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Sport Marketing
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The Trusted Executive
The Trusted Executive helps leaders create a strategy for building trust in a globalized, technology-enabled, diverse and increasingly sceptical world. Through innovative coaching exercises, self-assessment exercis

To Be A Phoney
Following the publication in 2012 of his autobiography, Reporting a Life, Don Hatwell, now 87, has chosen for this miscellany pieces from his letters, diaries and newspaper articles. They range between music, money, theatre, Paul C├ęzanne, Francis Bacon, a visit to Prague, cigarettes, Sir Thomas Beecham, gout, and the death of his wife Joyce. There are interviews with Maggie Smith, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Judith Kranz and Art Blakey. Also included are comments on the politics of Margaret Thatcher, Nigel Lawson, Jim Callaghan and Rupert Murdoch. It makes a lively, highly readable, thoughtful bedside book and will appeal to fans of Reporting a Life, and those interested in the arts and journalism.