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Playwrights on Playwriting
For anyone interested in drama, Playwrights on Playwriting: From Ibsen to Ionesco offers revealing and astute insights on modern theater and the creation of plays. The book gathers the opinions and theories of the greatest names in the

Her Submission
Marc and Tory are settling into the House pretty well. Tobi and Trina are nearing Ascension. And except for the lingering mild tension between she and Trevor, Shana thinks everything is going well. But then Brian tries to steal off with yet Anothe

Summer's Nights
Tobi thought he was the happiest man in the world. He and Shana had at last broken through the mutual hurt and uncertainty that's kept them apart all this time physically, she had proposed to him on the same night, and now they were loving being m

Her Submission
Episode Seven of Chronicles opens with our sexy Domme showing off some of her photography at an up and coming Gallery, but Brian -the one being in all the earth for whom Shana feels zero kindness - decides to crash the party and tries again to make off with one of her people. With Christian's help, she finally puts this sadist out of her misery, and in the bargain gains two more luscious little lovers. Meanwhile, Trina at last makes the step to Full Dominari, and, with her world set to rights (she thinks), Shana decides that it's time she and Tobi end the separation that has kept them 'together but apart', especially in bed.

Fifteen year-old Toby forgets - or ignores - his mother's words of wisdom and is running late to get home in time for a curfew. Taking a wrong turn brings him face to face with the leader of a ruthless gang. Does he survive the encounter?Suff'rance is inspired by true events.

StingDressing Toby HernandezCoworkers Cole and Willy work the late-shift at a county morgue. After years at the same job, both have become desensitized and death weary until the arrival of a much different body: that of a ten-year ol

Dr. Dad
Dr. Toby Cole, a widowed pediatrician, is delighted. Lindsey, his exasperating ten-year-old daughter, is out of the doldrums at last. A new friend has moved in next door. Well, not a friend friend. Susannah Dawson is the retired thirty-two-year-old star of the hit soap opera Mercy Hospital, who has fled to small-town Connecticut to escape the Hollywood glitz. Toby's sure she can be a positive influence in Lindsey's increasingly rebellious life. Before long, Toby and Susannah have to acknowledge that they are a positive influence in each other's lives. In fact, they've fallen in love. Toby is smitten with Susannah. Lindsey is smitten with Susannah. It sounds ideal. It's not! Maybe what Toby needs now is the Daddy School-to help him sort out the jealousy and disloyalty he and his daughter have started to feel.

Le dilemme d'une amoureuse - Son mystérieux amant
Série Le clan des Fortune Le dilemme d'une amoureuse, Judy DuarteTout le monde se connaît à Horseback Hollow. Toby Fortune-Jones et Angie Edwards, qui ont grandi dans la petite ville, se côtoient ainsi depuis des années, en toute amitié. Jusqu'au jour où, à la faveur d'un regard passionné, leur relation évolue vers une intimité aussi inattendue qu'exaltante. Soudain, Toby n'est plus seulement ce cow-boy raisonnable, responsable d'un ranch et des trois enfants qu'il élève seul, mais un homme en proie au désir le plus violent. Soudain, Angie se demande ce que vaut sa précieuse indépendance face au sourire ravageur de Toby… Son mystérieux amant, Barbara DunlopQue lui veut réellement Cole Parker? se demande Amber, troublée. Depuis leur rencontre à une soirée de gala, le séduisant pilote ne cesse de la surprendre. Par les compliments et les attentions dont il la couve, bien sûr, mais aussi et surtout par la gentillesse dont il fait preuve envers Zachary, le petit garçon dont elle a la garde. Se pourrait-il que Cole soit l'homme de sa vie? Amber n'ose y croire car, si elle rêverait de s'abandonner entre ses bras, elle a le sentiment qu'il lui cache quelque chose…