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Monster Cat Valentine

This tale is about a cat's journey to create the perfect valentine for his favorite 'Creature Feature' host. This book is not just for kids it's a fun book for all who love comic books, valentines, cats and not so scary monster movies.

Elaine's Amazing Stink

Betty wants to find out why Elaine is so sad and won't sit with the other skunks at lunch time and why none of the skunks play with her.

I Am Gifted Too

Kara the bunny rabbit hates school. It is not because she doesn't have friends, but rather that her "learning disability" makes her feel stupid. Her special teacher tells her she is gifted too, but she doesn't believe him. How could a dyslexic rabbit ever be worth anything? One special friend will show Kara that despite her dyslexia, she has gifts that make her just as special as everyone else.