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Wordpress for Beginners 2017: A Visual Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Wordpress

Wordpress for Beginners 2017: A Visual Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Wordpress

Master Wordpress using our step-by-step visual approach (over 250 screenshots). This book is a major new release for 2017, covering the latest version of Wordpress.Building a beautiful, professional looking Wordpress website, is no longer the domain of computer geeks. Wordpress makes it possible for anyone to create and run a website that looks great on any device - PC, Mac, tablet and phone, for hobby or business.The primary goal of this book is to take anyone, even an absolute beginner, from zero to Wordpress "guru" in a few short hours. I'll hold your hand, step-by-step, all the way. You get to watch over my shoulder as we explore the Wordpress Dashboard.Inside this book, veteran Wordpress expert Andy Williams will start at the very beginning. You'll learn important topics like: • The two different versions of Wordpress. • Website hosting and domain registrars. How to set this up with separate registrar and host, for more security. • How to install Wordpress. • An overview of the Dashboard including how to find hidden items. • Cleaning out the stuff that is installed by default. • Finding and installing Wordpress themes to instantly change the look and feel of your website. • Plugins. What they are and how you can use them to create magnificent websites. • How to update Wordpress, themes and plugins. • Every single Dashboard setting, what they do, and what you should use in the settings of your website. • How to find and use the RSS feeds on your site to help search engines find your content. • The importance of user profiles, and how to assign a "Gravatar" image to your email address. • How to create great navigation systems on your site, with custom menus, internal linking and related post sections. • Enabling and dealing with visitor comments. • Using the media library for images, video and more. • The difference between pages and posts, and a simple way to know which one you should be using for each bit of content you publish on your website. • Effective use of categories and tags. Using these incorrectly can get your site penalized or even banned from search engines. • How to write posts, and even schedule them so they will be published at some future date. • Using post revisions. • Two different types of homepage. A blog style page v a more traditional "static" homepage. • Using widgets on your site to add neat features. • This book does not focus on any particular Wordpress theme (website "skin"). Instead, it teaches you how to master Wordpress so you can choose and use any theme you like.You'll also be shown how to install and configure a few plugins to: • Automatically take database backups and email them to you on a schedule you choose. • Automatically create important legal pages on your site, like terms and privacy policy. • Help reduce the amount of comment spam your site receives. • Setup good SEO practices. • Setup social sharing buttons on your site, so visitors can easily tell their friends about your great web pages. Most people learn better when they can actually see what they are reading about, so one thing this book isn't, is shy about screenshots. There are over 250 of them, showing you exactly what you will see on your screen, and prompting you to take specific actions as you learn and master Wordpress. You may have heard that Wordpress has a steep learning curve. With this book, you won't even notice it. Each chapter ends with a "Tasks to Complete" section. By completing these tasks, you'll not only become proficient with Wordpress, you'll become confident at using Wordpress. By the end of the book, you'll be building great looking, professional Wordpress websites that look fantastic on any device... And you'll enjoy doing it!
Published by: http://ezseonews.com | Publication date: 11/02/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 221 pages
WordPress: An Ultimate Guide To The Internet's Best Publishing Platform: A Complete Beginners Guide To Building and Designing Your Own Website

WordPress: An Ultimate Guide To The Internet's Best Publishing Platform: A Complete Beginners Guide To Building and Designing Your Own Website

Start Building The Website That You Always Wanted, Today!WordPress has remained as one of the most used website builder tool in the internet. Every day, hundreds of WordPress websites are made. However, only a few of these websites last for more than a year. Most websites fail because they make mistakes early in the creation process. Some use a hosting service that is way beyond their budget while others fail to consider the amount of work it takes to maintain a website. In this book, we discuss how you can build and maintain a WordPress website. WordPress is the ideal website building tool for beginners because it does not require you to learn web design language to get started. Any beginner can start installing WordPress in a shared server account and start his or her own website. In this book, we focus on the use of WordPress for business related websites. With this tool, any business owner can start a website for his business without the need to hire a professional. We will discuss how to select features relevant to your business and how to increase the flow of traffic so that more people get to see your website. Here is a preview of what this book will offer:
  • All About WordPress Websites
  • WordPress Website Preparations
  • Installing WordPress to your Host Server
  • Preparing your Website for Publishing
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Best Practices for Keeping your WordPress Website Secure
  • Selecting and Adding Content
  • Improving Website Traffic
  • Integrate Ecommerce Features to your Website
  • Tracking your Success
Don't wait any longer, get your copy today!
Publication date: 03/03/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 75 pages
WordPress To Go - How To Build A WordPress Website On Your Own Domain, From Scratch, Even If You Are A Complete Beginner

WordPress To Go - How To Build A WordPress Website On Your Own Domain, From Scratch, Even If You Are A Complete Beginner

NOW UPDATED FOR 2017!If you are a small business owner or a hopeful Internet entrepreneur, then you know you need a professional website.The first challenge is, how do you build that website without needing to learn how to do computer programming or having to sell your first-born to get a website built for you?The second challenge is, how do you get a professionally-designed and beautiful website built that won't cost you mega-bucks per month to maintain?Because let's face it, it is hard to justify the high costs of building an elaborate website, when you are not yet sure a website will be a good investment of your time and money. The good news is that there is a better - and much less expensive - way to get a beautiful website made, with just a few clicks of your mouse. WordPress started in 2003, with the goal of providing ordinary people a simple way to build a website for free. Today, WordPress is being used on millions of websites, including those of many Fortune 500 companies. The beautiful thing about WordPress as a website content management system is that it is a fully-customizable experience, and it is very easy to use. WordPress Themes define how a website will look - they cover website layout, color schemes, font colors, and page display elements. With over 2,000 Themes currently available, it is very easy to change the appearance of a website. With just the click of a mouse button you can change the look, feel and layout of your entire website without affecting the content. What used to take days to get looking right, now takes only minutes. WordPress Plugins add functionality to a website - what you want the website to do for you or your visitors. With over 43,000 Plugins available, you will find that you can make your website do a lot of specialized tasks for you or your visitors. And with the power of plugins, you can add functionality to your website - track users and what they do, take online orders, manage content in new and unique ways - and more. Again, all with the click of a mouse button. Now a #1 Amazon Best Seller, this popular, up-to-date, step-by-step guide by expert Sarah McHarry will walk you through the essential first steps to building your own website or blog using WordPress.What you'll learn in this book:
  • How to register your own domain and get the right WordPress hosting
  • How to install WordPress with a few clicks of the mouse
  • How to create a professional-looking, commerce-ready website with very little effort
  • How to add and format your content
  • How to use graphics and images
  • All about themes, plugins, widgets and other WordPress tools
  • ...and lots more... Sarah shows you how to create a world-class website, quickly, easily and inexpensively, even if you have absolutely no current knowledge of how to build a website. WordPress is so easy to use, and "WordPress To Go" will take what is already easy and make it even more simple - simple enough a monkey could do it! You'll know all the "gotchas" before setting up a WordPress site, discover how to make it content rich, and even how to attract the search engines! You'll gain traffic, exposure, and ultimately more business. Get your copy of "WordPress To Go" now, and you’ll be a thriving WordPress webmaster in no time at all!
Published by: Nicbee Publishing | Publication date: 01/27/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 170 pages
Professional WordPress: Design and Development

Professional WordPress: Design and Development

The highest rated WordPress development and design book on the market is back with an all new third edition. Professional WordPress is the only WordPress book targeted to developers, with advanced content that exploits the full functionality of the most popular CMS in the world. Fully updated to align with WordPress 4.1, this edition has updated examples with all new screenshots, and full exploration of additional tasks made possible by the latest tools and features. You will gain insight into real projects that currently use WordPress as an application framework, as well as the basic usage and functionality of the system from a developer's perspective. The book's key features include detailed information and real-world examples that illustrate the concepts and techniques at work, plus code downloads and examples accessible through the companion website. Written by practicing WordPress developers, the content of this edition focuses on real world application of WordPress concepts that extend beyond the current WordPress version. WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing, and has grown to be the largest self-hosted website platform in the world. This book helps you use WordPress efficiently, effectively, and professionally, with new ideas and expert perspectives on full system exploitation.
  • Get up to speed on the new features in WordPress 4.1
  • Learn cutting edge uses of WordPress, including real-world projects
  • Discover how to migrate existing websites to WordPress
  • Understand current best practices and tools in WordPress development
WordPress was born out of a desire for an elegant, well-architected personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL, and has evolved to be used as a full content management system through thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes. Professional WordPress is the essential developer's guide to this multifunctional system.
Published by: Wrox | Publication date: 01/06/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 505 pages
Wordpress: Build Your Own Wordpress Website. Wordpress for Small Business

Wordpress: Build Your Own Wordpress Website. Wordpress for Small Business

Over 250 pages!! Buy our real step by step guide created by a team of experts. Don't settle for less, a pamphlet won't get your website built!Let’s learn Wordpress together! Even without any prior computer knowledge, you can learn how to create a blog that is optimized for Google SEO, integrated with social media channels and equipped with a WooCommerce online store. This Wordpress tutorial is illustrated with helpful screenshots to facilitate learning and decrease implementation time.You can easily learn how to build a beautiful Wordpress website that displays your company’s name and logo and lets the world know that your company is influential and hip by adding an online presence with the functionality to process orders from anywhere in the world! And, you can build this website in 1-3 days, with some diligence.In this Wordpress guide, you will learn:•How to build a Wordpress website for your small business, whether it is currently a physical location or online destination. •How to choose a profitable website domain name and select the best web hosting server•How to install Wordpress and configure the Wordpress dashboard for your business•Updating and securing your Wordpress site to prevent hacking and digital theft•Selecting a Wordpress theme and customizing the theme for your business•Integrating an email list like Aweber or Mailchimp into your website•Setting up an online shop via WooCommerce to facilitate digital sales •How to use SEO and keywords to increase internet visibility and internet traffic via search engine optimization on Google, Bing and other search engines.Page Up and Order Now!
Author: The WP Genie
Published by: The Wordpress Genie | Publication date: 06/26/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 240 pages
WordPress: The Missing Manual

WordPress: The Missing Manual

Whether you’re a budding blogger or seasoned Web designer, WordPress is a brilliant tool for creating websites, once you know how to tap its impressive features. The latest edition of this jargon-free Missing Manual shows you how to use WordPress 3.9’s themes, widgets, plug-ins, and souped-up editing and multimedia tools to build just about any kind of site.The important stuff you need to know:
  • Create your site. Get hands-on, A-to-Z instructions for building all types of websites, from classy blogs to professional-looking ecommerce sites.
  • Add features. Choose from thousands of widgets and plug-ins to enhance your site’s ease of use, looks, and performance.
  • Mix in multimedia. Add picture galleries, slideshows, video clips, music players, and podcasts to your pages.
  • Attract an audience. Create automatic content feeds, sign up site subscribers, and help readers share your posts on social media.
  • Fine-tune your content. Analyze site statistics to improve your content and reach, and to optimize your site for search engines.
  • Go Mobile. Choose a theme that automatically reconfigures your site for mobile devices.
  • Build a truly unique site. Learn how to customize WordPress themes to create a site that looks exactly the way you want it to.
Published by: O'Reilly Media | Publication date: 06/25/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 614 pages
The 5-Day Wordpress School: How To Become A Wordpress Website Designer In 5 Days or Less

The 5-Day Wordpress School: How To Become A Wordpress Website Designer In 5 Days or Less

Learn How To Become A Competent Wordpress Website Designer In 5 Days Or Less (Even If You Have No Prior Knowledge Of Coding Or Nerve-racking Technical Stuff)Have you ever wished you could become a competent Wordpress Website Designer without being a coding-freak?Then:The 5-Day Wordpress School book is the most authoritative guide you'll ever need!Wordpress which is the best blogging platform on the planet and the most popular content management system you can find today powers 52% of websites on the internet (according to Technorati) which speaks volume of its efficiency and amazing features.Would you love to learn how to set up (easily), design (professionally) and secure (aptly) killer Wordpress sites?Then, The 5-Day Wordpress School: How To Become A Wordpress Website Designer In 5 Days Or Less, is the perfect book for you as you'll be guided step-by-step with guidelines, illustrations, screenshots ...in a brick-by-brick fashion to guide you along.And yes: The book can turn you into a professional Wordpress designer in 5 days or less even if this is your first attempt at starting an online platform.No kidding!Here're topics covered in this amazing, easy-to-read, jaw-dropping and beginners' friendly book:
  • A detailed explanation of the Wordpress platform
  • Understanding the Wordpress dashboard
  • Setting up your self- hosted Wordpress Website (The essentials)
  • Everything you need to know about web hosting and domain registration
  • The best web hosts that are reliable and affordable
  • Important tips to follow when choosing a web host
  • How to install Wordpress plugins
  • Customizing your sharing buttons
  • Installing a theme
  • Customizing your widget area
  • Creating pages and publishing posts
  • Creating beautiful categories for your site
  • Deleting useless plugins and posts
  • Securing your website from hackers, spammers and harmful malwares
  • Creating a custom email address (like Emmanuel@onlinebloggingincome.com) for your Wordpress website
  • ...And lots more with massive screenshots, graphics and illustrations to guide you along in a brick-by-brick fashion
  • The 5-Day Wordpress School is highly recommended for every blogger, intending blogger or someone who wants to build an online platform on the best CMS you can find today. The author was able to simplify the processes that looks too technical for me and provided awesome guidelines on how to operate the self hosted website with ease.I have started my self hosted Wordpress blog (which was my first attempt) with ease, all thanks to this beginner's friendly book. If you want to build an online platform on Wordpress without going through coding: ensure you lay your hands on The 5-Day Wordpress School book. Thanks for this wonderful book, Cyrus Jackson - Emmanuel Egobiambu of VesselOfInspirationSPECIAL BONUS GIFT: An exclusive Facebook group where you can learn the exact strategies that I use to build a website setup business, get support, and get answers to your questions and challenges.This means it's more of a course than a book because there's room for interaction between the author and readers which makes this book different from others.In other words,if:
  • You want to learn how to set up jaw-dropping Wordpress websites or blogs (to launch your products, sell your services, build an audience or create a brand online) without any knowledge of coding or technical stuff
  • You want to master every aspect of Wordpress: customization, design, security and managing a website/blog effectively
  • You want to become a professional Wordpress website designer and earn income setting up websites for clients
  • This is the perfect book for you!So, scroll up and click on the "BUY BUTTON" right away!
    Publication date: 02/28/2017
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 88 pages
    How to Create Modern Internet Sites with WordPress: Step-by-Step Instructions for Beginners. Volume 1: Installation, Hosting, Security, and Updates (WordPress Step-by-Step)

    How to Create Modern Internet Sites with WordPress: Step-by-Step Instructions for Beginners. Volume 1: Installation, Hosting, Security, and Updates (WordPress Step-by-Step)

    Get this book for 99 cents (limited time only! Regular price: $3.99)"You need your own Internet presence!"This sentence is something you might hear again and again from people who make their living building websites. Do not waste your hard-earned money on such offers!Do you repeatedly hear horror stories from competitors who spent thousands of dollars on a website and need to dish out another hundred for every small change?Don't listen to these so-called Internet specialists. Starting with just ten dollars per month for good web hosting, you can create your very own website all by yourself. All the necessary tools—like the WordPress software described in this book—are available for free. All you need are a computer and access to the Internet.The topics covered in this book are:- Hosting your website- Installing the WordPress software- Security information- The layout of your site (WordPress themes)- The extra functions that you can add (WordPress plugins)- How to operate your site on a daily basis- How to create and customize new pages- How to create and design new posts (e.g. News)- Basic settingsHosting? Websites? Is it all Greek to you?Don't worry! This book for beginners meets you where you re, at your current level of knowledge, and leads you toward being an Internet professional. This is not a small step. It is a crucial step, because once you start to acquire some hands-on experience, you will succeed with your website very fast.Read how you can set up and design your website with just a little time and personal engagement, and without spending an arm and a leg for software and service providers. Creating a page is no harder than writing an email, and you will see how it works in this book.This is the first book in a series that will show you how to build the optimal Internet presence for your business. For each industry and profession you can get specialized modules (plugins) and pre-designed layouts (themes), which can either be purchased for very little money or downloaded for free. Where to find these themes and plugins, will be explained in detail later in this book series.This first volume of "WordPress Step-by-Step" teaches you the first steps that you need to take to transform yourself from beginner to webmaster.
    Publication date: 03/20/2017
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 88 pages
    WordPress: How to Build a WordPress Website & Generate Web Traffic with Perfect SEO

    WordPress: How to Build a WordPress Website & Generate Web Traffic with Perfect SEO

    Double Book Bundle: WordPress Website Creation & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)WordPress Website Creation Is Super Simple - Even in 2017!You thought that making a website required complicated knowledge of HTML coding and was only for technological whizzkids? Think again, because WordPress provides you with an opportunity to make websites from scratch, without much prior knowledge required. And with the information you will find in the Search Engine Optimization book, you will have your website driving targeted traffic in a matter of days or weeks.Book 1: WordPress For BeginnersThis first book will introduce you to the interface, recommended plugins, and all the other website setup essentials. The information you will learn in this WordPress book will give you all the tools needed to get going making your first real website or blog!What you will learn in this book:
    • Basics - Why We Use WordPress
    • Managing Hosting
    • How To Choose and Where to Get a Domain Name
    • Exactly How To Set Up A WordPress Installation
    • What WordPress Themes to Choose for Specific Website Needs
    • Understanding the WordPress Dashboard / Interface
    • Which Essential Plugins to Install On Your WordPress Website
    • How to Add Content Efficiently To Your Site
    • Tips & Tricks for a Succesful WordPress Website or Blog
    Book 2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)This second book will introduce you to what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, how it can help you, but will also show you step by step what the best practices are. And everything is optimized for Google's current algorithm. The information you will learn in this SEO book will give you all the tools needed to get the competitive edge in the search rankings with your website!What you will learn in this book:
    • Exactly What SEO Is & How It Can Improve Your Website Success
    • All Relevant Methods of 'Doing SEO'
    • Best Practices In On-Page & Off-Page Website Optimization
    • How To Do QUALITY Link Building For Your Website
    • How To Rank High In Local Google Rankings (Perfect For Local / Small Businesses)
    • Understanding What NOT To Do In SEO
    • A Precise Explanation of Anchor Text (And Why You Need To Use It)
    • Step By Step Best Practices For Effective Keyword Research
    • Tips & Tricks For A Succesful SEO Performance In 2017
    Making WordPress Sites In 2017Even in the present day and age, you can certainly create a popular blog or website from scratch using WordPress. Many hundreds of thousands of websites online are managed using WordPress, including a lot of the sites you would likely visit on a daily basis!Does SEO still work in 2017?Even in the present day and age, you can certainly create a blog or website from scratch and generate tons of traffic with just SEO. Using the strategies explained in this book, you can improve your website traffic in a matter of weeks. However, this will only work if you actually implement what is taught to you in this book bundle.Ready to start your online journey? Then click the BUY button at the top of this page to get started with learning about website building and SEO immediately!
    Publication date: 01/15/2017
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 97 pages
    WordPress: Beginner's Guide To Building A WordPress Website

    WordPress: Beginner's Guide To Building A WordPress Website

    Creating Your First WordPress Website?Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99.Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.Inside, you'll discover how to create your very first WordPress website!From buying your own domain and hosting to setting up your first WordPress theme--this book will take you from A to Z.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...
    • Why Choosing WordPress For Web Design Is A Must
    • How To Easily Install WordPress
    • The Hosting Requirements To Choose For Your WordPress Site
    • Which WordPress Platform To Choose From
    • How To Set Up An Extravagant Website With WordPress
    • Paid Themes vs. Free Themes
    • Outline Of WordPress Website Costs
    • The Golden Rule Of Website Design
    • And Much, Much More!
    Download your copy today!Start building your very first WordPress Website today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!Tags: wordpress, wordpress for beginners, wordpress 2017, wordpress for dummies, wordpress development, wordpress blog
    Author: Adam Parker
    Publication date: 01/18/2017
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 61 pages
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