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John Robinson
John Robinson

Father of the Tuskegee Airmen, John C. Robinson
A thrilling biography of one of the most famous African American pilots of all time

The Unconventional Path of Jared Robinson
He's not tall enough. He's not big enough. He won't make it. Jared Robinson's career was brought to an abrupt halt after just three years of high school baseball. The right-handed pitcher had quite the résumé, winning pitcher of the year, o

Horse-Shoe Robinson
In less than an hour the broad light of the hearth-for the apartment was only lit up by blazing pine faggots, which, from time to time, were thrown upon the fire-fell upon a goodly figure. There was first a sound of hoofs coming through the d

Frank Robinson
Frank Robinson was one of the greatest baseball players of the 20th century. He was Rookie of the Year for the Cincinnati Reds in 1956, won the Triple Crown in 1966, led the Baltimore Orioles to four World Series appearances, and is the only playe

Robinson Crusoe
With Robinson Crusoe, Defoe wrote what is regarded as the first English novel, and created one of the most popular and enduring myths in literature. Written in an age of exploration and enterprise, it has been variously interpreted as an embodimen

The Cambridge Companion to 'Robinson Crusoe'
An instant success in its own time, Daniel Defoe's The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe has for three centuries drawn readers to its archetypal hero, the man surviving alone on an island. This Companion begins by studying the eighteenth-century liter

Who Was Jackie Robinson?
As a kid, Jackie Robinson loved sports. And why not? He was a natural at football, basketball, and, of course, baseball. But beyond athletic skill, it was his strength of character that secured his place in sports history. In 1947 Jackie joined th

My Little Golden Book About Jackie Robinson
A nonfiction Little Golden Book about the trailblazing baseball player! This Little Golden Book captures the essence of Jackie Robinson for the littlest readers. Lively text and compelling artwork detail Robinson's remakabl

John Lewis Becomes an Honorary Gypsy
John's witch cousin, Sybil is now drawn into the saga as she has a mysterious illness which can only be cured by gypsies and their price is that she and John go back in time to the court of Empress Theresa to remove a gypsy curse. There is d

John Lewis is The Chosen One
John Lewis seems to be an ordinary schoolboy in Book 1. Then a mysterious force influences him to go to Glastonbury on Mid Summers Day where he picks up Old One's Magic. His witch cousin, Sybil Robinson, knows she has magic even if he doesn't know

John Lewis Must save Boudicca
The adventure continues in 'John Must save Boudicca'. In this book 2 of a series of seven, the mysterious force that first attracted him to the Standing Stones and a world of dragons, princesses and magic, is at work again. This time he must save

John Okada
No-No Boy, John Okada s only published novel, centers on a Japanese American who refuses to fight for the country that incarcerated him and his people in World War II and, upon release from federal prison after the war, is cast out by his divided

Enemy Spies: Nathan Hale and John Andre
This book can be read in two ways. The odd-numbered chapters are about the American spy Nathan Hale. The even-numbered chapters are about the British spy John Andre. If you read all the odd numbered chapters first, and then all the even numbered c

John Lewis Is the Chosen One
John Lewis, an ordinary schoolboy, gains magic on a trip to Glastonbury. Soon a mysterious force attracts him to ancient standing stones which lead him to another world. Here he battles an evil wizard, gains more magic, meets a dragon and saves a

Sir John Beverley Robinson
John Beverley Robinson (1791-1863) was one of Upper Canada's foremost jurists, a dominating influence on the ruling élite, and a leading citizen of nineteenth-century Toronto who owned a vast tract of land on which Osgoode Hall now stands.

A Narrative of the Adventures and Sufferings, of John R. Jewitt, Only Survivor of the Crew of the Ship Boston
Adam Siddle, of Hull, Do. Philip Brown, of Cambridge, (313535 John of Situate, Do. Abraham Waters, of Philadelphia; Francis Dtaflield, of Penton, Gang.) John Virginia, William Caldwell, of Boston, Joseph Miner, 1 of Newbu William Robinson.

Urban Legend - Sir Dove-Myer Robinson
Every Aucklander of a certain age knows that we should have listened to Mayor Robbie back in the 1970s' - Labour Party MP Phil Twyford. But who was he? And why is he still relevant today? From a working class Jewish boy in Sheffield to long servin

Robinson Crusoe 1,000,000 A.D.
Library Journal, in their 2003 review of the print edition, offered warm praise for this "fresh, original new approach to a timeless classic" and recommended it for large libraries everywhere. In its initial appearance as an e-book at Fictionwise, this novel sold thousands of copies and garnered over 400 reviews, almost all positive, most of them raves. (Synopsis follows at end below.)It's a soaring, imaginative science fiction novel in a well-established, long-standing tradition (called Robinsonades, typically about shipwrecked, marooned adventurers) whose science fiction subset alone includes the following: Robinson Crusoe on Mars (film 1964); The Island of Dr. Moreau (novel H.G. Wells, 1896; films 1977, 1996); Enemy Mine (film 1985); Lord of the Flies (novel, 1953 Nobel Laureate William Golding; film 1963); and most recently Andy Weir's 2011 self-published SF novel The Martian, which became a successful major Hollywood film in 2014. There will be many more in the future-maybe even a film based on Robinson Crusoe 1,000,000 A.D.Note: the original Robinson Crusoe 1719 novel by Daniel Defoe is NOT a children's story. Although it has been borrowed, revised, and sanitized-made into Disney fuzzy bunny cartoons, abridged for children's editions-Daniel Defoe wrote a dark, violent, bloody novel about murder, betrayal, slavery, and cannibal feasts. The website (clocktowerbooks) cites at least one academic expert on this, plus info on pacing, point of view, homages, characters names, and many other fascinating topics. BRIEF SYNOPSIS: A million years into a totally unexpected future, our hero is the last man on Earth. Nobody has ever been so alone. Alex Kirk awakens a million years from now, utterly alone and in terrible danger on a brave new Earth. Humankind has been extinct for eons, and Alex Kirk is at best an accident, an afterthought in an uncaring universe filled with dreadful secrets. This is more than a purely entertaining DarkSF novel in the rich tradition of Blade Run

The Swiss Family Robinson
The Swiss Family Robinson is an adventure story with a decidedly domestic centre, in which smugness and safety thoroughly outbalance the element of danger. Inspired by Rousseau's theories of education, the story of the shipwrecked Swiss pastor and hi
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