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Learning AWS IoT
Learn to use AWS IoT services to build your connected applications with the help of this comprehensive guide. Key FeaturesGets you started with AWS IoT and its functionalitiesLearn different module

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi 2
Raspberry Pi 2 is an evolutionary tweaking of the first model. This book helps you to get started with Raspberry Pi 2 board. The following is highlight topics: * Raspberry Pi 2 Overview * Selecting Operating System * Connecting

Tessel 2 Development Workshop
This book introduces Tessel 2 board development using JavaScript. Some experiments are provided to accelerate your learning. The following is a list of book topics that will be explored:* Preparing Development Environment* Setting Up

Raspberry Pi Wireless Networks
Building a wireless network using Raspberry Pi is easy. Learn about building a wireless network on Raspberry Pi with several wireless modules. The following is a list of highlight topic: * Preparing Development Environment * Wi-Fi IEEE

Getting Started with Windows Remote Arduino
Windows Remote Arduino is an open-source Windows Runtime Component library which allows Makers to control an Arduino through a Bluetooth or USB connection. It uses Firmata Procotol. This book helps you to get started with Windows Remote Arduino wh

OpenMV Development Workshop
OpenMV is development board that is designed for machine vision. This book helps you to get started with OpenMV development using Python. The following is highlight topic in this book: * Preparing Development Environment * Setting Up OpenM

ESPectro32 Technical Workshop
ESPectro32 is a development board-based ESP32 chip. This book helps you to get started with ESPectro32 development with step-by-step approach. The following is highlight topics in this book: Preparing Development Environment

Pycom WiPy 2.0 Development Workshop
Pycom WiPy 2.0 is development board based on ESP32. This book helps you to get started with Pycom WiPy 2.0 development. The following is a list of topics in this book: * Preparing Development Environment * Setting Up Pycom WiPy 2.0 * G

Database Programming Using Matlab
Learn how to build Matlab program with database interaction. If you have experience with database, this book will help you how to write Matlab and to access database server. This book covers three database servers: MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle.<

SQL Server for Node. js
Microsoft SQL Server provides many features for data manipulation. Now you can access SQL Server from Node. js application. This book helps you how to get started with Node. js and SQL Server. It covers how to prepare your development environment.

MSP430 LaunchPad Programming
MSP430 LaunchPad Value Line Development kit is a cheap development board which we can program a microcontroller MSP430 easily. This book provides tutorials how to get started with MSP430 LaunchPad programming using Energia. It explains how MSP430

Digispark USB Development Workshop
The Digispark is an Attiny85 based microcontroller development board similar to the Arduino line, only cheaper, smaller, and a bit less powerful. This book helps you to get started with Digispark USB development. The following is highlight topics

Getting Started with Arduino and Ruby
Arduino can be access using any programming language. This book provides guideline how to work with Arduino and Ruby. It describes basic programming to access Arduino and illustrates to work with several scenario Arduino and electronic devices.

Raspberry Pi Command Line for Beginner
This book is a quick reference to learn command line on Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS. The book provides many samples that you can easily follow. *TOC* 1. Raspberry Pi Shell 1.1 Getting Started 1.2

Getting Started with Arduino and .NET
This book was written to help anyone want to get started with Arduino and .NET (C# and VB.NET). It describes the basic elements of the integration of Arduino and C#/VB.NET using serial port. *TOC* 1. Preparing Development Environment 1.1 Arduino 1.1.1 Arduino Uno 1.1.2 Arduino Leonardo 1.1.3 Arduino Mega 2560 1.1.4 Arduino Due 1.2 Electronic Components 1.2.1 Arduino Starter Kit 1.2.2 Fritzing 1.2.3 Cooking-Hacks: Arduino Starter Kit 1.2.4 Arduino Sidekick Basic kit 1.3 .NET Technology 1.5 Testing 2. Hello World 2.1 Arduino World 2.1.1 Arduino Hardware Driver on Windows 8 2.1.2 Simple Testing 2.2 Arduino and .NET 3. Sensor .NET 3.1 Sensor Devices 3.2 Reading Sensor 3.3 Publishing Sensor Data 4. LED Controller 4.1 LED Controller Device 4.2 Arduino Implementation 4.3 Controlling Device from .NET 5. Button and Switch 5.1 Getting Data from Button and Switch 5.2 Arduino Implementation 5.3 Executing Command to .NET

Pocket Reference: Raspberry Pi
This is a pocket reference for getting started Raspberry Pi. *TOC* 1. Introduction to Raspberry Pi 1.1 Raspberry Pi 1.2 Getting Hardware 2. Raspberry Pi Software 2.1 Raspberry Pi Operating System

Administering and Developing SQL Server 2017 for Linux
This is a basic book to explain how to deploy and manage SQL Server 2017 on Linux. The following is a list of topic that covers in this book:* Preparing System Environment* Administering SQL Server 2017 on Linux* Developing Ap

Arduino MKR WIFI 1010 Development Workshop
Arduino MKR WIFI 1010 is a new Arduino board with WiFi capability that enables to build IoT application. This book helps you to get started with Arduino MKR WIFI 1010. The following is a list of topics in this book. Setting up Develop

XBee Wi-Fi Development Workshop
This book explores how to work with XBee Wi-Fi programming using Python. The following is a highlight topic list: * Preparing Development Environment * Setting up XBee Wi-Fi on Computer * XBee Wi-Fi AT Command * XBee Wi-Fi Programm

PHP and SQL Server Programming By Example
This book provides alternative approach to build PHP application with Windows platform and database SQL Server. It describes how to work with PHP and SQL Server and illustrates their use with code examples. The last chapter author explains h
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