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GAO and others have identified insufficiencies in state-reported Medicaid data that affect CMS's ability to oversee the program effectively. Recent increases in improper payments-estimated at $36.7 billion in fiscal year 2017-exacerbate concerns a

The emergence of increasingly sophisticated threats and continuous reporting of cyber incidents underscores the continuing and urgent need for effective information security. GAO first designated information security as a government-wide high- ris

Medicaid, a joint federal-state health care program, is a significant component of federal and state budgets, with total estimated outlays of $596 billion in fiscal year 2017. The program's size and diversity make it particularly vulnerable to imp

The federal government has a number of programs to help increase access to affordable homeownership for first-time buyers and lower-income households, including programs that provide guarantees for certain types of mortgages and funding that can b

Acquisition management has been a long-standing challenge at NASA, although GAO has reported on improvements the agency has made in recent years. Three space telescope projects are the key enablers for NASA to achieve its astrophysics' science goa

Americans increasingly rely on mobile wireless communications for safety-related communications like calling 911 and receiving weather alerts. Mobile wireless networks face risks from physical incidents including extreme weather events and intenti

With approval from CMS, the federal agency responsible for overseeing state Medicaid programs, states can provide long-term care services and supports for disabled and aged individuals under one or more types of HCBS programs. State and federal Me

Much of the voting equipment acquired with federal funds after the enactment of the Help America Vote Act in 2002 may now be reaching the end of its life span, and some states and local election jurisdictions-which number about 10,300 and generall

DOD has until January 1, 2020, to equip its aircraft with ADS-B Out technology that would provide DOD, FAA, and private citizens the ability to track their flights in real-time and track flight patterns over time. This technology is a component of

Thousands of shipments containing radiological material enter the United States each year through airports across the country. Radiological material is used in various medical and industrial applications, and possession requires a license from the

The nation's gas pipeline network moves about 74 billion cubic feet of combustible gas to homes and businesses daily. To alert the public of a gas leak before an explosion occurs, PHMSA has different requirements for odorizing gas. All gas transpo

Over the past two decades, e-commerce sales have grown rapidly, greatly expanding a category of sales known as remote sales. Under current law, states cannot require all businesses to collect taxes on remote sales. Congress has been considering pr

The federal government continues to work to reduce its real property inventory and associated costs. GSA provides space for agencies in government-owned and commercially leased buildings. In 2015, the OMB issued a memorandum requiring the 24 agenc

The IG Act established OIGs to conduct and supervise audits and investigations; recommend policies to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness; and prevent and detect fraud and abuse. The Inspector General Empowerment Act of 2016 included a

DOD spends billions of dollars each year on systems that support its key business areas, such as personnel and logistics. For fiscal year 2018, DOD reported that these business system investments are expected to cost about $8.7 billion. The NDAA f

Education provided more than $125 billion in federal student aid funds in fiscal year 2016 to help students pay for higher education. To participate in federal student aid programs, postsecondary schools must be accredited by an accrediting agency

Federal agencies are exploring ways to use telework as a tool to reduce the federal footprint and use space more efficiently. GAO was asked to examine the effects of telework on agencies' space-planning efforts. In this report, GAO reviewed: (1) h

Coast Guard Acquisitions
Since 1965, U.S. Coast Guard has been responsible for providing polar icebreaking capability for the United States. The Coast Guard has two active polar icebreakers, including one heavy polar icebreaker that is nearing the end of its expected serv

A severe GMD or HEMP event could potentially have significant impacts- including power outages-on the nation's electric grid, which could affect other sectors that depend on electricity, such as communications. In response, NERC created two regula

SSA provides vital benefits and services that affect the lives of many Americans. In fiscal year 2017, it paid out nearly $1 trillion in retirement and disability benefits to 67 million beneficiaries, and an average of 420,000 people call or visit
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