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Big Band Bash
The big bands! An offshoot of jazz, reflected the soul of America before World War II, during it, and for a decade following it. Big bands played the music that brought romance, excitement and soothing streams of music to young America in the thir

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear: The Golden Age of Radio
Radio was the number one form of family entertainment for a quarter century. In a dazzling step back in time veteran broadcaster John Rayburn talks about the fantastic ea of broadcasting in fascinating interviews with a sterling list of guests, including: Durward Kirby (Garry Moore Show), Parley Baer (original "Chester" on Radio Gunsmoke), Arthur Anderson (Let's Pretend) Carmel Quinn (Irish singer on Arthur Godfrey show) Ezra Stone (Henry Aldrich), Minnie Pearl (Grand Ole Opry), Fred Foy (Announcer on The Lone Ranger), Gale Gordon (I Love Lucy, Our Miss Brooks), Charles Correll (Andy of "Amos 'n' Andy), Himan Brown (Inner Sanctum, Grand Central Station), Chet Lauck (Lum of "Lum and Abner"), Frankie Carle (Big band leader). There are great stories about Red Skelton, Jack Armstrong, Lights Out, Quiz Kids, Little Orphan Annie, Jimmy Durante, Time Marces On, Hindenburg disaster, President Roosevelt's December 8, 1941 declaration of war against Japan and many, many more.

Cat Whiskers and Talking Furniture: A Memoir of Radio and Television Broadcasting
Award winning journalist John Rayburn covered major news and sporting events for more than 60 years on radio and television. He offers here a witty and warm-hearted account of historic developments in seven decades of broadcasting, including recollections of Edward R. Murrow's live broadcasts from London in World War II, the heyday of Little Orphan Annie and her secret decoder badges, and the early days of live (and sometimes flub-filled) television broadcasts. The author's often humorous conversations with such individuals as Bill Stern, Ronald Reagan, Rin Tin Tin, Burl Ives, Milton Berle, Jane Russell and Jimmy Carter are an added bonus. Many phtographs are included.

My Twill is Tasted.I mean, My TALE is Twisted
Beware! This may be harmful to your tender psyche. A WARNING! label might have been useful but we couldn't find one. In an effort to be more or less specific, let's say you'll be exposed to garbled grammar, mangled metaphors, agitated anomalies, scrambled syntax and occasional onomatopoeia. Proceed at your own risk! You may deny knowledhge of spoonerisms but you know what they are even if you don't know you know it. The author is the world's foremost practitioner of this somewhat archaic aimlessness of more normal speech patterns. He issuues a promissory note that you will be entertained. or else! After all the mice of adprission is a beer magatelle!

Big Band Bash: Nostalgia Ain't What it Used to Be
Provocative and exciting stories about a great period of popular music. Broadcasting Hall of Famer John Rayburn had conversation/interviews with many of the major stars including Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Woody Herman, Stan Kenton, Nat King Cole, Jo Stafford, Buddy Rich, Charlie Barnet, Les Paul and a great many more. What famous crooner was invited to sing along with a big band when he was only four years old? Which big band enjoyed receiving big tips from mobster Al Capone? How did Nathaniel Adams Coles become Nat King Cole? Who gambled away part of a band's income and left Woody Herman in serious debt to the IRS? What was Norma Deloris Egstrom's professional name? Who once angrily threw a pitcher of water at drummer Buddy Rich? How did Shirley Luster become June Christy? There are behind the scenes anecdotes of vibrant swing/jazz music during troubled times of the Great Depression and WWII that made the whole world dance and sing along. As someone once said, "Played right you can make Bach swing.

Big Band Bash
As the words flow before your eyes your mind's ear may hear the voice of John Rayburn telling you stories of the Big Bands, the big songs and the big stars of a very special era in American cultursl history. This is a special book about a very spe

Sports: Fact, Fiction & Fun
Veteran Radio/TV announcer John Rayburn garnered top ratings in broadcasting football, baseball, basketball, hockey and other major events. He offers personal anecdotes, plus interviews/conversations with many of the brightest stars in the fascinating world of sports at all levels. Behind the scenes looks at the major sports, along with bits of fiction by award-winning writers, are offered with admiring and amusing takes on teams, individuals, coaches, managers and others associated with athletic endeavors. The great, near-great and never-were are featured in far-reaching aspects of athletics, all offered as evidence of the world-wide popularity of sporting activities. Opinions and observations will open new avenues of thought no matter which sport happens to be your favorite.

The Holy Bible: True or False?
Broadcast Hall of Famer John Rayburn is neither adversary nor advocate of the veracity of the Holy Bible but serves merely as disseminator of information. This iconic on-air veteran examines the deeply rooted beliefs of the world's many religions. The primary purpose is to explore and offer material leading to better understanding concerning the myriad religions, thereby decreasing rancor regarding the differences. Among many topics the text questions whether Moses and other prominent Bible figures were actual persons or perhaps inventions of theological ideas. The content is historical, probing and speculative with acknowledgment that translations and interpretation can play major roles in misunderstanding. One of religion's major arguments concerns creationism and evolution and that, too, is discussed. The author is an award winning veteran broadcaster who reports negative and positive aspects concerning both the Old and New Testaments.

Duplicity: Rick O'Shea Adventure #2
This sizzing mystery involves impalement murders, security guards shot and high-level intrigue in Transylvania. Is it a reprise of the fictional Dracula or a struggle to gain control of what may be a multi-billion dollar invention or both? Rick O'Shea is a different kind of detective, more aptly defined as a "seeker" and "finder." He is joined by cohorts Helga Lange, a beautiful German lady with aerospace expertise, including a space walk, and Luther (call me Lute) Martin, a successful entrepreneur turned co-seeker. They venture forth into unknown Romanian territory and England where Bram Stoker was inspired to write about the renowned Count of vampire fame. Their search is like trying to solve a big jigsaw puzzle. Eventually "treasures" are sought in the Channel Islands and Iceland before robbery of an armored truck reaches a climax in Canada. Award winning newsman John Rayburn brings exciting reality to the people, places and things involved in the second of a series featuring a scintillating trio of adventurers.

TRAVEL: Making Day Dreams Come True
Here are first-hand tales of exciting places to see in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Europe and the United Kingdom. Learn historical background information that will enhance your travel as told with personal observations and anecdotes. Be tempted to see the amazing places, or to see them again if you already have.

Conspiracy: Rick O'Shea Adventure #1
Meet a different kind of detective, one who is a "seeker" and "finder" of things that have been lost, stolen or hidden. He collects lucrative finder's fees, either from a client or from whatever is found. A seemingly innocuous livelihood has its share of dangerous situations and harrowing experiences. There are hazardous encounters with hijackers, kidnappers, yacht thieves and drug dealers. An engaging team of O'Shea, lovely aerospace expert Helga Lange, and boyhood chum Luther (call me Lute) Martin, put together exciting methods of combating perilous encounters. Romance develops between Rick and Helga, although neither one seems quite ready to fully commit to a commitment. Locales range from prehistoric caves at Lascaux, France to a magnificent castle in the Loire Valley and on to Colorado's San Juan Mountains and into Mexico and Guatemala.

This Land is Our Land: Bragging Rights for Towns and Cities
What do you know about your home state? What's the oldest town in it? What's the oldest town in the U.S. Do you know there's a likelihood it may not be the one generally named? Where is a place in the Midwest that might have been a settlement as much as 10,000 years ago? What city is called the home of "Popeye the sailor man?" What town was mentioned in the saying, "There is no Sunday west of St. Louis and no God west of …where?and what was meant? What state was named after a mythical island paradise? These stories and many more are part of the book, "This Land is Our Land," a fascinating look at little known stories and anecdotes about the United States. There's also a study of the twelve most ancient cities on earth.

Conspiracy*Duplicity*Intrigue: Rick O'Shea Adventures Trilogy
The three books in this trilogy feature Rick O'Shea and his companions, beautiful aerospace expert Helga Lange and fearless Luther ("Call me Lute) Martin as they seek out missing valuables with exceptional rewards if successful. ConspiracyMeet a different kind of detective, one who is a "seeker" and "finder" of things that have been lost, stolen or hidden. He collects lucrative finder's fees, either from a client or from whatever is found. A seemingly innocuous livelihood has its share of dangerous situations and harrowing experiences. A kidnapping, yacht theft and drug dealers pose risks. Action flows from prehistoric caves at Lascaux, France to Colorado's San Juan Mountains and into Mexico and Guatemala. DuplicityThis sizzling mystery involves impalement murders, security guards shot and high-level intrigue in Transylvania. Is it a reprise of the fictional Dracula or a struggle to gain control of what may be a multi-billion dollar invention or both? Fights and chases and a radical threat to plant bombs in the U.S. are part of the action, along with a secret stash of gold found in an ancient fortress plus hidden treasures in the Channel Islands. IntrigueA claim is made that the Russian sale of Alaska to the U.S. was not legally completed in 1867. Rick, Helga and Lute are commissioned to find the truth. Other puzzles confront them; theft of rough diamonds from a Canadian mine, air pursuit into the high Arctic and discovery of long lost military material in the Aleutians. A possible triple wedding might ensue as plans are made for the next adventure into South America.

Matt Draper: From Riverboat Gambler to Frontier Banker
Amusing and amazing tales that were a part of settling the west as trains and telegraph began replacing stagecoaches and Pony Express counterparts. The lead character is a former riverboat gambler turned banker, using a start-up fund of winnings and discovery of an abandoned Confederate gold cache at the end of the Civil War. Clashes with drunken cowboys aboard a train, staving off a stagecoach hold-up, a shootout with villanous holdovers from the bloodthirsty Quantrill's Raiders, saving a child from drowning, thwarting a bank robbery and working in a cattle drive threatened by a coalition of farmers are some of the ingredients of the rousing adventure. As the tumultuous years pass the story culminates with the disastrous 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

We the People: A Good News Odyssey
An amazing travel adventure that produced a good news odyssey. The author and his wife hit the road in a fifth-wheel trailer gathering heart-warming, human interest stories about our great United States and the positive accomplishments of its people. They visited with thousands of Americans at work and play collecting upbeat attitudes about the way we are. Not everyone can take this kind of RV trip; the sort of undertaking most people just dream about. This book, in effect, extends an invitation for everyone to come along and share the adventures in the U.S. and several parts of Canada. This is their story, but it's also your story, a story accentuating the richness and diversity of our country's unsurpassed and unique heritage. Rediscover the principles that have kept our country strong and always striving for pride and excellence in this written celebration of America. It brought a personal note from then-Presidenr Ronald Reagan.

Intrigue: Rick O'Shea Adventure #3
A claim is made that Russian sale of Alaska to the U.S. was not legally completed in 1867. Rick, Helga and Lute are commisioned to find the truth. Other puzzles confront them; theft of rough diamonds from a Canadian mine, a radical threat to plant bombs in the U.S. and discovery of a long hidden stash of gold in an ancient fortress. The trio uses a seaplane, helicopter and U.S. destroyer in hazardous chases that take them to Alaska, Russia, the Mediterranean, Canada and India trying to resolve the dangeous difficulties

I'm Not Resting, I'm Creating: The Power of POSITIVE Procrastination
Put more razzamatazz in your life with some sizzling ideas on how to handle time to your benefit and personal satisfaction. The author interviewed clinical psychologists, governmental leaders and successful business people to arrive at ways and means of making the clock work more favorably for you. The slogan of the National Procrastinator's Club is, "Don't wait. Procrastinate NOW." Wise observations from such as da Vinci, Churchill, Einstein, Ovid, Sandburg and others agree putting off in POSITIVE fashion can boost your success and happiness. Since the 1700s we've been plagued by Lord Chesterfield's admonition, "Never put off until tomorow what you can do today." This text thumbs its nose at that with methods of managing time without letting it manage you.

The Spirit of America: Stories to Recognize the History, Humor and Heritage of Our National Culture
A collection of interesting, informative and entertaining articles about who we are and how we got to be that way. These are heart-warming tales that explore the talents and integrity of the extraordinary people, places and things that helped shape our country. The emphasis is on the richness and diversity of our nation's unsurpassed and unique heritage, told by a well-traveled broadcast veteran. John Rayburn adds personal insights and anecdotal material that not only echo the past but give promise for the future.

Mixed Cocktails: A Meeting of Minds
Six famous Americans pair off for a night of drinks, finger food, sentimentality, caustic humor and reminiscing. Robert Redford & Paul NewmanRobert B. Parker & John D. MacDonald(Spenser and Travis McGee)Barack Obama & George W. BushThree stories, fantasies really. What if these people had been able to spend an evening together without interruption? Over cocktails and appetizers, in a conversational world without limits, what would they have said?The first story involves very real-life friends who may have actually had such an evening, though no one has admitted to such*Next I fantasize over what might have transpired had two great American Mystery writers connected for such an evening. And the last story involves two former presidential rivals sharing an evening and discovering they may actually like each other. Or is it the booze?

The Walls of the Universe
John Rayburn thought all of his problems were the mundane ones of an Ohio farm boy in his last year in high school. Then his doppelgänger appeared, tempted him with a device that let him travel across worlds, and stole his life from him. John soon
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