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50 Spa Products and Treatments: A Soap & Spa Making Guide for Hobby or Business

A Spa Product Making Guide for Hobby or Business A recipe book with Bath Recipes and is a complete soapers guide to product making at home for the hobby and craft maker who wants to explore the idea of opening a cosmetic business. Included in this book are 50 original recipes for spa treatments that can be sold by you for your customers to used at home or just recipes your your private collection. Recipes in this book include: Facial Treatments Sugar Scrub for Face & Acne Rose Hip Oil: Anti-Ageing Facial Oil Natural Face Mud Mask The Black Head Remover Face Mask Facial Mask for a Sun Burn Under Eye Night Cream Dark Herbal Acne Face Mask Reduce Rosacea Face Mask Tighten and Firm Face Treatment Reduce Pores Pink Facial Mask Massage Oils Hot Peppermint Chocolate Massage Oil Lemongrass Anti-Aging Massage Oil Lavender Massage Oil Cinnamon & Vanilla Massage Oil Stuffy Head & Sinus Massage Oil Lotions and Body Butters Soothing Oatmeal Milk & Honey Night Cream Lotions Sticks with Glimmer Light Summer Day Moisturizer New England Winter Body Butter Honey Oat & Milk Body Moisturizer Soothing Decongestant Salve Lemon Crème Lotion Soothing Lotion for Shaved Legs A Kiss of Rose Body Lotion The Massage Bar Body Wraps The "slimming" wrap The Traditional Seaweed Wrap Roses and Blooms Body Wrap The Royal Chocolate Mousse Wrap Strawberries & Crème Clay Wrap Exfoliators Emulsifying Sugar Scrub with Summer Melon Emulsifying Salt Scrub with Summer Breeze Strong Peppermint Foot Scrub Mint Chocolate Sugar Lip Scrub Soft Scrub Sugar Cubes The Sea Sponge Loofa Scrub Acne Bath Scrub Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub with Roses Morning Citrus Scrub Face Scrub Mermaid Bath Salt Bath Additives Sea Salt Spray for Full Hair Scoopable Bath Fizz & Fragranced Water Softeners

Soap Making: 90 Home made soap making recipes for natural healthy skin

Everything you need to know about making soap, safety precautions, and marketing your creations. Included in this book are 90 original soaping recipes. 50 cold process method soap creations, 20 hot process cooked soap recipes, and 20 additional recipes including lotions, shampoos, conditioners, sugar scrubs, and all the bathroom treats a girl wants. Recipes in this book include:50 Cold Process Recipes:1. Sage & Citrus Cold Process2. Pink Sea Salt & Kaolin Clay Linen Bars3. Chocolate Cupcakes4. Vanilla Cupcakes5. Cold Process Coffee Soap6. Oatmeal & Honey Milk Soap7. Amish Baby Bottom Soap8. Lavender & Lemon Verbeena9. Classic Bastille Cold Process10. Quick & Easy Castille11. Black Cherry Dream Swirl12. Raspberry Lemonade13. Natural Basil & Tomato Soap14. Bubble Gum Soap15. Lemmon Poppy Cold Process16. Take Me to the Beach17. Avocado & Coconut Milk Soap18. Ginger Pomelo Goat's Milk Soap19. Summertime Watermelon Soap20. Summer Grass & FLower Cold Process21. Coconut & Lime22. Natural Rosemary & Mint23. Cucumber & Clay24. Vibrant Orange25. Orange & Clove Spice26. Green Tea & Lemon Grass27. Strawberry & Goat Milk Soap28. Mango Butter with Ylang Ylang29. Raw Honey & Dandelion Soap30. Homemade Green Tea & Turmeric Soap31. Carrot Soap32. Pumpkin Pie Latte Soap33. Lemon Peel & Blueberry Soap34. Lemon Grass & Coconut Milk Soap35. Soothing Calendula Soap36. Soothing Camomile & Goat Milk Soap37. Oatmeal & Beer38. Pink Sangria Refreshing Fruit39. White Chocolate & Lavender Soap40. Infused Hibiscus Soap41. Rose water & Lemonade42. Honey & Beeswax43. Woodland Pine44. Frosted Cranberry Winter Wonderland45. Eucalyptus Splash Soap46. Sweet Pear Soap47. Fresh Apple Juice Soap48. Lemongrass Swirl49. Basil & Sage Spice Soap50. Jewelweed Soothing Soap (Poison Ivy Soap)20 Hot Process Recipes:51. Honey, Oatmeal, & Milk52. Popular Hemp Soap53. Lavender Vegan Soap54. Soothing Goat's Milk Soap55. Camomile & Clay Nurturing Soap56. Cocoa Butter & Goat Milk Hot Process57. Almond Cherry Hot Proces