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Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot's Handbook
Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot's Handbook

Rod Machado's Plane Talk (The Mental Art of Flying an Airplane)
Rod Machado?s Plane Talk contains nearly 100 flights of fun and knowledge that will stimulate your aviation brain and tickle your funny bone. You?ll read about higher learning, the value of aviation history, aviation literature, aviation art and how an artist?s perspective can help you better understand weather. You'll also learn: how to how to assess and manage aviation risks, techniques for making better cockpit decisions, new ways to help you cope with the temptation to do the wrong thing in the air, and much more!

Rod Machado's Sport Pilot Handbook
This is a serious text written in a clear and witty style. With over 1 000 illustrations and photos these 582 full-color pages make preparation for the FAA sport pilot (airplane) oral and knowledge exams-and flight reviews too-a fun experience. It's best to train with only one highly regarded seasoned instructor for your flight lessons. This ensures continuity in training no gaps in knowledge and the benefit of learning from a skilled instructor with in-depth experience. The same is true with ground training. One highly experienced author ensures a deeper understanding of important aviation knowledge. Rod's readers continually benefit from his years of experience. Instructing since 1973 Rod personally writes illustrates and updates all his books too. Each one of his illustrations is there to teach not just decorate. The text also explains why things work the way they do. This improves understanding and helps the reader remember. The result is higher test scores and a safer more competent and more confident pilot.

The Flight Instructor's Survival Guide
After passing the FAA's Fundamentals of Instructing (FOI) knowledge test required of all instructors, the true challenge begins-applying that knowledge in the real world of teaching flight. Follow along as Arlynn McMahon lifts the FOI principles f