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Hal Moore
Hal Moore, one of the most admired American combat leaders of the last fifty years, has until now been best known to the public for being portrayed by Mel Gibson in the movie We Were Soldiers. In this biography, we finally learn the full story of

STRANGE BEDFELLAS! Satire Quotes by George Bush, John Kerry, Bill Clinton, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Donald Trump, Swift Boat & (Michael) Moore!
Celebrities & Politicians Make Strange Bedfellas! The deck is marked - marked with insane quotes that parody everyone from George W. Bush to Eminem to Paris Hilton to Michael Jackson to John Kerry to Jessica Simpson! Really strange bedfellows! Great for parties - Republican or Democrat! Play poker or any card game with your favorite (or most hated!) politicians or most outrageous celebs! Satire and a conversation piece at your next poker party! Play a friendly game, guys, and always drive safely! Weird artwork effects. 56 Cards - including some very Wild Jokers! Satire of Quotes by an All-Star Cast: John Kerry, Goerge W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Britney Spears, Donald Trump, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Linda Ronstadt, Monica Lewinsky, the Bush Twins, Linda Tripp, Hillary Clinton, Mel Gibson, Janet Reno, Godzilla, Bam Bam, Bob Dole, Elizabeth Dole, Tonya Harding, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Martha Stewart, Kathie Lee, Jessica Simpson, Rosie O'Donnell, the Fab 5, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eminem, Dr. Laura, Lance Armstrong, Al Gore Teddy Kennedy, Al Sharpton, The Pope, Siegfried & Roy, Rush Limbaugh, Tammy Faye, Condoleeza Rice, and more. Warning: Political views may not be suitable for all species! Print as many sets as you like using an inkjet printer and simple card stock.

All Business
Kathryn's been edged out as top account manager at her company by the cocky the cocky, handsome and totally hot new guy named Brad. She despises him, hates him-and, like every other woman at work, wants to jump his bones. Too bad he's way out of her league. Or maybe not. When the boss sends Kathryn and Brad out of town together to land a new account, he challenges her to pretend she doesn't hate him for just two days. Sure, she can do that. What she probably can't do is pretend she doesn't want to lick every inch of him and let him return the favor. Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes-no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here! An adult contemporary romance from Ellora's Cave

Seduction 101
College, the land of keggers, beer pong and men who know how to pleasure a woman. Or so Jessica hopes. Denied the freedom of her peers, she's finally leaving home, transferring to a four-year university and rooming with her best friend. She's about to hit the books and finally-officially-lose her virginity. Stuffed into a tiny tube top, her breasts on display for every available guy, she's ready for her first frat party. She's not even through her first beer before reality descends, snatching away the promise of hot, sophisticated men and replacing it with hours of waiting for her roommate to finish making out with her boyfriend. Things are looking bleak as she stumbles away from the party-and into Lyndon.A grad student, Lyndon is exactly the kind of man Jessica was hoping to bump into. After a night of vintage video games and carnal studies, Jessica must decide if Lyndon is a fashionable one-night stand or boyfriend material.A Romantica® new adult erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

The Nanny
Divorced and raising two kids on his own, Bryan Thomas is miserable. He can't remember the last time he had a moment to himself or the last chance he had to enjoy something decadent, something selfish-or someone entirely inappropriate. That's probably why he can't seem to take his eyes off his live-in nanny, Alex. Young, dependable and with a body that makes Bryan's neglected libido sing, Alex is everything any single man could want-and totally off limits. But with each appearance of shorts shorter than the last, each teasing glance and every smoldering touch, Bryan's control begins to fray. As Alex maneuvers him closer and closer to the edge of his precarious control, Bryan starts to wonder just how full service his live-in nanny is prepared to be. An EC for Men contemporary erotica story from Ellora's Cave

Teach Yourself Public Speaking
Do you appreciate the KISS (Keep it simple and sincere) method of teaching? This book has been written in a simplified, down-to-earth way that can become your guide to climbing the ladder of speaking success Teach Yourself Public Speaking will answer questions such as: How to take the fear out of public speaking? What kind of speaking engagements are available? How can you improve your speaking voice? How important is your stage presence? What is the difference between verbal and non-verbal communications? What are the most important things you need to know as a Public Speaker?

How I Grew Up
How I Grew Up is Book One in "The Carousel Trilogy," stories of three friends whose lives were changed by one event when they were high school students. "You'll Never Walk Alone." The words from that song in Rodgers and Hammerstein's Carousel held an especially poignant meaning for Melanie Stewart, who went on stage in the leading role of Julie Jordan mere weeks after her parents were victims of a senseless murder, perpetrated by her own sister's troubled husband. She was just eighteen, a high school senior who dreamed of Hollywood stardom and her first real kiss. With the support of her two older sisters, who had problems of their own to deal with in the lingering aftermath of the horror, and her good friends, Mel auditioned for her high school's spring musical the week after her parent's funeral. Rehearsals for the production began almost immediately. In the weeks leading up to the performance, Melanie learning she was stronger than she knew and being involved in the show helped her begin to heal. The story takes place in small-town America in the nineteen fifties.

The Rover
Edgewick Lamplighter (Wick to his friends) is a humble librarian in the isolated halls of Greydawn Moors until dreams of wanderlust and a bit of dereliction in his duties result in his being shanghaied to a far-off land. Captured by pirates

The Vampire Dancer Saga Part 2
Dance History Tribute to: Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Beals, Debbie Allen, Janet Jackson, Gregory Hines, Mel Brooks, John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Deney Terrio, Liza Minnelli, Sonny & Cher, Elvis Presley, Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Annette Funicello, Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins, Cyd Charisse, Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Chubby Checkers, Judy Garland, Diana Ross, Buddy Ebsen, Jack Haley, Bert Lahr, Eleanor Powers, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, Busby Berkeley, Bill Bojangles Robinson, Nicholas Brothers, Carmen Miranda, Carolina "La Belle" Otero, Rita Moreno, Loie Fuller, Cheryl Burke, Peta Murgatroyd, Derek Huff, Maksim Chmerkovskiym, Lacy Schwimmer, Benji Schwimmer, Eliana Girard Dancing with the Stars! So You Think You Can Dance! Join your favorite dance celebrities past, present and future as they compete to DANCE OR DIE! Celebrate every holiday from January through December and Vamptember with an homage to recipes from the upcoming cookbook from the Author Get updates and other special features on our Blog! Join today to participate & comment:

Black Static #61 (November-December 2017)
The November-December issue contains new dark fiction by Georgina Bruce, Ralph Robert Moore, Ruth EJ Booth, Carly Holmes, Andrew Humphrey, and Mel Kassel. The cover art is by Tara Bush, and interior illustrations by Joachim Luetke, Vince Haig, and

Forever Grateful (Inspirational Romantic Suspense)
An atheist woman. A Christian man. And an unforeseen enemy that can bring them together…or tear them apart forever. Faith. For Melanie Moore, faith was nothing more than a useless word, valuable only to those of the faint-of-heart. And with everything life had thrown at her, Mel was anything but cowardly. Rely on yourself. Trust no one. Those rules kept her walls up, her heart guarded and her life uncomplicated. Alex Lambert sees more in Melanie than she's willing to believe, despite her troubled past. He sees a future filled with faith and love. She tries to push him away, but Alex is a Navy man. Quitting isn't in his vocabulary. He will stop at nothing, do whatever it takes to see that Melanie learns to trust again. And to fall in love with him. heart, mind and body. As Alex and Melanie work on turning her disbelief into belief, their relationship blooms and grows stronger every day. They say time can mend a broken soul but time may be a luxury Melanie and Alex don't have*Some mild adult language Some adult situations Not suitable for readers under 18 due to limited violent flashbacks*

Mortlake and Other Stories
Speculative and Science Fiction stories on subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Augmented Reality, Memetics, Surveillance, Paranoia and Higher Dimensions.'Prologue: The Manuscript'. Who was it that disappeared from the psychiatric unit of a London hospital a few years ago, and why did an administrator there feel compelled to distribute the stories he left behind?'The Fold'. Thanks to his interest in mathematics, Alec has acquired a very unusual ability, and everyone is interested.'Mortlake'. A fire leaves two men burned beyond recognition: one dead; the other in hospital. What is it about the area, down by the river, that inspires creative drive and nightmares?'Nano'. Danny is bored with writing obituaries until he starts one on a campaigning journalist that threatens to bring out his own paranoia.'Burning Bright'. Jake's experience in the army had changed the way he thought about everything, and he wants to make everyone understand.'Aug'. Mel is called to check on the address of a missing gadget reviewer, who has been sent some great new tech.'The Shape of Things'. Mr Markov was never any trouble. So why had he spent thirty years in a psychiatric hospital?'Changes'. As a Science Fiction writer, Cameron should have loved the shining new future created by the 'Arts'. So why didn't he?'The Stones'. Jen had never understood her younger brother's obsession with the stones.'The Escape Route'. How can you ever know for sure?All nine short stories have ideas that linger in the mind. You are in the tenth. Influenced by the writing of Philip K Dick, George Orwell, Alan Moore and Christopher Priest, this is the first collection of stories by Valisumbra.

The Erotic Expeditions - Collection 2
Give in to your wanderlust! Now you can travel from one exotic and erotic locale to another with The Erotic Expeditions - Collection 2, which includes three complete Erotic Expedition Novellas (adults only please). Mountain Wilds - Dr. Jules Moore and Logan Sanders have the perfect friendship. As he pilots her from one remote clinic to another, over the spectacular wilderness of British Columbia, they confide in one another. The cockpit becomes not only their private world but also an escape from the real one-where Jules struggles with the finality of her divorce and Logan copes with wounds from the war, both physical and emotional. When a storm forces their plane down in the mountains, however, they finally face their deep feelings for one another. Jungle Fever - Forensic auditor Jean Willis is excited to be in Thailand. Not only is she traveling for the first time, she's going to meet the perfect man-perfect on paper at least. Clark Peterson and his company are poised for greatness. But when she and scientist George Liew arrive at Clark's rubber plantation, she discovers that Clark is more than a column of numbers. Even as she struggles with the climate of the tropics, the heat between her and Clark steadily rises. As they draw closer, however, George finds time to work on the real reason for his visit. Island Magic - When Melanie Bass tracks down fellow treasure hunter and diver Kirk Hatcher in the Caribbean, it's not quite the reunion she had hoped for. Down to her last dollar and a map from her deceased father, she has no choice but to turn to Kirk for help. But Kirk has moved on, running his own tour business in Jamaica, the broken relationship with Mel's father put into the past. Although Kirk is still the impossibly dashing dive master she once knew, Mel is no longer a teenage girl with a crush. Their strained relationship takes a decidedly romantic turn as the already warm waters begin to boil.
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