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Taking Giant Steps in World Missions

This BookportraysGod's calling ofanAfro-American ladfrom thesegregatedSouthern USA, in 1957, and elevated himand his wife, Dorothy, to becometwo of themost outstandingBlack Pioneer Missionaries in World Missions, today! They haveevangeliz

Marketing Psychology Secrets

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Taking Giant Steps in World Missions

This Book portrays God's calling of an Afro-American lad from the segregated Southern USA, in 1957, and elevated him and his wife, Dorothy, to become two of the most outstanding Black Pioneer Missionaries in World Missions, today! They have evangelized and planted churches in over 95 countries, and even more extensively, in the 23 countries where Christians in Action Missions has ministries. You will experience glimpes of fifty years of the Taylor's life and ministry, beginning with Elgin's call to missions in 1957, while in the USMarines. It Moves to their service as the First Black Missionaries to Japan, 1959-64; Elgin Pastored, studied Japanese, and attended The University of Maryland, earned his BA degree, and later earned his MTh in California. Dorothy, a high school teacher, taught at Okinawa Christian School and ran the youth ministry. They transferred to Nigeria, Africa, but due to a civil war, were evacuated to London, England, where they founded a Bible College, an Evangelical Church, and directed CinA's Europe, Africa, and India Ministries for 15 years. Returning to America,1980, they worked at the US Center for World Missions, Pasadena, CA with Dr Ralph Winters. In 1982, Elgin was elected CEO of CinA Missions International, (the only known Afro-American Director of a multi-ethnic, international, cross curtural ministry during this time). The book closes, with the spotlight on their present involvement in Ghana, West Africa, where they lead medical/outreach teams, build churches and schools, bore fresh water wells, and hold leadership seminars. They were appointed Chief and Queen Mother in the Broang Ahafo Region by the King, Ohmahene Okatakayie Kodom IV, in 2001. Today, they are blessed with much remaining fruit, in both the low places of the streets, to the palaces of Kings, to God be the Glory!

Try a Little Tenderness

Sometimes you have to try a little harder for what you want. Taylor Elgin was a child star, but keeping her career as an adult is frustrating. Now executives want to cut her part unless she garners more audience ap