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Taboo Jones & The Strong Woman
In TABOO JONES & The Strong Woman, Taboo answers the carnal call from Fiona O'Shea; the 49 year old, rich and famous author of a dozen books meant to empower women and blast men. Fiona preaches that men are evil oppressors and encourages women to rise up and fight for their independence. Her books have reportedly caused more divorces than the Ashley Madison hack…When a masked gunman attempts to assassinate Fiona in front of four hundred adoring fans, Taboo not only becomes her lover, but her protector as well, bound to keep her safe and satisfied no matter the cost. The one thing he doesn't realize is that Fiona may be more of a threat to herself than any assassin could ever be. Can Taboo keep this strong woman safe while struggling to set her soul and inhibitions free?

Business Millionaire
Business Millionaire

Key Topics in Healthcare Management
Information is a key resource to primary health care and is increasingly required in individual practices. This book will demystify the subject, which is often presented in complex terms. It sets out in a simple and interesting way what informatio

Intercultural Communicative Competence for Global Citizenship
This work builds on the assumption that language learning and teaching needs to be made more relevant to the 'glocalised' digital world we live in. Its authors argue that staff in Higher Education (HE) must prepare students for effective online in

Managing Money, Measurement and Marketing in the Allied Health Professions
High-quality Allied Health delivery through a motivated, committed and expert workforce depends on strong management and leadership. To provide this, Allied Health Profession managers need solid, evidence-based business skills just as much as clin

Mr Millionaire
In this book you will discover:*How to use what you already know to make millions of dollars*How to attract wealth and success into your life and business*How to make money in any market*Why you don't need a degree

Ms Millionaire
In this book you will discover:.How to achieve financial freedom fast. How to turn your passion to profit. How to create the ultimate lifestyle business and have it all. How to live the life of your dreams. How a million

Millionaire Motivators
In this book you will discover;.How to get what YOU want. How to find your passion and purpose. How to create your life and live by design. How to break through the blocks that are holding you back from success. How to m

Millionaire Mentors

Property Millionaire
IN THIS BOOK YOU WILL DISCOVERHow to get started in property now to make millionsThe secrets of the big property developersHow to achieve financial freedom through propertyHow to buy property with no money downHo

The Good Life in Galicia 2017
Galicia is a fascinating part of Green Spain, the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula, and sits in the north western most part, surrounded on two sides by the sea, and on a third by Portugal. This short anthology contains writings about

Millionaire Coach
In this book you will discover;-How to create wealth in all areas of your life-How to design the lifestyle you have always wanted-How to be. do, or have anything you want-How to enrich your world and enrich your life

Real Estate Millionaire
In this book you will discover;. The secrets to buying and seeling real estate from the countr'y most succesful agents. The best time to seel or buy a property or business. How to sell your property or business for top dollar

Health and Wellbeing Millionaire
In this book you will discover: How to have unlimited health, happiness and wellnessHow to achieve and maintain work life balanceNew discoveries that will motivate you for lifeHow a healthy body and a healthy mind will al

What Would Kate Do? The Diary of a Walking Disaster
What Would Kate Do? follows Cathy Dover who idolizes The Duchess of Cambridge and tries to follow her footsteps in life but fails miserably. Instead of 'What Would Jesus Do?' her motto in life is 'What Would Kate Do?' It's a romantic comedy with an emphasis on comedy. If you enjoyed Bridget Jones and The Devil Wears Prada you will love this!

Work-Life Balance
What are the effects of conflict between home and work?Does work stress affect those who live with you?In the rapidly changing modern work environment, time pressures seem ever increasing and new technology allows work to be conduct

How can you stand out in a crowded marketplace? To become more visible and be known as the go-to person in your industry you need to become a published author. After all, everyone wants to do business with 'the person that wrote the book.' A publi

Health Psychology
The new edition of Health Psychology is the perfect introduction to this rapidly developing field. Throughout the book, the psychological processes that shape health-related behaviours, and affect core functions such as the immune and car

The Tailor's Girl
A humble soldier, known only as 'Jones', wakes in hospital with no recollection of his past. The few fleeting fragments of memory he glimpses are horrifying moments from the battlefield at Ypres. His very identity becomes a puzzle he must solve.

Un reto irresistible
Por fin habían cazado al soltero más codiciado. Quién podía olvidar al imponente aventurero Daniel Bradford? Su imagen se había hecho famosa en la prensa después de que hubiera rechazado en un programa de radio en directo la proposición de matrimonio de su novia. Al quedarse de nuevo sin pareja, todas las solteras de Londres querían conquistarlo. Pero él no parecía dispuesto a dejarse capturar por nadie… hasta que conoció a Chloe Michaels. Qué tenía ella de especial? Según nuestras fuentes, esa guapa y decidida rubia, especialista en orquídeas, iba a suponerle al Indiana Jones londinense… !la aventura de su vida!
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