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Writing Comedy

Learn how to write comedy that makes people laugh. Masterclass: Writing Comedy will reveal to both beginners and experienced writers the distinctive features that mark out comedy from other forms of creative writing. Having identif

Write A Play And Get It Performed: Teach Yourself

Write a Play - and Get It Performed is designed for would-be writers of every level and for all types of motivation by two prize-winning professionals. Whether writing for the specific needs of an amateur drama group, community event, political ca

The Secrets to Writing Great Comedy

The Secrets to Writing Great Comedy will show you how to unlock yourinner anarchist and write fantastic comedy, using a combination ofpractical exercises and creative inspiration. Whatever your preferredgenre, from sitcom to s

Get Your Articles Published

Get Your Articles Published is a practical step-by-step guide offering you the information you to learn about the market, requirements, practicalities and skills needed to write on a freelance basis for magazines, it covers all major genres from m

Masterclass: Writing Plays

Writing Plays is the invaluable and comprehensive guide to anyone who wants to write plays and get them performed. It covers the basics of the theatre, creating and working with characters, writing realistic speech and dialogue, co