisch aufgelistet. Es folgen ein Autoren- und ein Personenverzeichnis sowie ein geographisches Register.
Category: History. ISBN: 9783110407914


Up-to-date information on some 7,000 institutions and approx. 12,000 persons in public life in Bavaria: authorities and departments of local, state and federal administration; jurisdiction; syndicates and other organizations from politics, business, academic life, the arts etc.; notaries, church offices, schools, universities, museums, libraries, hospitals, banks and mayors, District Administrators, chairpersons, presidents, directors, managing directors and other executives.
Category: Reference. ISBN: 9783110230772

TPE 2011

Regarded by many as Europe’s premier international conference for the thermoplastic elastomer industry, this conference was an ideal opportunity to hear about the latest developments from a range of exciting speakers from leading TPE producers to academics. These proceeding will interest material suppliers, processors and manufacturers of finished and semi-finished products/components as well as manufacturers considering TPEs as a replacement for vulcanised rubber. Indeed, anyone with an interest in TPEs wishing to gain a better understanding of the subject. These proceedings include significant presentations on current issues confronting the industry such as use of biomaterials in TPEs and PVC replacement. A specific session was scheduled to help those struggling with the impact of current legislation on TPEs. As an example of the potential for continuous development, which is a characteristic of TPEs, this year’s conference featured a session on new developments in one of the oldest TPEs - styrene block co-polymers. Other areas covered include new materials such as foams and new building blocks for TPUs.
Category: General. ISBN: 9781847356413

Exposed! 2011

Alison Jackson goes behind the headlines with a hilarious collection of the year's best stories. It's been quite a year in the world of celebrity...- Wayne Rooney said 'I'm worth it' with his new head of hair;- Charlie Sheen went from losing it to WINNING;- Cameron and Clegg continued their bromance;- Cheryl got hired 'n' fired in spectacular fashion;- And the world stopped entirely to watch Kate 'n' Wills get married - then got totally distracted by Pippa's bottom instead
Category: Humor. ISBN: 9780857863508

Censored 2011

The yearly volumes of Censored, in continuous publication since 1976 and since 1995 available through Seven Stories Press, is dedicated to the stories that ought to be top features on the nightly news, but that are missing because of media bias and self-censorship. The top stories are listed democratically in order of importance according to students, faculty, and a national panel of judges. Each of the top stories is presented at length, alongside updates from the investigative reporters who broke the stories.
Category: History. ISBN: 9781583229200

Pandora 2011

The Crescent Beach Mall of South Carolina was your basic modern shopping centerboutiques, eateries, movie theaters, and a packed parking lotuntil the very fabric of reality unraveled. Now the mall is a supernatural oddity known worldwide as Pandoras Box. People travel from miles around to have their chance inside: some emerge with amazing stories, some leave the mall insane, and many are simply never seen again. Sebastian makes a bundle offering tours into the bowels of Pandora. To assuage his conscience, he gives visitors fair warning: if they have personal demons, they should not go inside. Problem is, the Box, as the locals call it, is most seductive to the worst kind of customershaunted, twisted and desperate misfitspeople who should never be allowed to visit a world that reflects their warped souls. The locals of Crescent Beach realize the magical effects are spreading beyond the confines of the haunted shopping complex. Childrens toys become weapons, pets mutate into monsters, and the flow of time itself is corrupted. Sebastian is no longer the only one in over his balding head. Sheriff Valerie Dunn is there to back up the morally bankrupt tour guide, but can they withstand the powerand temptationof Pandoras Box? Time to hit the mall; check your psychological baggage at the door.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9781458200440

NanoCarbon 2011

This book presents results from NanoCarbon2011, a Brazilian Carbon event, covering advances in basic and applied research in various carbon materials. Reviews fundamental and outstanding properties and describes promising new applications for carbon materials.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9783642319594


The Benn Forum presents research on the life and work of Gottfried Benn and on the literary context of his time. Each volume of the yearbook presents articles on a specific topic, together with new research on Benn's biography and on newly discovered texts; in addition, it contains reviews of important new publications and a continuing Benn bibliography.
Category: Literary Criticism. ISBN: 9783110207873
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