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Mary, Mary
FBI agent Alex Cross is on vacation with his family at Disneyland when he gets a call from the Director. A well-known actress was shot outside her home in Beverly Hills. Shortly afterward, an editor for the Los Angeles Times receives an e-mail describing the murder in vivid detail. Alex quickly learns that this is not an isolated incident. The killer, known as Mary Smith, has done this before and plans to kill again. Right from the beginning, this case is like nothing Alex has ever confronted. Is this the plan of an obsessed fan or a spurned actor, or is it part of something much more frightening? And particularly baffling, how could a woman be capable of these vicious crimes? Members of Hollywood's A-list fear they're next on Mary's list, and the case grows by blockbuster proportions as the LAPD and FBI scramble to find a pattern before Mary can send one more chilling update. Filled with the ruthless and shocking twists that make his fans hunger for more, Mary, Mary is James Patterson's most sophisticated thriller yet.

The Government
A third world war destroyed two third and a half of the population on earth and almost all the continents were rendered inhabitable except for Africa. W

Musical Passions
Gwen Dorsen had been embedded with the talent of singing. Her parents were not wealthy enough to afford a music school. They realized that was the only thing she seemed good at. They made the sacrifice o

Life After J.E.B. Stuart
Mary Marrow Stuart Smith (1889-1985) lived a remarkable life as a respected artist and Virginia educator. The eldest grandchild of famed Confederate Cavalry General J.E.B. Stuart, she belonged to one of the Commonwealth's most celebrated families.

Many a famous tale began with Once upon a Time. While yet others led off with It was a dark and dreary night. Each author, using these openings, was attempting to set the tone for his or her story and poem that followed. None of the stories or poe

Inclusive Instruction
This accessible book presents research-based strategies for supporting K-8 students with high-incidence disabilities to become accomplished learners. The authors clearly describe the core components of effective inclusive instruction, showing how

Things I'll Never Say
Fifteen top young-adult authors let us in on provocative secrets in a fascinating collection that will have readers talking.A baby no one knows about. A dangerous hidden identity. Off-limits hookups. A parent whose problem

Passion's Peak
Arey Veronique was getting tough waves of rejection from her family for choosing to marry Samuel Bekondo. Her parents had arranged a groom for her to marry and all her efforts to pay Bessong Arey John of

Dark Chocolate
The anxiety for naïve Elizabeth to go to town for her university studies had gone out of hands, as she took a step before her parents to work for money which she needed to use in the university.

Dream Killer
Kim, a diehard lover to Rodney, goes through the vicissitudes of life, standing by him to satisfy her love for him. After swindling and stealing from rich men, their attempt to elope landed them in priso

She - Devil
Lina green had everything going her way when she moved in with her boyfriend to Pennsylvania. It was a month to their wedding and he had begged her to come to where they were going to build their home. <

Jane Francis
Jane Francis, 35 years old but still had the looks of a young lady, due to her love for love making and passion, couldn't really find a man who could satisfy her in bed…

Dismantled Pleasures
Feller is tired of looking at his friends kissing all over the boat. The desire to go to his wife back at home is becoming overwhelming but any time he tries, his hopes are always dismantled.

Sand Lake
Sand Lake Township lies just south of Troy and east of Albany. This community was a center of water-powered industry in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Dams on Crystal, Glass, and Burden Lakes provided waterpower for mills along the Wynantskill and finally for the largest waterwheel in North America at Burden Iron Works in Troy. When the railway arrived, the township with its seven lakes and numerous hotels blossomed into a tourist destination. In Sand Lake you will find Dr. Smith Boughton as "Big Thunder" in the Anti-Rent Wars of the mid-1800s, coded messages issued from church pulpits for transporting slaves via the Underground Railroad, Uline's Infallible Remedy cure-all, the Park Pharmacy soda fountain manned by teenager (later comedian) Jerry Lewis, and Gov. TheodoreRoosevelt at Brown's Crooked Lake House.

Behind Closed Doors
A group of friends; Jonathan (25yrs), Harry (27), Marvin (26), Lisa (23), Tiana (25) and Amy (24), decide to go for a short trip outside of town. After a 6hours of driving they get tired and start lookin

From Receptionist To Room Service
Banny had just graduated from university when he picked up a job as a receptionist in a hotel. He was a very good worker, who would attend to the needs of every guest without any waste of time and any co

Die Ungezähmte
Marie, eine 22-jährige Tourismuskauffrau, kommt wild und unbeugsam daher, lebt aber dennoch in Berlin ein eher fremdgesteuertes, angepasstes Leben. Der Bruder will sie kontrollieren und über sie bestimmen. Ihren groBen Traum, die Weinwelt zu berei

Saint Maximilian Kolbe
The famous martyr of Auschwitz (1941) who took the place of a condemned man. Before WW II, he worked mightily to conquer the world for Christ through Mary, desiring to save all souls in the world till the End of Time! His accomplishments are incre

Inclusive Instruction
This accessible book presents research-based strategies for supporting K-8 students with high-incidence disabilities to become accomplished learners. The authors clearly describe the core components of effective inclusive instruction, showing how to recognize and respond to individual students' needs quickly and appropriately. Teachers are provided with essential tools for managing inclusive classrooms; planning a curriculum that fosters concept development across content areas, promotes strategic learning, and builds fluent skill use; and integrating technology into instruction. Case examples illustrate ways that special and general education teachers can work together successfully to solve complex learning problems and improve outcomes for students who are struggling.

Best Practices in Nursing Education
Who better to learn from about teaching than teachers themselves?Written by teachers and about teachers, this book is for graduate students in nursing education as well as mid-career nurse educators. This volume features narratives based o
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