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Iron Blood & Sacrifice (Return of the Yellow Dog)

With the Roman General Julius Caesar on the verge of launching his second and much better prepared invasion of Prydein, the country he is about to invade is riven by politics and a failing religion. Untimely death dances hand-in-hand with the murd

Iron Blood & Sacrifice (The Sons of Beli Mawr)

Iron, Blood & Sacrifice is set throughout the year 55 BC, in Late, Pre-Roman Iron Age Britain, prior-to and including Julius Caesar's first exploratory foray to the British Isles, on the 26th August of that year. The storyline follows that por

Iron Blood & Sacrifice (The Sacking of Bidog)

The year is 54 BC and almost seven months have passed since Julius Caesar's failed attempt at invasion last summer but there is little evidence of any of this in the freezing borderlands between the old-enemies of Albion and Galedon. Old wounds we

Iron Blood & Sacrifice

A rich and ancient, Celtic cocktail of political and religious turmoil, set alight by invasion and bloody conflict. Britain 55 BC, is a mysterious, unknown land on the very edge of the known world. The Roman General, Gaius Julius Caesar the