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Australia: Distant Encounters
Australia is far-flung and until the airplane overcame the tyranny of distance Australia was terra incognita. Aboriginals of Australia are one of the oldest living peoples of the world having occupied the same territory longer than any other human

Ecuador: Climbing Volcanos
We went to Ecuador to visit my daughter Frances. In Quito we stayed with Ecuadorian friends who introduced us to culinary delights such as calf's foot soup (good for hangovers), cow's udder (like eating Pirelli tyre rubber) and guinea pig (like ro

Turkey: East Meets West
The city of Van on the Silk Road in eastern Anatolia, Turkey. It was hit by an earthquake on Sunday 23 October 2011. People were killed and many more made homeless. I went there a year later to see how well the city is recovering. Scharlie, my wif

Italy: Valleys of Rock
In the summer of 2004 we went climbing with Dimitri in the Valle Garrafano in the Apuane Alps, a limestone area famous for its Carrara marble. Dimitri had been a tenant of ours in Cambridge when he had a sabbatical working in the University Librar

Greece: Varassova
In 2003 we went climbing with Muni and Rose to Varasova, a limestone cliff in Greece east of Missolonghi. This 900m high promontory that drops into the Ionian Sea is the home of Greek climbing. There are over 200 routes, some sports routes of 3-4

Guatemala: Our Man In Central America
We went to Guatemala to visit David, a friend I hadn't seen for more than twenty-five years since I lived in Venezuela. We stay with his delightful family, a house full of delightful women. We go to Chichicastenango on market day and witness the s

Terra Firma
"Terra Firma - very large, about which nothing is known", was how Columbus described the mainland of South America. David finds himself on anything but firm ground when he arrives in Venezuela to work for Jordi's uncle Manuel, the Minist

Aconcagua: Stone Sentinel
Aconcagua at nearly 7,000 metres is the highest mountain outside Asia From the south it is a hard, dangerous climb. From the north, given good weather, it is relatively easy. In my twenties I read a book about three Polish climbers who in 1934 mad

Autana: Eye of the Gods
El Autana is a sandstone tepuy or butte about 400 miles south of Caracas in the Amazon Territory of Venezuela. The first ascent of the Autana was in 1974 by two English, Stephen Platt and David Nott, and two Venezuelans, Wilmer Perez la Riva and

Japan: After the Tsunami
We went Japan to study recovery after the 2011 Tohoku tsunami. This was a major disaster for Japan. For the country most prepared for earthquakes this was a shocking event that will take years and trillions of dollars to repair. Fifteen months aft

Kyrgyzstan Bishkek and Tien Shan
I went to Kyrgyzstan to investigate using remote sensing to map hazards. We ran a scenario planning game in Bishkek with Emergency personnel from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Our host takes us to a night club. It's in a vast concert bunker. We toast

Private Risks and Public Dangers
Private Risk and Public Dangers is comprised of a collection of chapters which were originally papers presented in the 1991 British Sociological Association Conference on Health and Society, and they address a range of private risks and p

Locating Health
Originally presented as papers in the 1991 British Sociological Association Conference on Health and Society, Locating Health represents a valuable addition to the 'health inequalities' debate by extending our gaze beyond the traditional

Venezuela: Climbing Ilu Tepuy
Ilu Tepuy is the most northerly tepuy or sandstone spire in the Roraima chain of mountains in South-East venezuela close to the Brazilian and Guyana Borders. This is an account of the first ascent in October 1981.

Morocco: Sahara and Atlas
We had a trip to Morocco in mind for some years, since Frances, our daughter, went there on buying trips twenty years ago. But this time we visited parts that were new to her. From Fez we crossed the Atlas Mountains and went south into the desert,

India: Himalayan Sanctuaries
We went trekking with a group of friends in the Garhwal Himalaya. Michael was able to get permission for us to go both to the legendary Valley of Flowers and the Bioshere Resereve and the Inner Sanctuary of Nanda Devi. We describe the overwhelming

Capitalismo Criminoso
Stephen Platt descreve com detalhes, claros e chocantes, a ação criminosa no cerne do sistema financeiro internacional envolvendo atividades como tráfico de drogas, terrorismo, pirataria, tráfico de pessoas e armas, pagamentos a corruptos e evasão

Engaging Exposition
In the homiletics field, a text has been needed that blends hermeneutics, sermon development, and sermon delivery. Engaging Exposition fills that gap with what its experienced authors call a "3-D approach" to preaching.B

New Zealand: Long White Cloud
Because of its remoteness, New Zealand was one of the last places to be settled by humans who arrived only 7-800 years ago from Polynesia and founded what today is a strong and highly influential Maori culture. We went to study recovery after the

Corsica GR20: Toughest Trail in Europe
The GR20 is one of the great walks of Europe, comparable in length to the Tour of Mont Blanc and similar in quality to the Cuillen Ridge on Skye. It runs across Corsica northwest to southeast. It crosses jagged peaks, that are snow covered for muc
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