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Qt5 Python GUI Programming Cookbook

Over 60 recipes to help you design interactive, smart, and cross-platform GUI applicationsKey FeaturesGet succinct QT solutions to pressing GUI programming problems in PythonLearn how to effective

The Android Tablet Developer's Cookbook

The Android Tablet Developer's Cookbook helps experienced Android developers leverage new Android 4.2.2 features to build compelling applications that take full advantage of tablets' bigger screens, dual-core processors, and larger, faster mem

Android Programming Unleashed

Android Programming Unleashed is the most comprehensive and technically sophisticated guide to best-practice Android development with today's powerful new versions of Android: 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and 4.0.

Learning Object-Oriented Programming in C# 5.0

With a solid focus on hands-on projects, LEARNING OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING IN C# 5.0 is a comprehensive guide to all the most valuable features of C# 5.0. The book covers all the fundamentals, beginning with easy examples and gradually delving deeper into complex topics, providing the essential information you'll need to learn Visual C#. With the expert guidance of programmer, author, and teacher B.M. Harwani, you will explore the principles and benefits of object-oriented programming, in-depth OOP fundamentals, creating and using advanced class features such as generics and operator overloading, Web Services, LINQ, multiple threading, security features, and much more. In addition, you'll find complete coverage of .NET features, including assemblies, memory management, Networking, XML, and ADO.NET. A complete instructional text for learning C# 5.0 and a comprehensive reference, LEARNING OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING IN C# 5.0 is your go-to source for mastering C# 5.0.

Blogging with WordPress 3 for Beginners

The book covers: Different ways of installing WordPress, Creating and managing blog contents through Posts and Pages, Managing Media, Links and Comments, Managing Themes, Custom Menus and Widgets, Managing users, roles an

Core Data iOS Essentials

The book follows an unfolding example app, exploring the features and principles of Core Data as they are added to the app. The book is full of step-by-step instructions, clear explanations, and useful quick reference material. If you've already e

Introduction to Python Programming and Developing GUI Applications with PyQT, 1st Ed.

INTRODUCTION TO PYTHON PROGRAMMING AND DEVELOPING GUI APPLICATIONS WITH PYQT 1E teaches Python programming step-by-step through practical examples that readers can see in action right away. It begins with a solid introduction of Python from scratch, covering loops, control structures, sequences, functions, classes, and exception handling. Thereafter, the book explores file handling and GUI application development in PyQT, the powerful cross-platform GUI layout and forms builder that allows programmers to rapidly design and build widgets and dialogs. This is a great book for newbie programmers interested in learning Python

Beginning Web Development for Smartphones: Developing Web Applications with PHP, MSQL, and jQTouch

The book covers: Building application with jQTouch. Changing themes, adding panels, displaying titles automatically. Getting user's information through forms. Applying validity checks to input fields. Understanding navigation via panel and