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The Essential Titus Burckhardt: Reflections on Sacred Art, Faiths, and Civilizations

The Essential Titus Burckhardt is the much-anticipated collection of writings from Titus Burckhardt, one of the great Perennialist authors of the 20th century, edited by the world's foremost expert on the Burckhardt body of works, William Stoddart. Burckhardt's writings are characterized by (1) a profound grounding in the Perennial Philosophy and integral metaphysics, (2) a remarkable history of contacts with traditional peoples and their civilizations, (3) a true artist's knowledge of and love for traditional art, (4) a scholar's knowledge of diverse source materials not accessible to most modern seekers, and (5) a gifted teacher's ability to make all of these things understandable and of deep interest to readers. This collection will bring together many of Burckhardt's most representative writings that will amply demonstrate these qualities. The editor of the collection, Dr. William Stoddart, is himself a writer within the Perennialist school, and is perhaps best known for his concise outlines of many the world's great religious traditions as well as for his many excellent translations into English of many of the works of Schuon and Burckhardt. This essential collection of Burckhardt's writings is illustrated by numerous black and white drawings, and sixteen pages of full color photograhs

The Essential Titus Burckhardt

An introduction to the thought of one of the greatest perennialist authors of the twentieth century. Burckhardt's writings constitute a veritable language of the Spirit, and this volume opens doors into the worlds of traditional art, science, metaphy

Art of Islam, Language and Meaning

Discover the beauty of Islam through Titus Burckhardt's masterpiece Art of Islam, presented in a revised, commemorative edition containing 285 new illustrations.

Foundations of Oriental Art & Symbolism

This fascinating edited collection of art historian Titus Burckhardt's most important writings on Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist art is lavishly illustrated with 140 superb examples of Oriental art, architecture, statuary, and painting.


Die marokkanische Stadt Fes war für den Orientalisten und Kunsthistoriker Titus Burckhardt Inbegriff der idealen islamischen Stadt, in der Religion, Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft eine stimmige Einheit bilden. Indem er Fes mit seinen Moscheen und Häu

Introduction to Sufi Doctrine

Titus Burckhardt's masterpiece, An Introduction to Sufi Doctrine, is a distillation of the essence of Islamic mysticism, or Sufism, presenting its central doctrines and methods to a western audience in a highly intelligible form. It was Burckhardt's

The Foundations of Christian Art

The art historian and philosopher of religion, Titus Burckhardt (1908-1984), was one of the 20th century's most renowned experts on sacred art. The reader is drawn into a pilgrimage through the history of Christian art to architecture, iconography, a


The Traditionalist or Perennialist School of metaphysics, esoterism, and comparative religion, 'founded' by René Guénon and Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, and carried on by such figures as Frithjof Schuon, Titus Burckhardt, and Martin Lings, produced a body

Universal Dimensions of Islam

Islam's acceptance of other religions remains an enigma for many Westerners. The 16 essays in this volume, by renowned experts on Islam such as Frithjof Schuon, Rene Guenon, Titus Burckhardt, and Seyyed Hossein Nasr, explore the fundamental universal

Light from the East

This is a collection of writings about the spiritual meeting of East and West in the modern world including articles by the Dalai Lama, Huston Smith, Frithjof Schuon, Thomas Merton, Titus Burckhardt, Ananda Coomaraswamy, Diana Eck, Gary Snyder and Al

The Betrayal of Tradition: Essays on the Spiritual Crisis of Modernity

The Betrayal of Tradition is an anthology of essays which excavate the deepest roots of the spiritual crisis of modernity. It is controlled by several large themes: the loss of traditional metaphysical and cosmological principles which have been replaced by the pseudo-mythologies of modernity; the erosion of traditional religious and social forms; the triumph of a profane and materialistic scientism. Some of the essays are primarily concerned with an exposition of traditional principles which are contrasted with the prevailing ideas, assumptions and values of modernity, while others focus on particular problems and issues which are of immediate and urgent concern to thoughtful people everywhere-the desacralisation of work, the global ecological crisis and the destruction of indigenous cultures, for example. All of the essays in the anthology are informed by the sense, that the most pressing problems in the contemporary world are, in one way or another, related to "the betrayal of tradition", which is to say the loss of a living understanding of those principles and values which governed the traditional civilisations of both East and West. The distinctive nature of the anthology is to be found in the range of writers who consider the most urgent problems of modernity from a variety of perspectives. Behind the apparent diversity of these perspectives, readers will discern an inner unity deriving from the unanimous conviction that modern civilisation has lost its spiritual bearings and that a return to the timeless truths of tradition is a necessary condition for any recovery. The contributors to the anthology include not only eminent traditionalists such as Ananda Coomaraswamy, Titus Burckhardt and Frithjof Schuon but many well-known contemporary scholars and commentators such as Robert Aitken, Karen Armstrong, and Mary Midgley.
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