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Halloween Crafts
Halloween is a time for costumes, candy, ghosts. and crafts! This high-interest title teaches readers how to make witches' broomsticks, zombie puppets, paper-plate mummies, spooky trees, black cat lanterns, and more. With simple, fun crafts that can be created in just 10 minutes, these hands-on projects are sure to spark creativity in even beginning crafters. Step-by-step instructions and accompanying photographs guide readers as they craft, while accessible and fun text prompts them to personalize their creations. Using materials readily available at home or at school, readers will have no problem getting in the Halloween spirit!

Christmas Crafts
Christmas is one holiday that calls for crafting! In this high-interest text, readers learn how to make simple holiday crafts in 10 minutes or less. Step-by-step instructions guide readers as they create felt stockings, Christmas cards, Advent calendars, wreaths, and more using materials readily available at home or school. Detailed color photographs accompany each step, and age-appropriate text makes the process accessible for young readers. Readers are encouraged to personalize their crafts, and will delight in this fun, hands-on way to celebrate the season!

Pet Crafts
Hamsters, poodles, and bunnies make great pets. They also make great inspirations for crafts. By following detailed instructions, readers are able to create amazing crafts featuring familiar and exotic pets using basic crafting supplies. Each crafting project is broken down into steps, and each step is shown through accessible text and a full-color photograph. As readers have fun making each craft, they also learn important facts about pets as different as snakes, kittens, and chinchillas. How can you make a lizard using bubble wrap? Readers will find out in this exciting volume!

Fun with Paint
Paint is always a great art medium to get creative with. Clear directions and accessible materials allow readers to express themselves and have fun doing it. This is a great addition to any budding artist's library.

Zoo Animal Crafts
A tissue box can be used to make an elephant. A paper plate can be turned into a sea lion. A monkey can be made with foam sheets. These and other fun zoo animal crafts are waiting for readers with each turn of the page. By following detailed, step-by-step instructions, readers are able to create an array of zoo animals from common household items. Readers are aided by colorful photographs of each step in the process, as well as of the finished product. Fun facts about each zoo animal are also included, allowing readers to learn as they create.

Wild Animal Crafts
Wild animals are fun to learn about and even more fun to make! Readers create craft projects inspired by wild animals such as koalas and parrots by following sets of step-by-step instructions. These clear guidelines are accompanied by full-color photographs of each step. A detailed photograph of the finished product is also included to give readers a sense of what their creature crafts should look like. Readers also learn fun facts about wild animals as they work through each crafting project.

Mother's and Father's Day Crafts
For moms and dads, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. In this high-interest title, readers get a variety of fun, simple, and heartfelt ideas for Mother's and Father's Day gifts they can easily create at home or at school! In just 10 minutes, crafters create beautiful cards, mugs, key rings, picture frames, and more. These hands-on crafts are made easy through step-by-step instructions that guide readers from the beginning to end of their project. Accompanying detailed photographs serve as a helpful reference point. When mom and dad open their gift, they're sure to marvel in their crafter's budding creativity!

Decorative Card Crafts
Decorative cards are a great way to celebrate any occasion, and when readers have a hand in making them, the occasion becomes much more special! This high-interest crafting guide teaches readers how to create decorative cards for birthdays, Christmas, Diwali, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, Eid-Ul-Fitr, and more! In 10 minutes or less, readers can assemble decorative cards from materials readily available at home or in school. Crafts are explained with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. Accompanying photographs act as an important reference point during the crafting process. These simple-yet-fun crafts are sure to excite even reluctant crafters!

Easter Crafts
Readers can celebrate Easter with this high-interest crafting guide, which teaches them how to create seasonal crafts in just 10 minutes! Readers will delight in creating Easter baskets, bonnets, felt chicks, flowers, and Easter eggs, learning along the way important crafting skills. Simple step-by-step instructions help readers of all ages create personalized Easter crafts from materials found at home or at school. Detailed photographs accompany the instructions, guiding readers throughout the crafting process. Young crafters are sure to love channeling their creativity into fun, seasonal crafts.

Fun with Paper
Readers will learn how to make animal masks, fruity fridge magnets, and many other fun projects from this imaginative book on paper crafts. Step-by-step instructions and detailed photographs ensure that each craft is easily understood. Full of enough diverse projects to capture the imagination of any reader, students will remain engaged as they discover how fun a plain piece of paper can be.

Fun with Fabric
Yards and yards of fabric fun are presented to readers through accessible, crafty text. Readers are given a multitude of craft ideas that will keep their interest for hours. Step-by-step instructions allow readers to get creative by themselves or in a group.

Fun with Nature
Nature can provide young artists with a multitude of different materials to create art. Accessible text and detailed steps provide numerous projects that allow readers to transform these raw materials into beautiful art. Easy-to-follow instructions will allow the reader to have fun from cover to cover.

Origami Crafts
Readers will get creative with origami, the fascinating Japanese art of paper folding. This high-interest title introduces the history and origin of origami, and prompts readers to put their creative skills to use by making simple origami projects that can be completed in 10 minutes or less. Step-by-step instructions guide readers through making origami flowers, puppies, cats, penguins, boxes, and more with materials that are readily available. Each step of the project is reinforced with a detailed photograph for reference, allowing readers to check their progress. By the end of the text, readers will have a newfound love for origami!

Sea Animal Crafts
A sandpaper starfish, pink foam shrimp, and paper plate seahorses are just some of the fun sea animal crafts readers will be able to make after following simple, step-by-step instructions. Each crafting project is presented alongside fun facts about the animal that inspired it. With each turn of the page, readers encounter colorful photographs of every step in the process of making these cool crafts. As readers work through each project, they learn important crafting techniques and are introduced to skills such as measuring and painting.

Farmyard Animal Crafts
Fun farmyard animals can be made using a variety of basic crafting techniques and everyday supplies. Through accessible text, readers discover how to make a goat sock puppet, a sheepdog made of paper cups, and many other farmyard animal crafts. Step-by-step instructions guide readers through each crafting project, and fun facts about farmyard animals are found with each turn of the page. Colorful photographs highlight each step, including the finished product. Readers will love creating these farmyard animal crafts on their own!

Creepy-Crawly Crafts
Creepy-crawly crafts are some of the most fun crafts to make! Readers learn to make spiders, butterflies, and many other critters that crawl and fly as they follow step-by-step instructions. A helpful photograph is included alongside each step, and a detailed photograph of the finished product allows readers to see from the start how their craft should look when it's done. Exciting facts about these amazing animals are also presented to readers. Accessible text makes learning these fun facts and completing these cool crafts engaging for all readers.
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