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Lineage of the Saints
Lineage of Major saints Explained, Showing actual lines with all ancestors listed. Some Lines contain many Saints. Lines from Noah to Sarai, Lines from Biblical Figures. Lines begin with Levi, Judah, Zerah, Joseph, Terah, Abraham, Noah, Pharoabs,

Major Saints Ancestry
Major Saints found in every ones tree. If the saint is found in the book he or she was found on the internet in the genealogy files. The book is designed to have the reader find his or her ancestor by seeing a list of descend

Relationships of Galilee
A text description of the Relationships of Galilee. Where a people with eight people named James, Twelve People named Judas, and many named Mary all made a messiah figure

Dictionary of Saints
Saints whose lineage is known are in this book in aphapbetical order.

Selected Poetry from a man nicknamed Brain. Combination of previously released Poetry Cats, and Food for Thought

Life of Saint Brychan
Life of Saint Brychan is about the Genealogy Relationships about the Saint, with emphasis on his children and what they each did. There are relationships shown to each of the other Saints, related as children or anticedents or descendents.<

Dictionary of Saints
This book is about Saints that can be found in the Nobilities lineage. These saints have an ancestry that connects to the known Nobility and Royaltys lineage. If your ancestry contains the nobility and Royalty of Europe this book is for you. The b

Christian Trivia
Christian Trivia

The Saints Tree
The Lines of Galilee, how the High Priest was structured and the many mirrors of names that lead to confusion, so that only the priest could rule the people. Five generations are studied previous to the Crucifixion of the Lord, and how they interacted with a military state ruled by democracy (the Romans) who put the Hebrew people underground for a thousand years (returning to Jerusalem at the Crusades) (Year 1000: 1st millennium) going underground again and returning to the second millennium after the Roman Empire was defeated in World War II Free State of Israel in 1948).

Blessings of Knighthood
Blessings of Knighthood

Kawaii Fluff
Radical Collages on drugs, sex, violence, enslavement and life as a cat.

Lineage of the Saints
The reason these people became saints is because they had noble lineages. The book has many Saints. Do you know the lineage of your patron saint? It may be in this book!

Book of the Priest
Shows complete Tree of Galilee, with the relationships presented as how they likely existed in the Time of Galilee.

Roman Pilgrimage
Travel Pictorial of the Trip to the Vatican during the Beatification Ceremony of Pope John Paul II. Many Pictures of Rome great to view on your tablet. Not recommended for Black and White Tablests.

Poems for the Cat
Poems about Cats. Simba, Bengali, Tabby

Zoos and Aquariums
Zoos and Aquariums

Blessings of Knighthood
The book has the common law, or the law of Galilee related to the Five Generations that were used to raise the Lord in Galilee. The book has graphic description of the Aaronic Priest, and covers many genealogies of the old and new testament with c

Tree of Saints
Saints in this book have all a parentage that is known or a lineage that is known so that the Saint can be found in the anceswtral tree of every human being. Each Saint has a listing of their family, their ancestors

Saints and Blessed who left Descendents
Saints Who Left Descendents is about 132 Saints and more blessed on the road to Sainthood that are in everyone's ancestry. Please use the internet and your genealogy files to find the saints that are in YOUR ancestry. Thats

Laws of Nobility
This book is about the secrets you need to know if you want to become a Knight. If you read this book, you will likely achieve the second noble rank, Knight. (the first being Lord). The book has charts and grafts and secrets and knowledge every Ch
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