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Mere Catholicism
C.S. Lewis's masterpiece of Christian apologetics, Mere Christianity, was about Christianity in general, carefully refraining from teaching the doctrine of any particular denomination. Mere Catholicism explains specifically what Catholics believe

C.S. Lewis's masterpiece of Christian apologetics, Mere Christianity, was about Christianity in general, carefully refraining from teaching the doctrine of any particular denomination. Mere Catholicism explains specifically what Catholics believe and practice. Meant for both Catholics who want a better understanding of their faith and non-Catholics who are curious about what the Catholic Church teaches-and why-the book presents the basic doctrines that Catholics believe and the basic devotions that they practice. It is not a catechism but is written in a popular style.

100 Important Events in Catholic History
During the nearly twenty centuries of its existence, the Catholic Church has seen its share of saints, doctrinal disputes, schisms, wars and many other events. In this book John F. Fink has the audacity to try to select 100 of the most important of those events and write briefly about each one. (A Postscript lists fifty more.) Taken together, they present a short history of the Catholic Church that should be of interest to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Leading for Instructional Improvement
Leading for Instructional ImprovementEducational experts agree that quality teaching is the single most important factor in improving educational outcomes for all students. Teaching is a highly sophisticated and complex en

"ROUTE STEP - Semper Facetious" is a rollicking recollection of service related memories and the fellow Marines, friends and family that helped make them famous. ROUTE STEP marches across decades, from the recruiting office that began my Marine Corps journey, to fun-filled shipboard and shorebased adventures alike. ROUTE STEP intoduces a wonderful cast of characters that left an indelible smile in my mind and heart. It is a tongue-and-cheek tribute to my comrades, a lavishly embellished record of days gone by. ROUTE STEP introduces the likes of John Robichaux, Al Garcia, Todd Baker, Elden Zirkle, Claudia Novick, and Crystal Myslinski to name but a few. They are not famous people, not in the Hollywood sense of the term, but they are wonderful people, fun people, people that you ought to meet. Finally, ROUTE STEP marches into retirement where it pays tribute to my wife's inability to hold her liquor. It examines professional wrestling and relationships with associates. It looks at foul fowl hairdos, considers man's bestfriends, and bemoans the onslaught of my golden years. ROUTE STEP, March!

The Objectivist Nexus
"Objectivist" writers, conjoined through a variety of personal, ideological, and literary-historical links, have, from the late 1920s to the present, attracted emulation and suspicion. Representing a nonsymbolist, postimagist poetics and

Visual Effects Society Handbook: Workflow and Techniques
Wisdom from the best and the brightest in the industry, this visual effects bible belongs on the shelf of anyone working in or aspiring to work in VFX. The book covers techniques and solutions all VFX artists/producers/supervisors need to know, from breaking down a script and initial bidding, to digital character creation and compositing of both live-action and CG elements. In-depth lessons on stereoscopic moviemaking, color management and digital intermediates are included, as well as chapters on interactive games and full animation authored by artists from EA and Dreamworks respectively. From predproduction to acquisition to postproduction, every aspect of the VFX production workflow is given prominent coverage. VFX legends such as John Knoll, Mike Fink, and John Erland provide you with invaluable insight and lessons from the set, equipping you with everything you need to know about the entire visual effects workflow. Simply a must-have book for anyone working in or wanting to work in the VFX industry.

American Entrepreneur, Chapter 5
Big business changes management, federal government regulates business, differences in North and the South, railroads, slavery, new management systems developed for the railroad companies, government assistance to the railroads, profitability of slavery and the methods used by economists to determine it, increasing productivity in agriculture. People discussed include Jim Fisk, Jay Gould, Alfred Chandler, Albert Fink, J. Edgar Thomson, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Erastus Corning, Daniel Drew, Daniel McCallum, James Hill, Lydia Pinkham, Heinrich Steinweg, Jonas Chickering, Elisha Otis, Cyrus McCormick, and John Deere.

The Coen Brothers Encyclopedia
Joel and Ethan Coen have written and directed some of the most celebrated American films of the last thirty years. The output of their work has embraced a wide range of genres, including the neo-noirs Blood Simple and The Man Who Wasn't There, the absurdist comedy Raising Arizona, and the violent gangster film Miller's Crossing. Whether producing original works like Fargo and Barton Fink or drawing on inspiration from literature, such as Charles Portis' True Grit or Cormac McCarthy's No Country for Old Men, the brothers put their distinctive stamp on each film. In The Coen Brothers Encyclopedia, all aspects of these gifted siblings as writers, directors, producers, and even editors-in the guise of Roderick Jaynes-are discussed. Entries in this volume focus on creative personnel behind the camera, including costume designers, art directors, and frequent contributors like cinematographer Roger Deakins and composer Carter Burwell. Recurring actors are also represented, such as Jeff Bridges, Steve Buscemi, George Clooney, John Goodman, Holly Hunter, Frances McDormand, and John Turturro. Each entry is followed by a bibliography of published sources, both in print and online. From Blood Simple to Inside Llewyn Davis, The Coen Brothers Encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference on two of the most significant filmmakers of the last three decades. An engaging examination of their work, this volume will appeal to scholars, researchers, and fans interested in this creative duo.