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Walter Warthog's Wonderful Wagon
More than anything, Walter Warthog wants the wonderful white wagon in the hardware store window! But his wallet is empty. Will he find a way to earn money and make the wagon his very own?

Dilly Dog's Dizzy Dancing
Dilly Dog loves to dance. She darts! She dips! She dives through the air! But sometimes her dizzy dancing ends in a dreadful THUD. How can Dilly find a way to keep dancing-without the disasters?

Eddie Elephant's Exciting Egg-Sitting
Eddie Elephant loves telling stories-exciting, enchanting, extraordinary stories! So when he egg-sits for his neighbors, the Emus, he entertains the egg with his tales… and gets an enormous surprise!

Frances Frog's Forever Friend
Frances Frog is very funny! But sometimes she is a little foolish. Her favorite friend, Felicity Fox, helps Frances learn what it means to be a good friend…a forever friend!

Oliver Otter's Own Office
Oliver Otter loves his little sister and brother. But the twins are always tearing or poking or losing or soaking Oliver's homework. What will Oliver do about his double dose of trouble?

Quentin Quokka's Quick Questions
Quentin Quokka has lots of questions! Quick questions, quiet questions-always more questions! On a string of field trips, Quentin discovers that sometimes it's good to be quiet. and sometimes it's good to ask questions!

Sammy Skunk's Super Sniffer
Sammy Skunk's super sniffer can be super helpful. But when he tries to help the new cook at school, he accidentally stirs up some very soupy trouble!

Jeremy Jackrabbit's Jumping Journey
Jeremy Jackrabbit is excited to enter the jump rope contest. Will he get the jitters-or will his joyful jumping win him a trip to the Jump Rope Hall of Fame?

Hanna Hippo's Horrible Hiccups
Hanna Hippo is hungry. She hopes to have one of Homer Hog's huckleberry muffins, but her plan has one hitch-a horrible case of hiccups!

Zachary Zebra's Zippity Zooming
ZIP! ZAP! ZOOM! Zachary is usually a zippity zooming zebra! But today he snoozes through his alarm clock and has a blitz of bad luck at school. What's making Zachary's zippity zooming fizzle out?

Izzy Impala's Imaginary Illnesses
Izzy is itching to visit her grandpa, Doctor Impala. But he's always so busy. Is inventing an imaginary illness the only way for Izzy to see Doc?

Corky Cub's Crazy Caps
Corky Cub's best chum is moving away! Who will play catch with him? Who will make cookies and crazy caps with him? Can Corky's classmates at Alpha Betty's school help solve his problem?

Alexander Anteater's Amazing Act
Alexander wants to have an amazing act for the talent show. He can already stand on his hands-but can his pals help make his act really fantastic?

Gertie Gorilla's Glorious Gift
Gertie Gorilla is going to a birthday party-and she has a grand, great, glorious gift! But when the gift gets grubby in a soggy, boggy gulch, what will Gertie do?

Bobby Baboon's Banana Be-Bop
Bobby Baboon has been picking bananas! He wants to bring the bunches to Alpha Betty's school. But he'll need some help from his buddies along the way!

Victor Vicuna's Volcano Vacation
Shiver River, Vampire Cave, Stove-Top Volcano, and a mysterious raven named Nevva Moore. . Victor Vicuna is in for some very exciting adventures during his family's vacation at Verna Aardvark's Volcano Village!

Xavier Ox's Xylophone Experiment
Xavier Ox loves music. But sometimes his drumming is rather EXPLOSIVE! So Alpha Betty and Xavier's classmates start an exciting experiment to build an extra-strong xylophone-just for Xavier Ox.

Rosie Raccoon's Rock and Roll Raft
It's the Rocky River Raft Race, and Rosie Raccoon is rarin' to go! Will her Rock and Roll Raft and some clever thinking get her through the Roller Coaster Rapids. and all the way to the finish line?

Polly Porcupine's Painting Prizes
Polly Porcupine has a painting problem. Her paintings are sloppy and drippy and different-and Papa Porcupine does NOT appreciate the mess. Can Polly solve her problem and paint a picture for the art show at the same time?

Lana Llama's Little Lamb
Lana Llama loves little Lucky Lamb. But Lucky has a problem-the sly and sneaky wolf down the lane! Luckily, Lana and her teacher, Alpha Betty, know just what to do!
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