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Works of James Parton
4 works of James Parton English-born American biographer (1822-1891) This ebook presents a collection of 4 works of James Parton. A dynamic table of contents allows you to jump directly to the work selected. Table of Conte

Famous Americans of Recent Times
The close of the war removes the period preceding it to a great distance from us, so that we can judge its public men as though we were the "posterity" to whom they sometimes appealed. James Buchanan still haunts the neighborhood of Lancaster, a livi

Smoking and Drinking (Illustrated)
The next very important thing that man has to attend to is his health. In some other respects, progress has been made during the last hundred years, and several considerable obstacles to the acquisition of a stable happiness have been removed or diminished. In the best parts of the best countries, so much knowledge is now freely offered to all the young as suffices to place within their reach all existing knowledge. We may say with confidence that the time is not distant when, in the United States, no child will live farther than four miles from a school-house, kept open four months in the year, and when there will be the beginning of a self-sustaining public library in every town and village of a thousand inhabitants. This great business of making knowledge universally accessible is well in hand; it has gone so far that it must go on till the work is complete. In this country, too, if nowhere else, there is so near an approach to perfect freedom of thinking, that scarcely any one, whose conduct is good, suffers inconvenience from professing any extreme or eccentricity of mere opinion. I constantly meet, in New England villages, men who differ as widely as possible from their neighbors on the most dividing of all subjects; but if they are good citizens and good neighbors, I have never observed that they were the less esteemed on that account. Their peculiarities of opinion become as familiar as the color of their hair, or the shape of their every-day hat, and as inoffensive. This is a grand triumph of good sense and good nature; or, as Matthew Arnold would say, of the metropolitan over the provincial spirit. It is also recent. It was not the case fifty years ago. It was not the case twenty years ago. The steam-engine, and the wondrous machinery which the steam-engine moves, have so cheapened manufactured articles, that a mechanic, in a village, may have so sufficient a share of the comforts, conveniences, and decencies of life, that it is sometimes hard to say what

Revolutionary Heroes
Revolutionary Heroes James Parton, english-born American biographer (1822-1891) This ebook presents Revolutionary Heroes, from James Parton. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.<

Revolutionary Heroes and Other Historical Papers
Revolutionary Heroes and Other Historical Papers

Caricature and Other Comic Art
Caricature and Other Comic Art James Parton, english-born American biographer (1822-1891) This ebook presents Caricature and Other Comic Art, from James Parton. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly

Famous Americans of Recent Times
Famous Americans of Recent Times James Parton, english-born American biographer (1822-1891) This ebook presents Famous Americans of Recent Times, from James Parton. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump direc

Captains of Industry
Captains of Industry James Parton, english-born American biographer (1822-1891) This ebook presents Captains of Industry, from James Parton. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.<

Revolutionary Heroes and Other Historical Papers
James Parton was born in Canterbury, England, February 9, 1822. When five years old he was brought to America and given an education in the schools of New York City, and at White Plains, N.Y. Subsequently he engaged in teaching in Philadelphia and N

Revolutionary Heroes, and Other Historical Papers
James Parton was an English-born American biographer who wrote books on the lives of Horace Greeley, Aaron Burr, Andrew Jackson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Voltaire.

The Life of Horace Greeley (Barnes & Noble Digital Library)
Horace Greeley (1811-1872) was an American newspaper editor whose New York Tribune was the country's most influential periodical from the 1840s to the 1870s. James Parton's biography of the legendary Greeley

John Jacob Astor: A Biographic Sketch.
A biographic sketch of the German that came to America and became the richest American of his time through fur trading and real estate investments.

Caricature and Other Comic Art in All Times and Many Lands
In this volume there is, I believe, a greater variety of pictures of a comic and satirical cast than was ever before presented at one view. Many nations, ancient and modern, pagan and Christian, are represented in it, as well as most of the names ide

Theodosia Burr, A Biographic Sketch, Illustrated.
This short sketch of the well educated and cultivated daughter of Aaron Burr highlights her relationship with her father, through all his trials.

Revolutionary Heroes, and Other Historical Papers
This book is perfectly adapted and layout, for a pleasant reading on a digital reader, a tablet, or a smartphone.

General Jackson (Barnes & Noble Digital Library)
Just before his death, the popular American biographer completed the tumultuous life story of America's seventh President, in all its color and scope. Here are Old Hickory's childhood, education, law career, duels,

The Humourous Poetry of the English Language
The design of the projector of this volume was, that it should contain the Best of the shorter humorous poems in the literatures of England and the United States, except: Poems so local or cotemporary in subject or allusion, as not to be readily unde

Captains of Industry: Or Men of Business Who Did Something Besides Making Money (Illustrated)
In this volume are presented examples of men who shed lustre upon ordinary pursuits, either by the superior manner in which they exercised them or by the noble use they made of the leisure which success in them usually gives. Such men are the nobi

Ten Short Tales About Ghosts
In a radical departure from his previous works, K.C. Parton has turned his prodigious imagination to the unsettling genre of the world that is sometimes glimpsed but never understood: the supernatural. This thrilling new collection of ghost stories explores the traditions of Edwardian horror placed in a contemporary setting. With compelling reads including, 'The Last Train' and the evocative 'Ghost of Spetchley Bridge', K.C. Parton portrays how people react when forces move beyond their control. Diverse locations and memorable characters are used in every story to maximise the disturbing effect. Old factories, the South Downs and Southend-on-Sea provide a vivid backdrop for these spine-chilling tales. With unearthly movements, strange noises and mysterious disappearances K.C. Parton creates an eerie atmosphere. Whether it is the creeping discomfort of a man being forced to challenge his understanding of the world, or an eerie appearance at the local cricket club, he transports the reader to the supernatural world. Ten Short Tales about Ghosts is a haunting read that will interest fans of gothic literature at any age. Characteristics of both Edwardian and Victorian ghost stories are present in this collection. Residents of the county areas mentioned in the stories may also be interested to explore the paranormal potential at their local landmarks. K.C. Parton has been inspired by the writing style of Susan Hill. His admiration for M.R. James encouraged him to develop his many characters of the collection. These spooky short stories, inspired by the genius of M.R. James, explore extraordinary things happen to ordinary people. Local stories of ghost sightings and strange hauntings also enabled K.C. Parton to find amicable settings for his characters to develop in.

Intelligent Design
By the year 2050, great advances have been made in the realm of computer science, but the most sophisticated computer ever to have been built is about to be revealed to the world. The brainchild of Professor James Parton, a computer scientist, and
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