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Brett Favre
Brett Favre

Sau am Brett
Das Sautrogrennen - für die einen eine legendäre Veranstaltung am Freudensee im Bayerischen Wald. Für die anderen eher die Regatta des ländlichen Proletariats. Zu diesen anderen zählt sich auch der Fellinger, seines Zeichens Lebensmittelkontrolleu

Brett Kebble
In September 2005, corporate South Africa was rocked by the violent murder of mining maverick Brett Kebble. In life, he was known as a billionaire patron of the arts, compassionate philanthropist, champion of black economic empowerment, urbane rac

Bretts Mountain
A murder on lovers Lane, with no clues as to what had happened. Lieutenant Markham, and detective Robbie Rommeria, was stunned at what Mattie had found. And then they found another body this one was alive! Lieutenant Markham wanted to question her

SEALs of Honor: Brett
High seas terror and international intrigue all wrapped up in homegrown problems of the loved-and-lost-and-found-again variety…Rescuing hostages trapped on a yacht in the middle of the open ocean is a routine mission for an elite SEAL like

Helena Brett's Career
Desmond Francis Talbot Coke (1879-1931) who also wrote under the pseudonym Belinda Blinders, was the British author of: Sandford of Merton: A Story of Oxford Life (1903), Sandford of the 'Smart' Set (1904), The Dog from Clarkson's (1905), The Bending of a Twig (1906/09), The Comedy of Age (1906), The Call (1907), among other works.

The Courtship of Brett Poole
Everything Jamie knows about her parents' early relationship is based on lies. Dangerous lies. Julia, Jamie's mom, meant no malice. She changed details to protect her daughter, not realizing that in changing details-hiding certain ones-she

Getting Over Brett (A Romantic Comedy)
He wants a second chance with his best friend's sister. She wants him on his knees. The battle of the sexes gets steamy and hilarious as the hot geek and the girl next door dig up their past and fight for thei

Brett and a Theory
Brett is an average guy until one day a strange object lands in his yard. Things start to change as Brett faces his destiny and embarks on a quest that will change his life, and the world, forever.

52 Small Changes: by Brett Blumenthal Conversation Starters
52 Small Changes: by Brett Blumenthal Conversation Starters52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You is one of Brett Blumenthal's latest books to help you become your best with simple easy s

His Wife Gives Him To Miss Mimi: The Tranny Pimp Makes Brett A Sissy
Brett's wife was always a little weird, but he enjoyed that about her. When she finds out about his secret fantasies, she dons a rubbery appendage to get him interested, but finds quickly that she needs to step her game up. Leaving him to his devi

Warum manchmal ein Brett vorm Kopf klebt und wieso man im Sitzen miteinander gehen kann
Warum versteht mich keiner? Was mache ich, wenn ich verliebt bin? Werde ich einen passenden Beruf finden? - Fragen, vor denen viele Jugendliche stehen. Doch für Jugendliche mit einer Autismus-Spektrum-Störung haben sie oft eine besondere Brisanz.

No Substitute for Sundays: Brett Favre and His Year in the Huddle with the New York Jets
All-New revelations About Brett FavreBased on interviews with dozens of players and significant team personnel, including owner Woody Johnson, long-time New York Post columnist Steve Serby brings to light juicy new information about Brett Favre's season with the New York Jets. This powerful account reveals: Behind-the-scenes details of the negotiations, including key correspondence, that brought Favre to the JetsWoody Johnson's thoughts on the ineffable appeal of Namath, Favre, and top draft pick Mark SanchezThat Favre kept trying to convince himself that he had made the right decision to play in New YorkHow Favre tried to fit in, but also resisted team rulesThe pranks Favre would play, even on his coaches How Favre elevated Woody Johnson?s expectations for the team, which ultimately doomed Head Coach Eric ManginiWoody Johnson's admission on why Mangini was firedThe tackle that hurt Favre's arm, as described by the player who made it, and how the team didn?t adjust to his weakening armThat Favre, over the last 4-5 weeks of the season, threw the ball sparingly in practice; instead, he often handed off to rest his arm as Kellen Clemens made most of the throwsHow discarded Jet quarterback Chad Pennington handled his signing with the archrival Miami Dolphins and his final showdown against the man who replaced him with the division title on the line With scores of black-and-white photos and a color insert, No Substitute For Sundays shows why Favre can't give up the game or give up on himself.

Brett Whiteley
When he died in 1992 Brett Whiteley left behind decades of ceaseless activity-some works bound to a particular place or time, others that are masterpieces of light and line. Whiteley had arrived in Europe in 1960 determined to make an impre

In this newly revised edition, Brett Hull tells his own story and shares his troubles and triumphs. Through all the pressure and controversy that comes with being an NHL great, he strives to stay on top of his game and to maintain an easygoing att

Being Brett
Being Brett is a memoir that chronicles the author's daughter's harrowing struggle with Hodgkin's disease."Hobbie's harrowing account of Brett's last days is a shattering portrait of how a family struggles through the loss of one of i

The Amazing Martin Brett
The creator of the famous criminologist, Dr. Morelle, here gives us four stories of another brilliant detective, whom the newspapers have dubbed "The Amazing Martin Brett." Brett appears to be selfish and lazy, and his effort at solving crimes is ent

Herr Brett ist tot
'Herr Brett ist tot' vereint 26 heitere, absurde und kriminalistische Geschichten aus dem Irrgarten des Lebens. Bittersüsse Lebens- und Liebeserfahrungen, satirische Beobachtungen und die Ironie der Illusion.

Brett Meets the Bee Lady
Brett and his father see six white boxes in a neighbor's backyard. In this descriptive fictional text, colorful illustrations will help the reader learn about a bee's life cycle and job. This fiction title is paired with the nonfiction title Bees, Bees, Bees.

Brett für die Welt
Titus Dittmann war schon fast alles: Entenschrauber in der Sahara, Pionier im Drachenfliegen und Snowboarden, Studienrat, Entrepreneur des Jahres, Rennfahrer und fast pleite. Der Mann mit der Mütze, der das Skateboarden in Deutschland populär gemacht
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