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Judas Steer
When Granger Blue signed on as a drover for the Lazy J, he expected to suffer all the hardships involved in riding herd across the wild, dust-choked plains from Nebraska to Oregon. What he didn't expect was temptation in the form of a young greenh

The Keeper
After millennia of hiding in the shadows, the creatures of myth known collectively as "The Others," have stepped forward into the light of day and demanded the right to live in peace, sharing the planet humans had long claimed as their own. When the humans respond to the appearance of the Others with a threat of genocide, the Others convene a Council of War, intent on developing and implementing their attack, but they discover a chilling prophecy."Heed me well, all of you. Attack the humans without the Keeper and you will fail. Every one of you will become nothing but a memory, a myth, and the humans will truly inherit the earth."The choice is clear: The Others must find the Keeper, or die. The Council charges Liam, son of the Fae chieftain, with this critical mission but he quickly finds this mission isn't easy. Not only does no one have any idea where The Keeper might be, but time is running out, and the Keeper is determined not to be found.

Freaked Out
Love and compassion, when least expected, help the hopeless soar. Gargoyle Killian has the unenviable job at Darque and Knight Rodeo of wrangling the sideshow acts. When he meets Micah, one of the freaks from a new troupe contracted to perf

Oklahoma Rain
Blaze offers Zack a home, but is love enough to keep him?Psychic Blaze scouts locations for the rodeo company, Darque and Knight. While checking out a possible venue he finds another psychic talent, Zack, who's hot as the Fourth of July. Z

Running With the Moon
2nd EditionHeart of the Wolf What happens when a veterinarian ends up a patient in his own animal clinic? Dr. Dae Anderson needs to lose the deadbeat boyfriend who is holding him back, but Jack is determined to hang on to Dae-even if he has to resort to violence. Dae has worked hard to fit in among humans, and if his secret gets out, he'll lose everything. His veterinary assistant, Sean, might be just the man to stand with Dae… against Jack and the world.

Tags: Kiernan Kelly · Adult · Romance · 9781635333435

Jacob Yoder is a young Amish man on "rumspringa" (running around time, an Amish tradition) in New York City. There he runs, quite literally, into Fahd ibn Azar, son of a powerful Saudi Sheikh. Fahd is smitten with Jacob, and brings the all-too-trusting Amish man to his penthouse hotel suite, where he introduces a confused but willing Jacob to the pleasures of the flesh. Jacob feels guilty by indulging in his most secret (and forbidden) fantasies with Fahd, but Fahd's situation is much more dire. Fahd's brother, Munif, wants to be their father's heir and successor, and has decided to kill Fahd in order to assure his place in the family hierarchy. Forced to flee Manhattan without a penny to his name, Fahd accompanies Jacob back to the family farm in Pennsylvania, where he hopes to hide out and avoid Munif long enough to get political asylum. What Fahd doesn't count on is falling hopelessly in love with his blue-eyed, blond, cornfed Amish savior, or on Munif finding him in the middle of Pennsylvania Dutch country. Coming from two vastly different cultures, Jacob and Fahd must struggle with both dangerous outside forces and serious internal doubts to find happiness in each other's arms, and neither is certain love will be enough to overcome their adversities in the end.

Robert Prescott Reyes-Waterson is a man with four names, an office-with-a-view, and a superior attitude, particularly when it comes to blue collar workers. That changes when he meets Joseph Brant, a full-blooded Mohawk ironworker who isn't what he seems, and won't take "no" for an answer.

Vyper is a dashing pirate whose name strikes fear in the hearts of blackguards and civilians alike. A fortuitous message in a bottle leads Vyper to the island of Jamaica, but soon entangles him in a web of lies, deceit, and double-crosses, and introduces him to the man who may plunder Vyper's heart and destroy his world. Byron Caldwell is a handsome, titled British landowner, whose holdings include a thriving plantation on the island of Jamaica. The only shadow on his otherwise brilliant future is his shrew of a sister, Elizabeth. It's his intention to marry her off as soon as possible, if only he can find someone willing to take her off his hands. Elizabeth wants one thing and one thing only, the key to the Caldwell fortune, and she'll stop at nothing to get it, including arranging the kidnapping and eventual death of her brother by hiring the most ferocious pirate she can find. The events spurred by a seemingly innocuous message found in a bottle washed ashore on a tiny island in the Caribbean soon set Vyper's life on its ear, and may ultimately bring about his demise.

Dancing on the Head of a Pin
When a demon saves an angel's life, he wins the chance to stay out of Hell and walk the earthly plane until the End of Days. Cael wasn't aware of the loophole when he spared the angel Malak, but he plans to exploit it. All he needs to do to

The Curious Case of Winter King
It's 1968, and Winter King is a young man with an exceptional paranormal talent for healing. Michael Westfield is a scientist charged by the government with capturing and bringing Winter in for examination. When Michael realizes the military wants Winter only to weaponize his power regardless of the consequences, his priorities shift. And when they discover Winter isn't the government's only target, Michael and Winter band together to free the others and find somewhere they can hide from a government bent on hunting them down. Their plan takes them across the country from the Haight in San Francisco to Fancy Gap, a small town in Virginia where others with talents similar to Winter's are being held against their will. Along the way, they touch the lives of ordinary people with King's extraordinary power and find an unexpected love growing between them that makes the success of their journey even more vital. Because if they fail, their love is not the only thing in jeopardy.

Who doesn't love a cowboy? Especially when he's in love with another cowboy? With a dash of historical, a cup of rodeo and whole passel of hot men, this anthology features eight short stories with cowboys who are bound to give you a fever. Stories included in Fever are: Two Buckets and a Snakeskin Suit by Aaron Michaels Cowboy and Indian by Rob Rosen Heart of Dixie by Mychael Black Ready to Ride by Katherine Halle White Hat/Black Hat by Kiernan Kelly

Riding Heartbreak Road
Jake Goodall is a Texas bull rider who's used to keeping his preference for men under wraps. Brent Miller is as wealthy New York businessman who has never had to hide. When Brent's car breaks down in Jake's hometown, the two of them begin a romance that might be hazardous to their health. From the prairies of Texas to the lights of New York and back again, from western rodeos to big city gay bars to a courtroom in Dallas, can the bull rider from the Lone Star State and the businessman from New York buck the odds to stay together?

Secui Domus
When their college dorms are shut down, Aiden and his best friend, Bobby, find themselves without a roof over their heads. Rather than face leaving school, they take up temporary residence in their local gay-friendly bar, FUBAR, along with a handful of other down-on-their-luck students. Faced with the possibility of being expelled if they don't secure permanent housing, the boys hatch a plot to put on a strip show to earn the cash necessary to bring a donated house up to code, and establish themselves as a fraternity on campus. In the midst of preparing for the big show, things get complicated when Aiden realizes his feelings for Bobby go deeper than mere friendship-with-benefits. Originally published in Kegs and Dorms.

Pele's Tears
Who says you can't go home again? After living a lifetime of regret, thinking he'd never see Kaimi again, John decides to fly to Hawaii to try to recapture a love that slipped through his fingers during an endless summer of surfing and sex in 1964. Will John find what he needs, or will have to settle for just memories and Pele's Tears.

Living on the down low in their small Bible Belt town is just a fact of life for Hank and Beaver, two lovers who've been together for twenty-five years. They've always kept to themselves, careful not to make waves, particularly since their town is home to an infamous anti-gay preacher and his rabid congregation, who go out of their way to make sure that not one queer stone is unturned, including the only gay bar within a hundred miles. When small town bigotry forces them out of the closet they've shared for a quarter century, they find their love, their friends, and their very lives in jeopardy. Everything spirals out of control until at last, backs to the wall, Hank and Beaver choose to fight back. From the betrayal of friends to outright violence, they're not sure if they'll survive the war with their hides-and their love-intact. Sometimes, a bar is more than just a building. Sometimes, it's a belief.

Two Spirits
On the trail of a murderer, Ranger Buckshot Atkins comes across a man in distress. Clinging to a mule, reeling from a stagecoach accident, Toby isn't even sure where he is. Racing the mother of all winter storms, Buckshot and Toby make an unlikely team, but they make it to safety. And into each other's arms. Things just get stranger from there, with more murders, a tribe of native Americans who think Toby and Buckshot are reincarnated warriors, and a headlong rush to find Buckshot's serial killer before it's too late. Can they weather the fury of the mountains, or will they be swept away?

Happy World
Kyle Forester likes rules and schedules, and he loves his janitorial job at Happy World. The gigantic theme park has strict regulations that Kyle knows are in place for a reason. After all, life just runs more smoothly when there are rules in effect, and Kyle is going to make sure his new trainee is fully aware of that. They'll both get along fine, Kyle is sure. Anyone working at Happy World must be a good employee. Rory Stafford doesn't like policies or regulations. Unfortunately, getting a job at the world's most popular theme park comes with a handbook full of both those things. Rory is pretty sure his new job at Happy World isn't going to work out, especially after he meets his trainer, Kyle Forester. Kyle is definitely a rule-follower and makes no secret of his contempt for Rory's rule-breaking. However, after just a few shifts together, Kyle and Rory discover that they can't keep their hands off each other. The two of them find themselves on a wild roller coaster ride of heat, emotion, and not-so-hidden lust as Kyle and Rory try to find common ground in the giant hamster ball known as Happy World.

Playing with Fire
Clown and juggler Marcus is good enough at his job that he doesn't mind not having a net for his high wire act. It's a good thing, too, because his boss won't let him have one, which proves to be a problem when his act comes crashing to the ground during a performance. Jericho is Marcus' best friend, the brother of the circus owner, who has been in love with Marcus for years. When Marcus is injured, Jericho sees it as the perfect time to confess his love. Danger lurks around unexpected corners, though, and Jericho and Marcus will have to step very carefully to survive.

Holiday Collection
In The Naughty List, Detective Kristian Kindl works as a NY police detective 364 days of the year. On the last day, he goes to his other job, handing out gifts to all the good little boys and girls. When Kris has to deal with a bad case, a best friend who wants to be more, plus his usual holiday stress, will he be able to work it all out in time for Christmas? Evan is the owner of Holiday Greetings, a company that's flourishing in spite of the bad economic climate. The problem is that Evan doesn't much like Christmas, even if the holidays are what keeps his company in the black. In fact, Evan doesn't care much for anyone or anything, not even charming Carter, an artist with a portfolio almost as impressive as his physique. When Evan is confronted with the consequences of his selfish ways, he may already be too late to save his company and his fragile new relationship with Carter. In A Green Christmas, Noël Chester is a practical man who dislikes the bustle of the holidays and completely detests his name, but when Noël meets Jack, a satyr with one foot in Noël's world and one in a fairy realm, he discovers that sometimes what the heart wants isn't practical at all.

Seti's Heart
Cursed by the god who shares his name, Seti was an Egyptian king who lost everything; his name, his kingdom, even the man he loved more than anything in the world. For centuries he's waited in a dusty, forgotten sarcophagus, until Logan comes along. Logan is a graduate student who stumbles on Seti in the basement of a museum and accidentally awakens him. Logan figures any way he looks at it, a missing mummy is going to be bad for his career, so he takes Seti with him until he can decide what to do. He doesn't want to be accused to theft, but who's going to believe in a mummy coming back to life? Seti and Logan have a lot more to worry about than the modern day police. There's a group of scientists that want Seti for more than decoration and a vengeful god with an agenda to get Seti gone once and for all. Logan has to deal with all of that, but his biggest problem might just be Seti himself, who's trying hard to get into Logan's pants, and his heart.
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