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As is often the case, Roger West of Scotland Yard is suffering from both overwork and family difficulties. Whilst normally in full control, upon this occasion he insults an important witness. This has the effect of nearly ruining his career, but t

The Toff on Fire
The Honourable Richard Rollison, (aka 'The Toff') once more faces death, but this time by the most horrible of causes: fire. He is on the trail of the kidnapper of a young child and up against the most chilling of opponents. Threatened shooting, m

An American gangster brings his bloody business to 1930s Britain in this suspenseful thriller from an Edgar Award-winning author. Amateur boxer Martin Storm's visit to New York seemed like it was a success. That is,

A thrilling mystery set against the backdrop of the Blitz in WWII England, by an Edgar Award-winning author. England, 1941. Terror from the Germans' constant bombing is spreading through the nation, as homes

A tale of murder and international intrigue from the multimillion-selling, award-winning author. Looking forward to a relaxing afternoon away from the trials of Department Z, Bob Kerr eagerly awaits the arrival of fe

Traitor's Doom
Nazi Agents are at work in the neutral countries of Europe - attempting to subvert so as to provide further easy victims for the Third Reich. Dr. Palfrey and the 'Rescue Squad' are faced with the challenge and danger of meeting this treachery and

Accuse the Toff
Colonel The Hon Richard Rollison (aka 'The Toff') is fighting for King and Country in the depths of the Second World War. But then a car hits a Commando as he walks down the street, and seven are left wounded or dying, with all evidence pointing t

The Toff Proceeds
The Honourable Richard Rollison (aka 'The Toff') is in a good mood. He is looking forward to a delightful weekend pursuing one of his favourite pastimes: playing cricket in the English countryside. Unfortunately, there is a plot afoot to remove th

A plague of rabbits has hit the Far East, eating up everything in sight and actually threatening populations with starvation. They continue to spread throughout the globe and fear, disease and death lie in their wake. Despite all of man's technolo

The Creepers
She lay across the bed, with coagulated blood on and around her. Her husband was in the next bed, with his throat cut. A web of violence was spreading and Inspector Roger West had to get to grips with it. But where should he start? What clues are

The Executioners
Roger West of Scotland Yard, one of their finest and most down to earth detectives, get involved in the callous brutality of the underworld. Cecil Chayter is released from prison after serving twenty years, but there are those that believe he shou

The adventure that brought two intrepid cousins into the service of the department of British intelligence known as Z. Desperate to escape the suffocating heat of London, cousins Mark and Mike Errol set out for

Death Miser
The first in the series featuring British intelligence's elite detectives by the Edgar Award-winning author. Millions of lives are at stake if a sinister international conspiracy succeeds. It's up to England's elite

Strike for Death
Malcolm Munro, the son of the Chairman of Munro Motors drove into a hostile situation. The workers were being whipped up to fever pitch by the antics of a Union official, Mike Grannett. Violence ensued and there was an altercation between Munro an

The Terror Trap
The greed of one man leads to the death of others in this action-packed mystery featuring British intelligence's secret detective squad. When two impossibly rich oil tycoons are found murdered in their own homes, a m

An Apostle Of Gloom
Inspector Roger West had hoped for a day off - it was his wife's birthday. Then a Chief Superintendent turns up at his home with a search warrant. He is accused of taking a bribe. Elaborately framed, he is now under investigation. Plunged into a w

Vote for the Toff
The Honourable Richard Rollison (aka 'The Toff') usually steers clear of politics, disliking the idea of party discipline and the necessity to conform. However, when a Member of Parliament is murdered just before an election, the Toff is urged to

Prepare for Action
A World War II thriller by a multimillion-selling, Edgar Award-winning author. As plans for D-Day loom large, the agents of Department Z-a secret detective unit within British intelligence-are working overtime to hal

The Toff Breaks In
The Honourable Richard Rollison, (aka 'The Toff') is once again on the cricket field, indulging in one of his favourite pastimes, when he is called away. A girl has been kidnapped and her life is in danger. He has to find a way through hidden secr

Gideon Combats Influence: (Writing as JJ Marric)
Borgman is a big man who has money and influential friends. Gideon knows he killed his wife, but can he prove it? How is he to break through the power wielded by this serious adversary and deal with all of the other problems that crop up? And will
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