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For the Love of David

Anna and Ben are on their first foreign posting to Cairo when their six-year-old son gets kidnapped and the couples finds themselves caught up in a web of oil company politics set against a background of Islamic extremism.

Pipsqueaks-Itsy-Bitsy Felt Creations to Stitch & Love

Whether you're young or just young at heart, this book will satisfy your appetite for cuteness. A whopping 31 tiny hand-sewn felt projects range from pint-size koalas and elephants to miniature strawberries and ice cream cones. A glossary

Great War Britain Kidderminster

The First World War claimed over 995,000 British lives, and its legacy continues to be remembered today. Great War Britain: Kidderminster offers an intimate portrait of the town and its people living in the shadow of the Great War for five years. A beautifully illustrated and highly accessible volume, it explores the town's recruiting drives, the background and fate of the area's men on the frontline, the changing face of industry, the vital role of women, conscientious objectors, hospitals for the wounded and rehabilitation, peace celebrations, the fallen heroes and war memorials. The Great War story of Kidderminster is told through the voices of those who were there and is vividly illustrated through evocative images.

A Dutch Affair

Sadime is alienated from her Moroccan family. Despite her father's threats, she wants a boyfriend of her own choosing. Young Dutch student Jaap van der Broek is captive by Sadime, but their relationship looks doomed. Ironically,

Pipsqueaks-Itsy-Bitsy Felt Creations to Stitch & Love: 30+ Easy-to-Make Animals & Accessories

Whether you're young or young at heart, this book will satisfy your appetite for cuteness. A whopping 31 hand-sewn projects range from pint-size koalas and elephants to miniature strawberries and ice cream cones. A techniques chapter and a glossary of hand stitches accompany easy patterns for each project. Embroidery floss, felt, and a few beads bring these adorable critters and accessories to life. Many projects can be made easily into earrings and brooches as well.

Strangers on a Bus

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.'Strangers on a Bus' by Nicky B.Cheryl likes to wear clothes that let her feel fresh air on her skin, but she doesn't like the presumptuous looks she gets from strang


The Mason-Dixon Line's history, replete with property disputes, persecution, and ideological conflicts, traverses our country's history from its founding to today. We live in a world of boundaries - geographic, scientific,

Ultimate Sex

This is the ultimate collection of twenty stimulating stories that are certain to excite and delight! Enjoy a wide variety of mixed themes and stories by your favourite authors. This is a perfect book for dipping in and out of - great stories for a sexy fiction fix. Manners And The Angel by Sue Williams A strange man singing in her shower is one thing, but when that man turns out to be a handsome angel, sent to earth to learn human ways, what can she do but give him the benefit of her time spent as a charm school teacher? He proves a surprisingly fast learner, especially when the lessons turn to the art of love. Someone Borrowed, Something Blue by Elizabeth Coldwell Melanie's husband-to-be has the kinkiest fantasies about watching her with another man. She has fantasies about being dominated by a horny stranger. And with the aid of a willing wedding photographer and a second-hand dress, she's about to make every single one of those fantasies come true. Exactly The Same by Jordana Winters Jorja's stuck in a dead-end job at the safety plant, and the endless leering attention she gets from the men she works with doesn't help. Things start to look up when sexy rocker Brad arrives at the plant. He seems to be really into her, but is he like all the others, simply interested in the thrill of the chase? Advice For The Horny Traveller by Sally Quilford The best way to get over finding your man in bed with someone else is to jet off to the sun for some naughty solo fun. Just don't let your vibrator go off in your hand luggage by mistake. And if it's destroyed by the bomb squad as a result, make sure there's a hot customs officer available to provide you with a replacement. Fellow Lawyers by Eva Hore At the law firm, Melissa is expected to be one of the boys, even if that involves joining them on a visit to a strip club. Only trouble is, all that voluptuous female flesh starts turning her on, and when she's dared to get up and perform, she can't resist slipping into a sch