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Paige Garrett, a freelance sculptor from North Branford, Connecticut, travels to Old Quebec City with a friend, after relenting to a last minute request to fill in for an ill companion. Carefree hours of sight-seeing and relaxation in Le Vieux Quebec turn to anxiety and doubt-ridden moments as she stands on the corner of Rue de Temple, and eyes the small white non-descript business card in her hand, and against her better judgement, crosses the cobblestoned street and enters the quaint, dimly-lit bookstore.

An Obscure Haven
Haunted by the puzzling death of her parents two years earlier, and after a year of research and introspection, Phyl Alexander, a thirty-two year old assistant manager of a financial firm in Manhattan, packs up and moves to a cottage on Lake Saint Catherine in southern Vermont, leaving Jonathan, her boyfriend of three years behind. Phyl longs for a simpler life, where she has control of her future, planning on becoming a full-time potter, and herb grower. Jonathan, a lawyer, reluctantly helps her relocate to the scenic locale, near the small town of Wellsley. Within the span of seven months, Phyl builds her pottery business and organic herb farm, becoming part of the close-knit community of business owners that her middle-aged neighbor, Emma, keeps organized through her dinner parties. Upon meeting Thad, a forty-two year old veterinarian, Phyl finds that Lake Saint Catherine's is not the safe refuge she had sought, and she reluctantly faces once again the reality of death and her belief in an afterlife. Phyl's immersion in the eastern philosophy of pottery, and the belief that the potter must become one with the vessel, traveling through its various stages - from its beginning as earth, to its shape as a malleable clay body, to its final, permanent form forged in fire - is the thread that connects her life's events.

The Summer Of Gauguin
After planning a glorious trip to France, Allie finds that her interest in the 19th century French artist, Paul Gauguin, ultimately leads to a tangled web of deception and murder. This book is the Sequel to THE VILLAGE OF GERARD's CLIFF and continues the romance and suspense found in the first book.

Perilous Assurance
PERILOUS ASSURANCE takes place in 1969, against the backdrop of escalating civil unrest over the Vietnam war. Mattie O'Keeffe Shaw, a professor of art history at Brooksford College in the small town of Brooksford, New Hampshire, south of the White Mountains, worriedly leaves her on-campus residence to check on students who she knew had planned a protest on the quad. While walking around the small group of chanting and poster-waving students, she happens to meet Clayton Payne Adamore, and immediately dislikes his over-bearing attitude and wonders why he is there, since he doesn't fit in with the younger protesters. She wonders if he's a government agent spying on the students, or perhaps, an outside agitator. Mattie has not formed an opinion of the war, and is more concerned about her job and students' safety than politics at that point in her life, but as time passes, to her dismay, finds that she is drawn into the fray.

Silken Lies
SILKEN LIES is a sprawling novel that spans over two decades in the life of Isabelle MacKinnon, a photographer for a Manhattan magazine. After moving to Newport, Rhode Island in 'eighty-six, Isabelle renovates a small cottage near the rocky coast with the aid of Cam Rivers, a designer and businessman who has been her close friend since graduate school, and she throws herself into a life of travel and artistic endeavors as she shoots her black and white photo essays for the magazine. Her life takes a series of unexpected twists and turns when she is assigned to photograph the reclusive multi-millionaire, Julian Theroux, the subject of her magazine's next issue, at his Manhattan penthouse and island retreat. Despite her friend's misgivings, she takes on the assignment with her usual enthusiasm, but finds that she could never have anticipated the confusing and life-changing events that would follow.

A Pale Paradise
A cryptic message on her answering machine prompts Phyl to leave her idyllic home on Lake Saint Catherine in Vermont and travel to an exotic island. But she soon discovers that her good intentions have led to a chain of events that will test her endurance and threaten her life. A Pale Paradise is the sequel to An Obscure Haven.