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User Experience Revolution (Smashing eBooks)
Do you feel like the only person at your company who understands what a huge competitive advantage a good user experience provides? Are you frustrated that your management team doesn’t see the value of creating great user experiences? Do you struggle to convince colleagues to approach projects from a users perspective?Many companies try to create a great experience for customers. But few are willing to make the changes required to deliver on that promise. In fact most don’t even realize just how bad their experience can be.This eBook is for anybody passionate about user experience, but who is in a company that needs an extra push. You might be a designer, marketer, content specialist or any one of many jobs concerned about user experience. You don’t need to be a manager, although you might be. You don’t need to be an expert in user experience. You just need a willingness to challenge the way your company does things and be relentless at putting the user first.Table Of ContentsChapter 1: Getting real about user experience designChapter 2: How to sell the benefits of user experience designChapter 3: Create customer experience evangelistsChapter 4: Raise the profile of the customerChapter 5: Get managerial supportChapter 6: Develop a proof of conceptChapter 7: Establish better working practicesChapter 8: Transform the organisational cultureChapter 9: A vision of a UX-focused company
Author: Paul Boag
Published by: Smashing Media AG | Publication date: 04/02/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 219 pages

Design Systems (Smashing eBooks)
As the web continues to become more complex, designing static pages has become untenable, so that many of us have started to approach design in a more systematic way. In this book, Alla Kholmatova sets out to identify what makes an effective design system that can empower teams to create great digital products.Not all design systems are equally effective. Some can generate coherent user experiences, others produce confusing patchwork designs. Some inspire teams to contribute to them, others are neglected. Some get better with time, more cohesive and better functioning; others get worse, becoming bloated and cumbersome.What are the key qualities of a well-functioning, enduring design system? Throughout the book, Alla will share an approach that will help you every day with your work.PART 1: FOUNDATIONSIn the first part we’ll talk about the foundations of a design system – patterns and practices. Design patterns are repeatable, reusable parts of the interface, from the concrete and functional (like buttons and text fields) to the more descriptive (like iconography styles, colors, and typography). Patterns interconnect, and together they form the language of your product’s interface. Shared practices are how we choose to create, capture, share and use those patterns by following a set of principles, or by keeping a pattern library.Chapter 1: Design SystemsChapter 2: Design PrinciplesChapter 3: Functional PatternsChapter 4: Perceptual PatternsChapter 5: Shared LanguagePART 2: PROCESSA design system cannot be built overnight – it evolves gradually with your product. But there are certain principles and practices that we can follow to make sure the system develops in the right direction and provide us some degree of control over it. The second part of the book focuses on practical steps and techniques to establish and maintain a design system, including planning the work; conducting an interface inventory; setting up a pattern library; creating, documenting, evolving and maintaining design patterns.Chapter 6: Parameters Of Your SystemChapter 7: Planning And PracticalitiesChapter 8: Systemizing Functional PatternsChapter 9: Systemizing Perceptual PatternsChapter 10: Pattern Libraries
Published by: Smashing Media AG | Publication date: 10/15/2017
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 219 pages

Smashing Book 5: Real-Life Responsive Web Design — Part 1
Responsive design is a default these days, but we are all still figuring out just the right process and techniques to better craft responsive websites. That’s why Smashing Magazine created a new book — to gather practical techniques and strategies from people who have learned how to get things done right, in actual projects with actual real-world challenges.The Smashing Book 5: Real-Life Responsive Web Design is Smashing Magazine’s brand new book with smart front-end techniques and design patterns derived from real-life responsive projects. Part 1 features 7 chapters on responsive workflow, SVG, Flexbox, content strategy, and design patterns — just what you need to master all the tricky facets and hurdles of responsive design. Written by Daniel Mall, Ben Callahan, Eileen Webb, Sara Soueidan, Vitaly Friedman and Zoe M. Gillenwater.Please note that the corresponding Part 2 is also available with even more responsive web design tips and tricks — among others on web fonts, responsive images, email design, performance, debugging and optimizing for offline.TABLE OF CONTENTS:•A Responsive Way Forward — written by Vitaly Friedman•The Modern Responsive Designer’s Workflow — written by Dan Mall•Responsive Process — written by Ben Callahan•Responsive Design Patterns And Components — written by Vitaly Friedman•Content Choreography In RWD — written by Eileen Webb•Mastering SVG For Responsive Web Design — written by Sara Soueidan•Building Advanced Responsive Modules With Flexbox — written by Zoe M. Gillenwater
Published by: Smashing Magazine | Publication date: 06/24/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 446 pages

Inclusive Design Patterns
We make inaccessible and unusable websites and apps all the time, but it’s not for lack of skill or talent. It’s just a case of doing things the wrong way. We try to build the best experiences we can, but we only make them for ourselves and for people like us.This book looks at common interface patterns from the perspective of an inclusive designer—someone trained in building experiences that cater to the huge diversity of abilities, preferences and circumstances out there.There’s no such thing as an ‘average’ user, but there is such a thing as an average developer. This book will take you from average to expert in the area that matters the most: making things more readable and more usable to more people. You’ll learn:•Accessibility myths and misconceptions as well as common solutions and rules of thumbs,•A library of well-tested accessible HTML/CSS components that you can use right away,•How to properly use WAI-ARIA roles and Content Accessibility Guidelines,•How to tackle common accessibility issues in RWD,•How to deal with "skip" links and external links, as well as navigation regions and landmarks,•How to keep labels, buttons, tables of contents, dynamic widgets and tabbed interfaces accessible,•How to implement infinite scrolling, grid display and dynamic content accessibly,•How to deal with password validation, error messages, web forms, JavaScript patterns and touch targets,•How to keep an interface accessible in legacy browsers,•How to prototype with accessibility in mind.
Published by: Smashing Magazine GmbH | Publication date: 10/16/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 271 pages

Getting the Hang of Web Typography (Smashing eBook Series 6)
Getting the Hang of Web Typography is dedicated to web workers that are dealing with typography in their daily lives, but have no special training for this independent craft. This eBook gives you the necessary background on macro- and microtypography, it helps you to choose suitable fonts and use modern techniques such as Web font embedding. It's a valuable book that helps you to create rich, sophisticated Web sites with beautiful and elegant Web typography.The implications of desktop publishing, where anybody who has access to a computer can set type, have led to a flood of poorly designed brochures, flyers and web pages. In Web design especially illegible text, incorrect use of punctuation marks and inappropriate font combinations or use of line widths are frequent. The new techniques that Web fonts offer might bring about even worse examples of ugly and illegible Web typography.Getting the Hang of Web Typography is a collection of Smashing Magazine's best and most recent articles on web typography with one additional article series and glossary. You can use this eBook as reference work for your projects.It's a valuable book read that helps you to create rich, sophisticated Web sites with beautiful and elegant Web typography.TABLE OF CONTENTS- The Ails Of Typographic Anti-Aliasing- 10 Principles For Readable Web Typograph- 5 Principles and Ideas of Setting Type on the Web- Lessons From Swiss Style Graphic Design- 8 Simple Ways to Improve Typography in Your Designs- Typographic Design Patterns and Best Practices- The Typography Dress Code: Principles of Choosing and Using Typefaces- Best Practices of Combining Typefaces- Guide to CSS Font Stacks: Techniques and Resources- New Typographic Possibilities with CSS 3- Good Old @Font-Face Rule Revisited- The Current Web Font Formats- Review of Popular Web Font Embedding Services- How to Embed Web Fonts from your Server- Web Typography: Work-arounds, Tips and Tricks- 10 Useful Typography ToolsPages: 242Language: English Released: January 2011 Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH
Published by: Smashing Media GmbH | Publication date: 01/06/2011
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 235 pages

Mastering Photoshop, Vol. 2 (Smashing eBook Series 8)
As the technology becomes more advanced, all of us seek for time-saving tips and guidelines to make our work much more effective and productive. The brand new eBook "Mastering Photoshop for Web Design Vol. 2" contains 11 articles that cover useful and partly unknown Photoshop techniques and tricks from experts in the field. The articles discuss retouching, cloning, compositing, obscure Photoshop timesavers and designing for iPhone. The articles have been published on Smashing Magazine in 2010 and 2011 and have been carefully edited and revised.Productivity is a crucial asset of professional designers. Photoshop is an extremely powerful application for photo processing and image manipulation, and we can make it even more powerful by using advanced techniques and design approaches that professionals and experts in the field are using regularly. The better our professional skills are, the more time we can spend to focus on the actual design process rather than the tool we are using to implement it on screen. This book is the brand new Photoshop eBook edition in our Smashing eBook Series which will help you mastering Photoshop and gain a more efficient, advanced workflow in your design process.TABLE OF CONTENTS- Mastering Photoshop: Noise, Textures, Gradients and Rounded Rectangles- Useful Photoshop Tips And Tricks for Photo Retouching- Photo Retouching Tips and Tricks in Photo Retouching- The Ultimate Guide to Cloning in Photoshop- Designing for iPhone 4 Retina Display: Techniques and Workflow- Mastering Photoshop: Pixel Perfection when Rotating, Pasting and Nudging- Setting up Photoshop for Web and iPhone Development- Compositing in Adobe Photoshop: Time- Saving Tips- Mastering Photoshop: Unknown Tricks and Time-Savers- Preparing Photoshop Files for Web Developers- In Defense of PhotoshopPages: 216Language: EnglishReleased: April 2011Publisher: Smashing Media GmbH
Published by: Smashing Media GmbH | Publication date: 04/26/2011
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 210 pages

Mastering Illustrator (Smashing eBooks Book 32)
One of the most beloved vector graphic softwares among Web Designers is Adobe Illustrator. But getting to know all of its tools and features can be time-consuming. With this eBook we try to ease the learning process for you. You'll get to learn how to create graphics, transform a sketch into a vector, combine analog and digital techniques, prepare artwork for screen printing and also learn useful typography tips, all focusing on Adobe Illustrator.TABLE OF CONTENTS- Productive Web Design With… Adobe Illustrator?- Creating Graphs With Adobe Illustrator- Illustrator’s Live Trace: Sketch to Vector- Mixing Up Illustration: Combining Analog And Digital Techniques- Examples And Tips For Using Illustrator’s Warp Tools- Preparing Artwork for Screen Printing in Adobe Illustrator- Create a Cute Little Tiger in Illustrator- Useful Typography Tips For Adobe Illustrator
Published by: Smashing Media GmbH | Publication date: 10/07/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 238 pages

The Sketch Handbook
If you're designing for the web today, you are probably using Sketch. We do, too, so we created The Sketch Handbook: our brand new Smashing book, filled with many practical examples and tutorials in 12 jam-packed chapters. This book will help you master all the tricky, advanced facets of Sketch, so that you’ll become more proficient and fast when using the app.The Sketch Handbook will guide you through every aspect of Sketch: from smart guides and layer manipulation to responsive baseline grid, nested symbols and group resizing. Whether you are a beginner to design or just started to use graphic apps, it will teach you the techniques you need to start designing user interfaces in Sketch.What’s in it for you? Well, you’ll get a valuable overview of many different topics and techniques that are bound to make your design workflow more efficient and future-proof. You’ll learn how to design an advanced multi-screen mobile app, a responsive article and a variety of icons, for example, and dive deep into organizing the artboard, optimizing for Retina screens and exporting your assets for iOS and Android. Icon and logo design and export are also covered along the way. Finally, you’ll learn about the most recommended plugins and a number of useful tips, tricks and best practices. Everything you wanted to learn about Sketch, in one place.Table Of Contents1. An Introduction To Sketch2. Designing An App3. The Power Of Iterations And Artboards4. Creating A Logo For The App5. Creating The Overview Page6. Exporting7. Design The Article Page8. Going Responsive9. The Final Breakpoint: Desktop Widescreen10. Designing The Category Icons11. Export The Category Icons12. Mini Projects
Published by: Smashing Magazine GmbH | Publication date: 12/01/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 447 pages

Responsive Web Design: Getting The New Baseline In Web Design Right (Smashing eBooks)
With the advent of responsive techniques, design patterns andoff-the-shelf components, responsive Web design has become more than a technique — but rather a new mindset that requires us all to rethink and extend our practices. Responsive design is also about performance, server-side components, content strategy and conditional loading.With this eBook, you will learn how to go from non-responsive layouts to optimized responsive mobile experiences. We're happy to present techniques to help you overcome outdated practices and set new defaults in your workflow — a new responsive design workflow.TABLE OF CONTENTS- How Much Has The Web Really Changed? - Looking Beyond Common Media Query Breakpoints - Logical Breakpoints For Your Responsive Design - Preparing Websites For The Unexpected - How To Maintain Hierarchy Through Content Choreography - Towards A Retina Web - Building A Better Responsive Website - How To Make Your Websites Faster On Mobile Devices
Published by: Smashing Magazine | Publication date: 05/21/2013
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 157 pages

Making It Right: Product Management For A Startup World
Product management is one of the most exhausting, exhilarating, stressful, and rewarding careers out there. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s for people who want to move mountains. It swallows some whole, but others derive endless invigoration and passion from the pace and the impact and the glory and the huge potential for failure as well as success. There’s no other job like it, and this is a book to help you make it your job.The role of a product manager goes by many different names — and if that’s not reason enough to be confused, some companies define product manager completely differently from how it’s understood elsewhere. We sometimes get stuck in our quest to define the damn thing, but in the case of product management, it’s effort well spent, because it’s quite the jungle out there.So with that as background, this book wants to accomplish three goals:- Define the roles and responsibilities of product managers in the software development context. - Explain why product management is an essential role in any organization, and what characteristics managers should look for when they hire product managers.- Provide a framework and practical guidance for strategic product management; a framework that details the elements of product planning and product execution that make up a product manager’s day-to-day work.TABLE OF CONTENTSPart 1: Introduction- Introduction- Chapter 1: Roles And Responsibilities Of The Product ManagerPart 2: Planning- Chapter 2: Uncovering Needs- Chapter 3: Product Discovery- Case Study: The User Experience Of Chapter 4: Product RoadmapsPart 3: Execution- Chapter 5: Defining A Product- Chapter 6: User-Centered Design And Workflows- What About Responsive Design?- Chapter 7: Specifications- Chapter 8: Build And Release- Chapter 9: Assess And Iterate- Chapter 10: Product Management In Agile Methodologies- Chapter 11: Getting Started
Published by: Smashing Magazine | Publication date: 07/21/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 198 pages
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