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Sequel to THE TREASURE OF AGUASCALINTES. Dirk and Mria plan a trip up the Amazon to Manaus. Their guide fails to meet them at Sao Paulo, and they nearly drown when their boat capsizes in Iguazu Falls. After a couple of nights in Rio and Buenas Aires, Maria flies to Cairo, and Dirk returns to Houson by way of Lima, Peru where he accidently meets their missing guide, Louiza Santos, who admits to being a female impersonator and later in the story resurfaces at the Watermellon Man Club in Houston as a Latin vocalist. All Dr. Barclay's novels are sequels with the same major characters and overlapping plots. Louiza will get more lines after Dr. Barclay's next attempt up the Amazon. This is the eighth Derek Strong PI novel. WARNING! This book has violence, profanity, and erotic sex. Okay for dummes. GWBJ.

Live Long and Strong!
God wants you to live long and strong. His promise is in Psalm 91:16: "With long life I will satisfy him and show him My salvation." Jesus says in John 10:10: "I have come that they may have life in abundance."However, God also says, "My pe

Asian MILF Hunting
Get hot Asian women now. Rich Asian women in their thirties and forties have perfect gym bodies, gorgeous faces, and desperate libidos. But approaching them isn't easy. They don't hang out at bars, and if you try a

My Six Asian Girlfriends
Get a hot Asian girlfriend. Or get a few. Average white nerd Derek Strong went from being single to having six Asian girlfriends. They visit him in Los Angeles, or he visits them in Asia, and if he's bored of one Asian girl, another one is

'White' is the first book of a trilogy with 'Red' and 'Blue', which together make up 'Purple'. They concern familiar known elements and reveal stronger, popular notions belonging to my views of the world we inherit. Love and peace to all my readers. 'White' is dedicated to my mother, who is not too well and who has had a very strong and 'smashing' life there in Yorkshire. I miss her and with these 'Purple Prose Poems', I can show her I am trying to behave myself in a world of literature.

Death and the Rock Star
The untimely deaths of Amy Winehouse (2011) and Whitney Houston (2012), and the 'resurrection' of Tupac Shakur for a performance at the Coachella music festival in April 2012, have focused the media spotlight on the relationship between popular music, fame and death. If the phrase 'sex, drugs and rock'n'roll' ever qualified a lifestyle, it has left many casualties in its wake, and with the ranks of dead musicians growing over time, so the types of death involved and the reactions to them have diversified. Conversely, as many artists who fronted the rock'n'roll revolution of the 1950s and 1960s continue to age, the idea of dying young and leaving a beautiful corpse (which gave rise, for instance, to the myth of the '27 Club') no longer carries the same resonance that it once might have done. This edited collection explores the reception of dead rock stars, 'rock' being taken in the widest sense as the artists discussed belong to the genres of rock'n'roll (Elvis Presley), disco (Donna Summer), pop and pop-rock (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse), punk and post-punk (GG Allin, Ian Curtis), rap (Tupac Shakur), folk (the Dutchman André Hazes) and 'world' music (Fela Kuti). When music artists die, their fellow musicians, producers, fans and the media react differently, and this book brings together their intertwining modalities of reception. The commercial impact of death on record sales, copyrights, and print media is considered, and the different justifications by living artists for being involved with the dead, through covers, sampling and tributes. The cultural representation of dead singers is investigated through obituaries, biographies and biopics, observing that posthumous fame provides coping mechanisms for fans, and consumers of popular culture more generally, to deal with the knowledge of their own mortality. Examining the contrasting ways in which male and female dead singers are portrayed in the media, the book discusses the gendering of death an

Atlantis Lost
"Atlantis Lost". Deucalion, son of Prometheus and Clymene, and Pyrrha, daughter of King Epimetheus and Pandora, meet on the slopes of Mount Atlas. Deucalion comforts Pyrrha after a strong earth tremor. They express mutual attraction though each is

Gates of Fire
NATIONAL BESTSELLER - "An incredibly gripping, moving, and literate work of art, rarely does an author manage to re-create a moment in history with such mastery, authority, and psychological insight." - Nelson DeMilleAt Thermopylae, a rocky mountain pass in northern Greece, the feared and admired Spartan soldiers stood three hundred strong. Theirs was a suicide mission, to hold the pass against the invading millions of the mighty Persian army. Day after bloody day they withstood the terrible onslaught, buying time for the Greeks to rally their forces. Born into a cult of spiritual courage, physical endurance, and unmatched battle skill, the Spartans would be remembered for the greatest military stand in history-one that would not end until the rocks were awash with blood, leaving only one gravely injured Spartan squire to tell the tale."A novel that is intricate and arresting and, once begun, almost impossible to put down." - Daily News "A timeless epic of man and war. Pressfield has created a new classic deserving a place beside the very best of the old." - Stephen Coonts

We have all heard of vampire. The legends vary and so do their abilities and weaknesses. Nolen is the first whose origin is explained scientifically. He is as real as any product of evolution, and like anyone, he struggles to survive the cruel and deceptive society of which we all find ourselves victim from time to time. Despite possessing the inhuman abilities of vampire, Nolen still finds himself fallen prey to betrayal and a tragic fate. Society molds us all to be more alike than we realize. Most of us feel the need to segregate; as our self image shines brighter, the more unique we feel that we have become. Nolen is only a fictional character in a metaphoric sense, as he represents the effects of our demanding and often cruel culture. We have all seen the world through his eyes and we have all fallen victim to some kind of discrimination at one time or another. I feel a strong connection with Nolen, as he struggles to understand and sometimes undermine the bleak direction of humanity. We label ourselves with fancy words, such as sophisticated and intelligent, but I think we can all learn valuable lessons from Nolen's primitive past. I would like to see a world where everyone stops to think about heir actions before they just followed along with the mainstream. I currently live in a smaller college town in North Carolina. It's large enough to be attractive to a younger, open-minded crowd and small enough that you can reach out to the masses when you have something to say. I think it's a good starting point to introduce Nolen and hopefully a place that will welcome him, as they have welcomed me thus far in the two years that I have lived here.

Statistics for Business
Statistical analysis is essential to business decision-making and management, but the underlying theory of data collection, organization and analysis is one of the most challenging topics for business students and practitioners. This user-friendly text and CD-ROM package will help you to develop strong skills in presenting and interpreting statistical information in a business or management environment. Based entirely on using Microsoft Excel rather than more complicated applications, it includes a clear guide to using Excel with the key functions employed in the book, a glossary of terms and equations, plus a section specifically for those readers who feel rusty in basic maths. Each chapter has worked examples and explanations to illustrate the use of statistics in real life scenarios, with databases for the worked examples, cases and answers on the accompanying CD-ROM.

Better Together
In the late 1980s, David Sheppard and Derek Worlock formed an alliance of genuine Christian unity in Liverpool, then a city of strong sectarian loyalties and bitter deprivation. Their partnership was tried and tested in the furnace of an inner cit

Finding Out!
Brenda and Karen are good friends and both a little adventerous. Karen is strong minded and Brenda is a little passive. During some heart to heart conversations they discover some mutual - and some not so mutual fantasies. Will their imaginations

BOOK THREE OF THE "LOVING A KILLER" SERIAL: A HAPPY MARRIAGE. TERRIBLE SECRETS. Read the longest novella that contains the complex conclusion to the LOVING A KILLER serial. Did Lexi kill her husband and his mistress. NOTE: LOVING A KILLER is a three-part novella serial that is a love story at its core. It may not seem that way all the time and it may be a dark one, but it's still a story about true love. It's intended for mature audiences only and contains strong language.

Safe Harbor
For straight jock Mike Vickers, a chance meeting on the beach with another young man named Eric opened up a new world of possibilities. Until then, Mike's entire existence revolved around girls, football, and the hope of winning an athletic scholarship, but his growing friendship with Eric, and his unexpected sexual attraction to the man, awakened his true nature and ushered in a summer of forbidden passion. But just when Mike began to embrace his newfound happiness, disaster struck, dashing all of his plans for the future and tearing the men apart. Now, a decade later, the men reconnect. And it soon becomes clear that although circumstances have changed, their feelings for one another remain as strong as ever. Will they be able to keep their first true love alive in the present, or is it fated to be only a memory of happiness lost?

Liberian Refugee
This story is based on a young child in Liberia and his journey with his family during the civil unrest. To quote a strong woman in his life."We are not gonna let war change us!" The reprocusions of war does not just change an indivud

The Princess Casamassima
The illegitimate and impoverished son of a dressmaker and a nobleman, Hyacinth Robinson has grown up with a strong sense of beauty that heightens his acute sympathy for the inequalities that surround him. Drawn into a secret circle of radical poli

The Oddity of Ethan Jones
Ethan Jones experiences random visions. But he not only sees things; he hears the sounds as well. When he struggles to ignore them, he soon discovers that his visions are tied to the fate of a missing girl and an ensuing plot to murder him. (Contains Strong Language and Violence)

Process-Tracing Methods
Process-tracing in social science is a method for studying causal mechanisms linking causes with outcomes. This enables the researcher to make strong inferences about how a cause (or set of causes) contributes to producing an outcome. Derek Beach

Process-Tracing Methods: Foundations and Guidelines
Process-tracing in social science is a method for studying causal mechanisms linking causes with outcomes. This enables the researcher to make strong inferences about how a cause (or set of causes) contributes to producing an outcome. Derek Beach an

The Sinner
Alex MacDonald is known for his skill as a warrior, his prowess with women, and his vow to never take a wife. But now his chieftain has asked him to make the ultimate sacrifice: wed Glynis MacNeil, a lass famed throughout the Highlands for her exquisite beauty-and defiant ways. Familiar with heartbreak, Glynis refuses to fall for another handsome scoundrel. Yet when Alex's past sins force an unlikely union, Glynis gives in to temptation and becomes his wife. Will their newfound passion be strong enough to fight the enemy that threatens their home, their clan, and their very lives?
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