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Trial and Imprisonment of Jonathan Walker, at Pensacola, Florida, for Aiding Slaves to Escape from Bondage
The books in the Florida and the Caribbean Open Books Series demonstrate the University Press of Florida's long history of publishing Latin American and Caribbean studies titles that connect in and through Florida, highlighting the connections bet

Jonathan Issue 01: A Journal of Gay Fiction
Short fiction by emerging and established gay, bisexual, and transgendered authors. Featured in Issue 01 of Jonathan are Daniel Nathan Terry, Paul Lisicky, Matthew R. Loney, Eric Norris, James Powers-Black, Chip Livingston, Philip Dean Walker, Ian

Making The American Self: Jonathan Edwards To Abraham Lincoln
Originally published in 1997 and now back in print, Making the American Self by Daniel Walker Howe, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of What Hath God Wrought, charts the genesis and fascinating trajectory of a central idea in American history. One o

Jonathan Pie: Off The Record
Want to know more about history and politics? Then you should probably go and read a proper book. Fancy a laugh at some smutty jokes? Then go and read Viz. But if you fancy a combination of the two, this is the book for you. In

The Hunters Jonathan and Lori
"You want a fairy tale prince. I'm the monster from the fairy tale."Lori isn't looking for a prince and sexy werewolf Jonathan isn't a monster. Very often he can be pigheaded and he has more than his share of personal demons. But

The Hunters Jonathan and Lori
You want a fairy tale prince. I'm the monster from the fairy tale."Lori isn't looking for a prince and sexy werewolf Jonathan isn't a monster. Very often he can be pigheaded and he has more than his share of personal demons. But a monster? Not quite. Of course, Lori, the local healer, knows he's not going to believe that. He looks at himself and sees that monster from a fairy tale. He looks at her and sees somebody sweet and innocent. When an attack on the local band of Hunters drive them together, Jonathan can feel his control shattering. He's unable to keep his hands off the woman he's wanted for so long, but at the same time, he knows he doesn't deserve her. Lori has her hands full, too. dealing with their enemies, dealing with him, dealing with his demons. trying to convince him to give their love a chance. Before it's too late. Before both of them lose everything. Warning: This book contains a wily witch, a stubborn werewolf who is nobody's fairytale prince, sex, hurt feelings, unrequited love, bad guys, actions, more hurt feelings, sex, more unrequited love, and sex. Did I mention the sex? Don't say you weren't warned…



Jonathan S. Walker é autor do best seller internacional "Passive Income Streams", dentre vários títulos muito procurados.Com uma abordagem metódica para todos os seus negócios e ensinamentos, ele tornou-se, rapidamente, um líder da indústria e fi


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Conversation Tactics
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Affiliate Marketing
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The Billionaire's Compulsion
Donovan Hartwood wants for nothing. He gets what he wants and isn't afraid to be blunt about his desires. While his business prowess has made him a billionaire, his seduction skills are similarly savvy. At Hartwood Estates, Donovan's palatial h

Ingresos pasivos
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Renda passiva
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Blockchain Mastery
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Cómo hablar con cualquiera: 10 consejos secretos que desearías saber
Descubra cómo puede hablarle a cualquiera con facilidad, desarrollar habilidades sociales críticas, crear una comunicación eficaz, tácticas de conversación maestra clave. Tienes problemas para comunicarte y conectarte con personas que te r

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