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Frankie and Johnnie
Frankie and Johnnie

Frankie and Johnnie
For the first time in eBook format, a beloved classic from the most significant American Jewish writer of the 20th century, award-winning author Meyer Levin. He's never felt this way before…Johnnie didn't plan on falling fo

Frankie and Johnny
The ill-fated lovers Frankie and Johnny were already legends by 1930, the year of this illustrated drama's publication. The unique interpretation is a collaboration between John Huston, the future director of The Maltese Falcon and other

Frankie and Johnny
Originating in a homicide in St. Louis in 1899, the ballad of "Frankie and Johnny" became one of America's most familiar songs during the first half of the twentieth century. It crossed lines of race, class, and artistic genres, taking form in such v

Frankie and Johnny were Schweethawts
Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts, oh lordy how they could love They promised to be true to each other, just as long as there were skies above He was her man, and wouldn't do her wrong Johnny said "I'm gonna leave you, I won't b

Frankie's Monster
Inspired by Frankenstein "When I kiss you, it will be the kiss, not just a kiss."-Johnny Heart "I have never wanted a heart as much as I want yours." Love Never Dies Easy A xombie spends his time quietly alone in the attic, longing to feel alive again. It's only after he meets Francesca that his music box heart begins to beat. He saves her from the gang that tries to hurt her, but not long after, he falls for her. Strangely, she has an attraction for this anthropomorphic boy with the clock-work heart, too. But she knows their love won't be forever, the way Johnny has intended for it to. She's human, and well. he's not. He gives her his heart. And she breaks it. She breaks him. And now he wants it back. He wants her heart. (New Adult Fantasy/Fairytale)*Mature Content* Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations, language, and additional content

Frankie and Johnny were Schweethawts
Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts, oh lordy how they could love They promised to be true to each other, just as long as there were skies above He was her man, and wouldn't do her wrong Johnny said "I'm gonna leave you, I won't be gone very long You wait right here honey, don'cha ya worry none while I'm gone I am your man, and wouldn't do you wrongFrankie went down to the barroom, she went for a bucket of beer "Hey there Mr. Bartender has my lovin' Johnny been here He is my man and wouldn't do me wrong"Well I wouldn't want to cause you no trouble, but I ain't gonna tell you a lie Johnny left here about a minute ago with that lowdown Nelly Bly He is your man, but he's been doin' you wrong" Frankie went lookin' for Johnny, she didn't do it for fun She sneaked right up behind the Sheriff, and pinched his forty four gun He was her man and he was doin' her wrong Johnny he grabbed off his Stetson, "Oh lordy don't shoot" But Frankie had her finger on the trigger, and the gun went rooty toot toot She shot him down, 'cause he was doin' her wrong "Roll me over easy, roll me over so slow "Roll me over on my left side, 'cause the bullet hurts me so "I was your man, but I was doin' you wrong" Frankie ran over to Johnny, she knelt down on her knees Oh lover forgive me, forgive me if you please 'cause you were my man but you were doin' me wrong. This story got no moral, this story got no end. It only goes to show you, that there ain't no good in men. He was her man and he was doin' her wrong.

The Adventures of Frankie Callahan: The Contest
Set in 1878, the story takes place in a small town in Mexico, near the United States border. It was that time of the year when men from different places filled the town's cantinas, all of them wanting to prove their prowess with a gun at an annual contest which a wealthy baron kept as a tradition. It was during this time when a dark-haired, olive-skinned, and blue-eyed girl named Frankie was most excited. Unknown to her, this year's contest would lead her to meet two men that would change her life forever. There's Billy, a young man who aspired to win the contest, and Johnny, his closest friend. It didn't take long for Frankie to befriend these two handsome men, and she soon saw them as an opportunity to leave town, pursue her dreams, and search for her father. However, certain people, some even close to her, would stand in her way. Can Frankie surpass these challenges, or is she destined to live out the rest of her life in this small, unchanging town? An unexpected-and the thrilling continuation-awaits in The Adventures of Frankie Callahan.

50 Nonfiction Book Outlines
Congratulations, Book Writer. Are you ready to write/create your book outline?Want to write your own book but don't know where to start? You start with a Nonfiction Book Outline template 50 (fifty) of them enclosed in this

101 Amazing Johnny Depp Facts
Are you a fan of heart-throb actor Johnny Depp? Do you want to know 101 amazing facts about him that you probably weren't aware of until now? If so, then this easy-to-digest eBook is perfect for you. Contained within are 101 facts about the much love

Loose L.I.P.S, A Deweyville Church Secretary Novel
What do the Unabomber, Little Red Riding Hood, and country club divas have in common? They are all out to get the church secretary. Not only are the divas and the media bent on on ruining Jackie McGrath's reputation by spreading gossip,

Boilerman, A Deweyville Church Secretary Novel
You're running for your life in the woods, being chased by a crazed Russian mobster with an uzi. FBI agents are threatening to cut off Mr. Robinson's fingers, coonhounds want your bacon, and an opossum stares you down. Terror awakes you to a cold

Yo fui Johnny Thunders
Hubo una época en la que el rock'n'roll marcó el ritmo de los sueños de Francis, Mr. Frankie. esa vida hace tiempo que se esfumó. ahora Francis quiere empezar de nuevo en el barrio donde creció. Quiere hacer las cosas bien. pero ni él ni el barrio

Yo fui johnny thunders.
Francis, Mr. Frankie, decide regresar al lugar donde vivió las primeras cosas, a su barrio. Se marchó de allí persiguiendo su particular sueño de rock'n'roll, que le llevó a acariciar con la punta de sus dedos una fama tóxica y efímera. Ahora Francis vuelve para dejar atrás la miseria y la drogadicción. Pero su viejo barrio son ruinas por donde aún deambulan su padre, su medio hermana, su primera novia y algún que otro amigo. Francis quiere empezar de nuevo y hacer las cosas bien. El problema son los atajos, las canciones de tres minutos, la imposibilidad de olvidar quién fue. Para Francis la línea recta es la distancia más retorcida entre dos puntos. De momento, sus facturas y sus noches no suele pagarlas él, pero esa situación no puede alargarse mucho más. Va a necesitar algo más que promesas para salir adelante.

500 Best-Loved Song Lyrics
For anyone who loves to sing the great old songs, knows the melodies, but has trouble remembering some or all of the words, help is at hand in this extremely useful and unique compendium of popular song lyrics. Included are the complete lyrics for 500 well-known songs from many sources: folk songs, hymns and spirituals, nursery songs and children's play songs, patriotic and military songs, popular songs (many from Tin Pan Alley and Broadway shows), and many more. All the old favorites are here: After You've Gone, Beautiful Dreamer, Camptown Races, Danny Boy, Frankie and Johnny, Greensleeves, Home on the Range, I Love You Truly, John Henry, Kumbayah, Little Brown Jug, Molly Malone, Nobody Knows, Oh Susanna, Peg o' My Heart, Red River Valley, Shenandoah, Till We Meet Again, and hundreds more. Carefully researched, attractively printed, and sturdily bound, 500 Best-Loved Song Lyrics is the perfect companion for parties, sing-alongs, family get-togethers - anywhere people gather to sing and enjoy the great songs of yesteryear.

The President Street Boys
"When Mom got out of jail, it was great having her home."Mondo the Dwarf. Frankie Shots. Jospeh "Little Lolly Pop" Carna. Larry "Big Lolly Pop" Carna. Salvatore "Sally Boy" Marinelli. Johnny Tarzan. Louie Pizza. S

Johnny Be Good - The Life and Times of Johnny Sante (Part Two)
In Johnny Be Good, Johnny and Frankie are setting up a new sting and all would be well if Gaston was not on Dual's, Sardou's and Bretzel's hit lists - how do you kill three birds with one stone?Johnny is a con artist, a rogue who you either

Young Al Capone
The legendary Chicago mobster's early years in Brooklyn: A "scathing portrait of a power-mad predator coming up through the criminal ranks" (Publishers Weekly). Everyone has heard of Al Capone, the notoriously "untouchable" gangster known for orchestrating the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. But few are aware of Capone's origins. Tutored by the likes of Johnny Torrio and "Frankie Yale" Ioele, young Capone had a disquieting demeanor that, combined with the "technical advice" he learned from these insidious mentors, contributed to the making of a brutal criminal whose nickname, "Scarface," evoked fascination and fear throughout the world. Young Al Capone reveals the violence of Capone's early days in New York City: the Halloween Night murder of rival gangster "Wild Bill" Lovett; details on how Capone and his Black Hand crew cleverly planned the death of White Hand gang boss "Peg Leg" Lonergan; insight into the dramatic incident that forced Capone to leave New York, and more. An extraordinary portrait based on interviews with known associates and never-before-published documents, this book provides "a rare perspective [and a] riveting and detailed narrative…Highly recommended for those interested in criminology and the psychology of crime" (Library Journal, starred review).

You Could've Been Someone: Stories, Memories & Poems
Evocative renderings, the SHORT STORIES portray people who are misplaced or out of place. Immigration is the recurring theme in Whatever Happens, If Birds Could Talk and Unanswered Prayers. The heroines are young Irish girls who relocate to America, while the alienation of the returned immigrant is exposed in Back to Bootagh and Kitty's Homecoming. Deborah in Around the Bend is a stranger in her own country. 'How can I admit that I am all alone on a street where he knows everyone,' she says of Irishman, Billy. In Frankie & Johnny and A Prince of Darkness, the characters choose isolation. JUST MEMORIES also explore individuals in transition. Like the statue of Colossus, they straddle two continents, one foot in each, not knowing which way to turn for home. These skilfully drawn portraits & the POEMS will resonate with readers because of the poignancy and empathy of their execution.

Young Al Capone
Many people are familiar with the story of Al Capone, the "untouchable" Chicago gangster best known for orchestrating the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. But few are aware that Capone's remarkable story began in the Navy Yard section of Brooklyn, New York. Tutored by the likes of infamous mobsters Johnny Torrio and Frankie Yale, young Capone's disquieting demeanor, combined with the "technical advice" he learned from these insidious pedagogues, contributed to the molding of a brutal criminal whose pseudonym, "Scarface," evoked fascination throughout the world. Despite the best efforts of previous biographers lacking true insider's access, details about Capone's early years have, until now, mostly been shrouded in mystery. With access gained through invaluable familial connections, the authors were able to open the previously sealed mouths of Capone's known living associates. Collecting information through these interviews and never-before-published documents, the life of young Al Capone at last comes into focus. Among the many revelations in Young Al Capone are new details about the brutal Halloween Night murder of rival gangster "Wild Bill" Lovett, grisly details on how Capone and his Black Hand crew cleverly planned the shootout and barbaric hatchet slaying of White Hand boss, Richard "Peg Leg" Lonergan, insight into the dramatic incident that forced Capone to leave New York, and much more.
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