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Aroma of Orange Pekoe: Non-fiction e-book
These are stories, snippets from the day to day life of tea and coffee planters. They are mainly my stories - I spent thirty three years serving in tea and coffee plantations in India and Papua New Guinea: from 1959 to 1992.I say mainly my

She Shed a Tear
"Oh damn." Said Mohan Goswami as he looked through the curtains of his upper bedroom window to see a black sedan parked in the front yard of the adjoining house; he had wanted to see the new rentees alight from the car - see what they looked like.

The Honey Gatherer: Fiction
The story is set in a sparsely populated tract of the heavily forested foothills of the Himalayas: an area that lies roughly between India and Nepal and in places is virtually untouched. The 'Forest People' of this area have minimal contact with t

Travails of Innocence
Winter was a favourite season with the young: when the sugar-cane grew high; when one could be hidden from view within a few feet of entering a field; when lovers could meet clandestinely within the embrace of the thick curtaining cane. Chand

Laugh Like a Dog: Fiction
Thinking of Sally made him horny and want to go back soon. If his wife wished to stay, she could, BUT without him. He had had enough of this country bloody life. His butt was paining ever since he got here - those saddles were solid hard pain-in-t

Episodes of Ecstasy
He met Svetlana when she came in one blustery afternoon. Sweet, waif-like, delicate, blue-grey eyes, pink lips and cheeks; she was a happy person and smiled a lot showing lovely teeth. I saw Harry looking at her - he couldn't take his eyes off her