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Shakespeare's Webs
In this book, renowned Renaissance drama critic Arthur F. Kinney argues that Shakespeare's method of composing plays through networks of meanings can be seen as a harbinger of today's information technology. Drawing upon hypertext and cognitive th

John Skelton, Priest As Poet
Kinney shows how the Mass, the Divine Offices, and the liturgy underlie the themes and image clusters of Skelton's poems and argues that liturgical music, especially the plainsong, informs all of Skelton's meters. What emerges is the portrait of a

Using a variety of approaches, from postcolonialism and New Historicism to psychoanalysis and gender studies, the international contributors to Hamlet: New Critical Essays contribute major new interpretations on the conception and writing

The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare
Situated within the Oxford Handbooks to Literature series, the group of Oxford Handbooks to Shakespeare are designed to record past and present investigations and renewed and revised judgments by both familiar and younger Shakespearean specialists

The Witch of Edmonton
It is a historical phenomenon that while thousands of women were beingburnt as witches in early modern Europe, the English - although therewere a few celebrated trials and executions, one of which the playdramatises - were not

Shakespeare and Cognition
Shakespeare and Cognition examines the essential relationship between vision, knowledge, and memory in Renaissance models of cognition as seen in Shakespeare's plays. Drawing on both Aristotle's Metaphysics and contemporary cognitive lite

Tudor England
This is the first encyclopedia to be devoted entirely to Tudor England. 700 entries by top scholars in every major field combine new modes of archival research with a detailed Tudor chronology and appendix of biographical essays. Entries inc

Shakespeare, Computers, and the Mystery of Authorship
In this book Craig, Kinney and their collaborators confront the main unsolved mysteries in Shakespeare's canon through computer analysis of Shakespeare's and other writers' styles. In some cases their analysis confirms the current scholarly consen

The Cambridge Companion to English Literature, 1500-1600
This is the first comprehensive account of English Renaissance literature in the context of the culture which shaped it: the courts of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, the tumult of Catholic and Protestant alliances during the Reformation, the age of p

A New Companion to Renaissance Drama
A New Companion to Renaissance Drama provides an invaluable summary of past and present scholarship surrounding the most popular and influential literary form of its time. Original interpretations from leading scholars set the scene for i

Early Modern Drama in Performance
Early Modern Drama in Performance is a collection of essays in honor of Lois Potter, the distinguished author of five monographs, including most recently The Life of William Shakespeare (2012), and numerous articles, edited colle

Style, Computers, and Early Modern Drama
Hugh Craig and Brett Greatley-Hirsch extend the computational analysis introduced in Shakespeare, Computers, and the Mystery of Authorship (edited by Hugh Craig and Arthur F. Kinney; Cambridge, 2009) beyond problems of authorship attribution to ad

Shakespeares Richard II, God, and Language
This book presents an in-depth view of the extraordinary revisionist language Shakespeare gives to his most royal of all kings, from the time Richard falls dramatically out of favor with God. Readers will find this book most useful in seeking to disentangle the play?s notoriously elaborate verbal presentation, but what the author brings out in connection with Richard?s approach to language should move performers themselves to seek to present in future a more creatively dynamic Richard than the one we have thus far been required to accept. Especially does this book help one to see more clearly how before Shakespeare?s difficult re-emergence in his late plays, before all the tragedy, before the fall, there was?God. John O?Meara?s?work?displays an alert and delicate sensitivity to language and metaphor Arthur Kinney, English Language Notes Cover Photo: by RegWilson © The Royal Shakespeare Company Alan Howard as Richard II in the 1980 Royal Shakespeare Company Production at Stratford-Upon-Avon Back Photo by A.F.
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