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Which is p and Which is q?

Fully illustrated e book for ages 3-8Grandpa brings a box of wooden letters for Minki to practice her ABCs. He spells out words and Minki picks out the letters from the set. She enjoys doing this except that she isn't able to tell p and q apart. So when Grandpa spells out p-i-g, she picks q, i, and g. For q-u-e-e-n she picks p,u,e,e,n and for q-u-i-l-t, she takes out the letters p,u,i,l,t.Because Minki has so much trouble with p and q, she throws them out of the window. Angry and hurt, p and q stomp away to Word Fairy and announce they are never going back. With p and q missing, many words become meaningless. Now nobody can say 'please' because it has turned into 'lease.' The police station and the post office can't function and the queen must go into hiding! Which is p and Which is q? is a fun story about an important issue. Children between the ages 3 to 7 make occasional letter reversals while reading or writing. This is more likely to happen with letters that are mirror images of each other - like p and q, b and d, n and u. It doesn't mean the child is dyslexic or has a learning ability. With practice and some clues, as the letter shapes become more familiar, children get over the confusion. Which is p and Which is q? is an engaging tale parents/ caregivers and children will enjoy. It teaches several things in an entertaining way:1. How to make learning fun.2. It is normal to make mistakes.3. Children learn by practice.4. Actions have consequences: Minki's action makes p and q go away. Because p and q are miffed, words and sentences are in disarray!5. One can learn from mistakes. This is an 'anytime and for every one ' story, suitable for playtime or bedtime, and one that girls and boys will both enjoy. There is a FREE GIFT inside

Super-Duper Monty

Fully illustrated eBook, for ages 3-8Super-Duper Monty is the story of a little frog that loves to hop, leap, and jump so much that everyone calls him Leapfrog."One morning, Monty jumped over the bushes and landed on the road. 'This is super duper fun! I can leap, and jump, and run!' he sang, taking a leap with every word."But trouble wasn't far away. Super-Duper Monty is an engaging tale through which parents and caregivers can teach children several things in an entertaining way: They must not wander away. Even while having fun, they must be aware of their surroundings. The importance of natural habitat for creatures. Compassion for other living things. Other Features: The illustrations are vibrant and delightful, and the text of the ebook is on the same page as the picture. This story is suitable for reading at bedtime. It also works as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for older children. There is a FREE GIFT inside