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Peter Dickinson: Words and Music
Peter Dickinson has made an enduring contribution to British musical life, and his music has been regularly performed and recorded by leading musicians. His writings, brought together here for the first time, are equally noteworthy. Covering well

Peter Doyle
On St. Helena island in 1821 a mysterious doctor removes Napoleon Bonaparte's penis from his corpse while in the next room his loyal lieutenants brag about their dead emperor's merciless cruelty. Fifty years later the search for this itinerant appendage leads through Victorian London to ante-bellum New York, Amherst, Massachusetts, and finally Colorado Territory, dragging in its path a promiscuous mix of French counts, love-sick poets, dandies, shady antiquarians, utopian dreamers, con men, and a pieced-together homunculus named Bonnie. The French want to re-member their empire, the English relic-seekers wish to recover a valuable prize, and Bonnie wants to complete his diminutive body. Along the way, John Vernon corrects history's mistake by arranging a meeting between the two great American poets, Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson. And Whitman's friend, Peter Doyle, the dandified streetcar conductor at the center of it all, saves the lives of a family abducted by Indians with an ingenious use of Napoleon's dingus," as he calls it. From the half-completed Brooklyn Bridge to Horace Greeley's Union Colony in Colorado Territory to the Rocky Mountains and the canyons of the Green and Yampa rivers, this sprawling novel creates its own manifest destiny by mixing fact and fiction with shameless joy. Peter Doyle's brand of speculative historical fiction corrects history's minor errors while vividly describing its major ones. Praise Vernon's great virtue is his style smart, marvelously specific, insightful both about large issues and small ones. The novel contains a wealth of fine sentences, and a wealth of sharply delineated objects. Reading it is rather like going into the world's best and most fascinating antique store and watching everything, on every shelf, in every drawer, draped over every rack, be made new again. This is not a novel to be devoured, but to be browsed over and savored." Jane Smiley, The Boston Globe Peter Doyle is not just a novel, it's a conjuration

Walking Dead
This brilliant crime novel by CWA Gold Dagger winner Peter Dickinson is set in the Caribbean, where a researcher becomes trapped like a rodent in a mazeWhen it comes to his rats, David Foxe is an expert. He decides when th

The Changes Trilogy
Three dystopian novels by an award-winning author that imagine a world where humankind has suddenly and violently rejected modern technology. Something has gone very wrong in England. In a tunnel beneath Wales one man opens

The Princess Louise Mysteries
The Gold Dagger-winning author "outdoes himself" with this pair of "most unusual and original" mysteries set in an alternate twentieth-century British monarchy (Publishers Weekly). With two CWA Gold Dagger a

Music Education in Crisis
There is no question that music education is in crisis today. The place of music in the national curriculum is controversial; there have been cuts in the provision of individual lessons; and there have been severe reductions in government funding,

One Foot in the Grave
CWA Gold Dagger winner Peter Dickinson is back: Now-retired Scotland Yard superintendent James Pibble isn't about to go quietly into the night-not when there's a murder case or two (or three) to solveAt Flycatchers, a well

The Green Gene
CWA Gold Dagger winner Peter Dickinson is back: An Indian doctor joins the English underground to fight racial oppressionDr. P.P. Humayan expects prejudice from the English. Growing up in Bombay, he was raised on stories

Tears of the Salamander
Alfredo, a choir boy in 18th-century Italy, loses his family in a fire, and his mysterious Uncle Giorgio spirits him away to their ancestral home below a volcano. There he learns that Uncle Giorgio is the Master of the Mountain; he can control the

A Bone from a Dry Sea
On a prehistoric shore, a young girl fights to help her tribe surviveShe is at home in the ocean, as comfortable in the water as she is on dry land. The child's people have made their homes by the bay for as long as anyone

Time and the Clock Mice, Etcetera
When the town clock stops, a colony of telepathic mice comes to the rescue Unthinkable! The Branton Town Hall Clock has stopped! The intricately carved turret clock had attracted tourists from all over the world. Every day

To save his friend, a daring young boy infiltrates a healing centerIf it weren't for the migraines, Barry would be an ordinary boy. When a crushing headaches strikes him during the school day, he goes to the nurse's office

In this evocative tale of suspense from CWA Gold Dagger winner Peter Dickinson, a British diplomat's wife in Nigeria inadvertently precipitates a senseless tragedy, and six decades later, her son becomes caught up in a maelstrom of violent

The Poison Oracle
"I think Peter Dickinson is hands down the best stylist as a writer and the most interesting storyteller in my genre."-Sara Paretsky, author of BreakdownPraise for The Poison Oracle:"I have no idea if any of t

In this brilliant crime novel by CWA Gold Dagger winner Peter Dickinson, a writer looks back on his past and discovers the memory of a murder that needs to be solvedIt's been forty years since Paul Rogers spent a night at

The Poison Oracle
I think Peter Dickinson is hands down the best stylist as a writer and the most interesting storyteller in my genre."-Sara Paretsky, author of BreakdownPraise for The Poison Oracle:"I have no idea if any of this talk and ac-tion is authentic, and I don't care. Either way it's marvellous."-Rex Stout"Intelligent, elegantly written. a thoroughly enjoyable read."-Sunday TimesPraise for Peter Dickinson's mysteries:"He is the true original, a superb writer who revitalises the traditions of the mystery genre. incapable of writing a trite or inelegant sentence. a mas-ter."- P.D. James"Consummate storytelling skill."-Peter LoveseyTake a medieval Arab kingdom, add a ruler who wants to update the kingdom's educational facilities, include an English research psycholinguist (an Oxford classmate of the ruler) invited to pursue his work on animal communication, and then add a touch of chaos in Dinah, a chimpanzee who has begun to learn to form coherent sentences with plastic symbols. When a murder is committed in the oil-rich marshes, Dinah is the only witness, and Morris has to go into the marshes to dis-cover the truth. The Poison Oracle is a novel of its time that exposes in the everyday language people use humanity's thinking and unthinking cruelties to one another and to the animals with whom we share this earth. Peter Dickinson has twice received the Crime Writers' Association's Gold Dagger. His novels include Death of a Unicorn, A Summer in the Twenties, and many more. He lives in England and is married to the novelist Robin McKinley.

International Review of History Education
The third volume in this international review takes "raising standards" as its central theme. Raising standards is no simple matter, either conceptually or empirically, whatever politicians might think. If it is to happen, it must draw o

The Ropemaker
Tilja has grown up in the peaceful Valley, which is protected from the fearsome Empire by an enchanted forest. But the forest's power has begun to fade and the Valley is in danger. Tilja is the youngest of four brave souls who venture into the Emp

Annerton Pit
A blind boy and his brother set out on a motorcycle in search of their ghost-hunting grandfatherIt all starts with the postman. Jake cannot see the mail, but he is an excellent listener, and he can tell by the sound the ma

Perfect Gallows
The twisted circumstances surrounding an unspeakable crime, an old man's fortune, and a production of Shakespeare's The Tempest come to light four decades on in this masterful tale of greed, deception, and murder by CWA Gold Dagge
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