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Lily Fox and the Gingerbread Cookie
Grandma lives in a little house in a small village very close to the big woods, and she loves making cookies of all kinds-but today she is making gingerbread cookies. Lily Fox, who lives in the big woods nearby, can smell Grandma's gingerbread with her foxy nose, and there's nothing Lily likes more than gingerbread! Off she goes through the village to try to find the gingerbread cookies. She follows the scent all through the village, going from house to house and finding all kinds of food-pizza and popcorn and lasagna and hamburgers and tacos and chocolate cake-but no gingerbread! There's only one more house to check-but what will Grandma do when she finds Lily Fox about to steal her cookies? This illustrated children's book tells the story of Lily Fox as she follows her nose to Grandma's delicious gingerbread cookies.

Death of a Wolfman (Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery, Book1)
Winner of the New Apple solo medalist award for best Mystery/Thriller 2016".a charming southern cozy chocked full of engaging characters, laugh out loud humor, and inviting small town charm." Kathi Daley, Author of the Zoe Donovan Cozy Mysteries".fast-paced and funny. A true Southern mystery with a flavor as authentic as sweet tea." Jenna Bennett, Author of the Savannah Martin mysteries. The first book in the Lily Gayle Lambert Mystery series. Quicker than she can stitch together the threads of a genealogy project she's just signed on to research, Lily Gayle Lambert finds herself embroiled in investigating the Halloween night murder of a stranger who suffers from 'wolfman syndrome'. And, when a member of a prominent family turns up dead soon after the 'wolfman', Lily Gayle must find the link between the two and solve the mystery before her investigation makes her the next target. Escaping from a trailer in the woods owned by two good ole boys suspected of being involved and a confrontation with the eldest son of the town's wealthiest family have Lily Gayle hot on the trail of the killer. much to the consternation of her cousin. Who just happens to be the County Sheriff. With the help of her lifelong best friend, Dixie, and town busybody, Miss Edna, she pieces together the clues leading to a conclusion that shocks the entire town.

The Small House at Allington
The Small House at Allington introduces Trollope's charming heroine, Lily Dale, to the Barsetshire scene. Lily is the niece of Squire Dale, an embittered old bachelor living in the main house on his property at Allington. He has loaned an adjacent

The Small House at Allington
Lily has for a long time been secretly loved by John Eames, a junior clerk at the Income Tax Office, while Bell is in love with the local doctor, James Crofts. The handsome and personable, somewhat mercenary Adolphus Crosbie is introduced into the ci

My Aim Was Very Small Such As Millions Of Women
My only aim is to stay as a housewife. They do not leave me the chance of continuing the feeling of exhaustion of looking after a small family. I become no longer knowing or believing in the meaning of humanity. Is it an illusory invention? Is it a lie? Who had invented this word? I have no longer a meaning of any passion or virtue. Definitely I refuse to believe in the existence of these things. Everything around me froze. Time paused. Nothing is around me but death. All horizons are darkened with shadows of death and pain. When I had been a little girl, I had seen the world roomy, huge and complicated. My little mind could not make a comprehensive image for it. But now, I see the scenes of my life smaller than me. Here I see the whole world from height as a high tree touching the clouds. While looking, I see the scene comprehensively. But, I am just a tree of broken branches, destroyed trunk and yellow dry going to fall. Yes I see the whole scene but after it has been so late. The past smashed me as a man smashing an insect with his muddy shoe heel. My nights are passing with tears falling like the fall of the leaves of the trees in autumn. Everything in my life becomes a wound that cannot be healed. My ego asks me: Why do the armies of malice adore me and love hates me? When was the last time when a lily bow and kissed me? I answer: Human beings do not leave for me anything. They do not leave for me the chain of enslavement even.

Princess Lily
As I was searching a Father's Day card for my friend two years ago, I discovered that there were no greeting cards intended for single parents. I began to search for children's books on the same topic, and, to my surprise, I could not find a single book that expressed the loving relationship between a single parent and his or her child. This small book aims to remedy that lack. It is my hope that this book will illuminate for you some of the tender moments that my friend and his daughter have shared with me.

Aunty Lily
Munro's stories were born five decades ago in a small English village where children were seen and not heard, fathers were wacky, neighbors were snoopy, and maiden aunts were beautifully crafted artifices. Her original stories, dolloped with char

The Lily of The Valley
The Library of Alexandria is an independent small business publishing house. We specialize in bringing back to live rare, historical and ancient Books. This includes manuscripts such as: classical fiction, philosophy, science, Religion, folklore, myt

Lily Hollow
Return to the quintessential American small town, Lily Hollow. Learn more about our favorite complicated and lively locals, and about everyone's favorite bookstore, The Bookshop Hotel. In the first book, A.K. Klemm made us fall in love wit

Lily Jo Peep and 100 Sheep
Lily Jo Peep has 100 sheep, she counts them all the big and the small before she will sleep. When little sheep Wooley is missing, Lily looks high and low, even where the dust bunnies go, to find him. It is a contemporary child friendly interpretation of a story Jesus told, the parable of the Lost Sheep.

Where Chocolate Lily's Grow
Where Chocolate Lily's Grow is a tale narrated by an eleven year old boy during his grade five year spent at a small country towns' primary school in the late nineteen fifties. The story engages in adventure, sadness, joy and escapades involving h

The Enchantment of Lily Dahl
Lily Dahl, the young heroine of Siri Hustvedt's riveting novel, The Enchantment of Lily Dahl, is a strong, beautiful and daring nineteen year old girl poised on the brink of womanhood. In the small town of Webster, Minnesota, Lily's life

Lily of the Valley
Lily Wilk always knew she was destined to be an artist - ever since she pulled a drawing kit from a grab bag on her tenth birthday. Now Lily's work is always in demand around her small Massachusetts town, where she makes her living painting fire

Lily was first published in the limited edition anthology Falling For Them. Lily was also known as Another Move. This is the same story as the one in the anthology and contains no new content. When Lily moved to a small Cornish village she never expected it to be any different from their previous moves. But truths she'd lived her whole life believing where going to be shattered. Myth will become reality and lies will be exposed. Lily is not alone though. Nate, Matt, and identical twins, Josh and Jake, aren't quite what they seem and will change Lily's life forever.# Whether she wants them to or not. Lily is book one in a reverse harem paranormal romance series.

This story has already been published in the anthology Falling For Them as Lily, also as Another Move. This is the same story in the anthology. When Lily and her mother move to a small Cornish village she never expected it to be any differe

Shadow Lily
Book 6.5 in the #1 bestselling Wishes Series'If you spend too long in a small town, you'll eventually fade away. And on the eve of my twenty-fifth birthday, I realised that I was practically invisible.'After spending a life

Loving Lily Lavender
*REVISED EDITION*Lily is 23 and on top of the world. Her wedding planning business is thriving, her beautiful Victorian home is organized, just like the rest of her life, and her rose garden is flourishing. She is in no way looking for a man to complicate her manicured life. Her faith is strong, and she couldn't be happier. Lucas is 24 and miserable. Having just been thrust into stardom with the release of his first blockbuster film, he's running from paparazzi and screaming girls all who want a piece of his flesh. In a desperate attempt to get a grip on his fast declining life, he runs away to a small town, hoping to go unnoticed. But Jasper, North Carolina has a few surprises of its own. On one fateful night, their two, opposite worlds will collide, and they will have to fight against all odds to protect the kind of love that changes a soul forever.

Lilies and Lies
Maddie Cutler loathes her status as baby sister to her three brothers. Fearing she may never be considered their equal, she goes out of her way to prove that she's capable of managing the family business. But, her careless accident shuts down Clover Cove's business district and makes Maddie the laughingstock of her family-and Clover Cove. Gunnar Holt spends weekdays managing his garage and weekends as youth leader for a small church. But Gunnar has a secret.a mistake from the past that nearly stole his future. Not a soul in Clover Cove knows his transgression, and Gunnar plans to keep it that way. Then, Maddie Cutler plows through his garage, nearly demolishing the life he's worked to rebuild-and the wall he's erected around his heart. As Gunnar falls for Maddie, he must tell her about his past. But, will the secret push Maddie away or pull them closer together?

Lily's List
Fans of steamy small-town romance will love the third book in the sexy Summersville Secrets series by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author N.J. Walters! Ready to explore her fantasies. .

The Secrets of Lily Graves
Gone Girl meets Six Feet Under in bestselling author Sarah Strohmeyer's romantic YA mystery about a girl who must unravel a web of lies in her small town before it's too late. Descended from a long line of female mortician
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