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Tammy's Loving School

A WONDERFUL STORY FOR KIDS AGES 3-5 YRS. OLD ABOUT THE FUN THINGS IN SCHOOLSCHOOL IS SO MUCH FUN Tammy is a 4-year old boy who loves going to school! Together with his friends, they ride the bus to school every morning. In school, he learns to read, write, draw and paint. In school, Tammy and his friends get to play all sorts of games and learn how to play music. There's so much to learn in school! Want to know what else you could learn in school like Tammy? Download to find out! Parents' reviews: "Just in time as my 3-year old is due to go to school!" - Jasmin Y. "This gets my little one all excited to start nursery school." - Barbara V. "After reading this, my kid keeps on asking when he could start school." - Joe H.