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The Real Hood Wives of St. Pete.
It's a hard life, but somebody has to live it. Makayla Jenkins has been struggling to care for her 2-year-old son ever since his father got locked up. She makes a huge mistake and ends up getting pregnant. The last thing she needs is to bri

The Real Hood Wives of St. Pete.
It's a hard life, but somebody has to live it. Makayla Jenkins has been struggling to care for her two-year-old son ever since his father got locked up. She makes a huge mistake and ends up getting pregnant. The last thing she needs is to bring another unwanted child into the world. The closer she gets to her due date, the more desperate she becomes. When the family she's chosen to give her baby to backs out of the adoption, she panics and does the unthinkable. After a horrifying experience, Sharniece "Niecy" Brown stops being promiscuous and changes her ways. After months of not dating, she finally lets down her guard and opens her heart to love again. She thinks Sean is the one until he turns out to have a sick obsession for children. What lengths will she go to in order to protect her three daughters? Jacqueline Davis's house went into foreclosure, forcing the family of five to relocate to the projects. To add to the troubles, her husband and dying from pancreatic cancer. How can she remain strong for her children, when inside she feels so broken?

In this PreK-1 rhyming book, learn all about your nose and all the things it helps you do. Everyone's nose is different!

Gross Places
This title highlights some of the grossest places to visit and see.

Gross Animals
This title highlights all the gross animals and the habits and habitats they thrive in.

Gross Foods
This title highlights all the gross foods people around the world eat.

Acclaimed Christian author Jerry Jenkins pens the startling prequel to the internationally best-selling Left Behind saga. After the horror of World War III, the world resolves to abolish religion. But is this new age of peace truly peaceful? Anti-religious witch-hunters are tracking down and killing the faithful in hiding, and now supernatural events that defy non-Biblical interpretation are beginning to occur throughout the world.

In this Pre-K-1 book rhyming book, learn about your hands and all the things they help you do. Everyone's hands are different!

Jerry Jenkins has been presented with such awards as the Christy Award and the Platinum Book Award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. The number one New York Times best-selling author of the Left Behind Series picks up where his momentous novel Soon ended. Silenced continues the futuristic story of double-agent Paul Stephola. Following World War III, religion has been banned. Although a believer, Paul also works for the government agency responsible for persecuting Christians.

Jerry Jenkins is famed for having coauthored the #1 New York Times best-selling Left Behind series with Tim LaHaye. In his awe-inspiring series of prequels to Left Behind, Jenkins reveals the shocking revelations that lead our world to the rapture. In the dark years following World War III-after the rise of an oppressive new world government that strictly imposes a worldwide ban on the practice of religion- the underground Christian network slowly begins to gain momentum.

Stick a Fork in Me
Praise for the work of Dan Jenkins: ".the best sportswriter in America." -Larry King "Dan Jenkins is the nearest thing to Ring Lardner this generation has ever seen. No one has captured the essential lunacy of the twentieth-century sports (and TV) scene as accurately and hilariously as this." -Los Angeles Times "Dan Jenkins is a comic genius." -Don Imus "Dan Jenkins has been among America's best and funniest sportswriters for more than six decades." -The New York Times "Jenkins is hilarious, providing more laughs per page than any other writer in the 'bidness.'" -People Pete Wallace, a good old boy from Texas, paid his dues coaching football on obscure campuses in the boondocks of America until he landed the athletic director's job at Western Ohio University. For 15 years, he has steadily and skillfully guided the school into the high society of major college sports. But now Pete, fed up with politically correct campus culture and babysitting fragile egos, is retiring from the "arms race." As he waits for the university's board of trustees to act on his early retirement package, he reflects on his career, the people he's come across, and what life will be like in retirement. Pete's story is told in Jenkins's unmistakable, raucous, old-school style, and it's full of colorful, absurd, and downright crazy characters-from clueless trustees and busybody protestors to prima donna football coaches and booster club pests. Stick a Fork in Me is a rollicking, no-holds-barred tour of the world of big-time college sports.

Kelly and The Tin Man
My name is Betty Annette Jenkins Cooper. I am the second oldest child of ten children born to Willie (Pete) Jenkins and Mary Alice Jenkins. I was born in Clayton, NC in 1961. I am the mother of two sons, Rodrick D. Jenkins, and Derwood L. Lynn. I am the grandmother of five grandchildren, Iayanna and Shayla Jenkins, McKenzy and Zukiya Lynn, and Roderick D. Jenkins Jr. I am also the author of seven other books, The Healing Hands of Jesus, Through Life's Storms There Is Still Hope And Victory Vols. 1,2,&3, Their Lives Were Unexpectedly Turned Around Parts. 1 & 2, and Kelly and the Tin Man. I am a graduate of Model and Talent Management for the John Casablanca school in Cary, NC. Thomas Cook is a father of two boys and two girls. Justin, Jonathan, Lauren, and Larissa. He was born and raised in Northwest Ohio in 1965. He spent 10 years in the USAF. He was also a police officer for 15 years in Goldsboro, NC. He is also a graduate of "Model and Talent Management" for the John Casablanca school in Cary, NC. He fell in love with books at an early age. His passions include reading, writing, acting, baseball, computers, and the company of good friends. He has also collaborated with Ms. Cooper on a previous book by the title of "Kelly and The Tin Man."

The Final Call Of The Traveling Soldier
"The Final Call Of The Traveling Soldier" is a novel based on stories my father told me from his life and the lives of his ancestors. Not only did I get the story from my father, but also many elderly people that lived at this time. Due to the content this book was particularly hard for me to write. So with the blessing of my father I enlisted the help of a good friend of mine, Mr. Thomas Cook. I remember my father's sister, Donnie Mae Campbell, loved to talk about the early years. She talked many times about Pastor Daniel and his life. I remember going to church one day and she saw a field of cotton. She had me turn around just so she could go pick some cotton. She kept feeling the cotton and saying, "This is what we had to do." I hope and pray that this book is worthy of the faith placed in me by Willie (Pete) Jenkins by entrusting me with his story. Betty Cooper

The Great Rat Race For Europe
The Great Rat Race for Europe: Stories of the 357th Fighter Group (Sortie One) tells the true stories of the Yoxford Boys of the 357th Fighter Group; arguably the best Army Air Force fighter group in the European Theater during World War Two. Aces Kit Carson, Bud Anderson, Johnny England, Pete Peterson, Chuck Yeager and others from this elite group of "tigers" eventually became famous after the war, while other Yoxford Boys just melted back into the scenery that was the American post war years. Those were the lucky ones as scores of these brave, young American lads flying their P-51 Mustangs into combat against the Luftwaffe never saw home again as the result of this epic air war over Europe. Their stories are all here including Leonard "Kit" Carson's account of The Great Rat Race which helped to break the back of the Luftwaffe (from his fantastic book Pursue and Destroy), the strange and sad end of decorated fighter ace Dittie Jenkins who safely returned from his last mission against the Nazis only to be killed while celebrating with an impromptu air show over Station 373 at Leiston, and the first hand account of life in a Stalag Luft (prisoner of war camp) with Colonel Henry Spicer, the irascible commanding officer of the American section of the POW camp (and one-time 357th Fighter Group Commanding Officer) who drove the German officers to the brink with his rock solid spirit of rebellion and the love and admiration of his men. Fly into weather so thick that the ducks are walking with Pete Peterson, one of the leading aces of the Group, as he walks you through a hair-raising landing on Leiston Field with zero visibility and three inexperienced pilots on his wing. Then 357th fighter pilot Joe Shea recaptures the common boredom ridden hours and terror stricken moments faced by replacement pilots of the Group during their first combat missions, including Shea's account of his last encounter, eyeball to eyeball, with a German pilot in an Me-262 jet fighter as it slid

Chicago Cubs
In this newly revised edition of Chicago Cubs: Where Have You Gone? Chicago sportswriter Fred Mitchell catches up with over fifty former Cubs players-some of them famous, some of them obscure, all of them unforgettable. From Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks, to lesser known players such as Pete LaCock, avid fans of this long-suffering team will remember them for every heartbreak, every costly error and, yes, every glorious moment. Chicago Cubs: Where Have You Gone? serves as both a yearbook of unforgettable memories and an "alumni guide" for fans to find out where their heroes have gone since capturing their full attention at Wrigley Field. Readers will find out what happened after the gloves came off with such Cubs greats as Ferguson Jenkins, Andy Pafko, Dickie Noles, Billy Williams, Milt Pappas, Bobby Dernier, Lee Smith, Scott Sanderson, Shawon Dunston, Ed Lynch, Don Zimmer, Steve Trout, Ron Santo, Steve Stone, Kerry Wood, and so many more.
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