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Family Business
Can a holiday change your life?A sparkling new novel about family, friendship and future plans from bestselling author Muriel Bolger. Young, clever and accomplished, Anne is fully committed to her ca

Family Business
Anne is a young barrister working in her father's law firm. She's driven, determined and ambitious but then something happens which shakes her to the core and suddenly she wonders if the law is for her after all.

Out of Focus
It seemed like any other day, until she spotted it: a white envelope, addressed to her in unfamiliar handwriting. Sandra is afraid to read what's inside, knowing that its contents will expose the secrets she's kept buried for years - and mem

Will what happens on holiday. stay on holiday? And can they learn to live with the consequences?Every year, a close-knit group of friends spend two sun-filled weeks in a Spanish villa. For Derek and Sharonne, Conor and

Three People. Beatrice Cullen - the beautiful, career-driven Dubliner. So far she hasn't met anyone who has made her want to give up her independent lifestyle and freedom. Until she encounters. Damien Doyle - the charismatic

The Pink Pepper Tree
June Cusack is refusing to attend her husband Lorcan's funeral and everyone around her is wondering why: what kind of wife won't say goodbye to her husband of seven years?Her reasons for not attending the funeral will remain her secret, how

The Captain's Table
When a group of solo travellers meet for dinner on the first night of a luxury cruise, alliances are quickly formed. But as the ship makes its way through azure Mediterranean waters, it becomes clear that some of the passengers have their own reaso

A Short History of Ireland's Writers
An introduction to all the leading Irish writers and some of the lesser known playwrights, novelists, short story writers, poets, placing them in context and providing a list of their works. Commentaries give brief but telling insights into their