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The Savage Years
By 1861, the General European Wars have ended and the map of the whole continent has been substantially re-drawn. For the restored Stuart dynasty, the hoped-for peace will not, however, happen. Over the next ten years, Great Britain will fa

The General European Wars
1851 - and, as a result of a double Royal suicide, England and France are at war. The chosen battleground is northern Spain - but this is only the first part of Europe to feel the dreadful effects of The General European Wars. Confli

The King Shall Have His Own Again
It is January 1st, 1746.The victorious Jacobite armies, led by Prince Charles Edward Stuart, are entering London. George II has been forced into exile in Hanover and James Stuart will shortly be crowned as King James III.&qu

The World Turned Upside Down
As the twentieth century approaches, politics and extreme weather have combined to turn the world upside down and the changes are still happening. Germany is gone; Central and Western Europe now try to adjust to new realities.A seri

The Year of the Prince
The Jacobite Uprising of 1745 is one of those parts of British history that we all think we know a little bit about. The romantic story of "Bonnie Prince Charlie" and his gallant Highlanders invading England, only to turn back at Derby a

An Ending Of Empires
As the nineteenth century opens, Europe is in turmoil. A foreign King sits on the throne of Spain and France is in the midst of revolution. How will the restored House of Stuart deal with the challenges which abound in Europe and the Americas?

Remain Means Remain (and other stories)
What if Remain had won in 2016? What if Britain had never joined the EEC? What if groups other than Europe had decided to unite?In this EU-themed collection from Sea Lion Press and edited by Tom Black (Agent Lavender,