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Dieses bewhrte Standardwerk liefert Studierenden im Bachelor- und Masterprogramm sowie Praktikern umfassende Grundlagen des Marketingmanagements aus einer entscheidungsorientierten Sicht. In der 12. Auflage des Marketing-Klassikers wurden alle Kapitel berarbeitet. Insbesondere wurden bei den Verhaltens- und Informationsgrundlagen des Marketing aktuelle Erkenntnisse aus der neurowissenschaftlichen Forschung integriert. Neuere Entwicklungen im Bereich der interaktiven Kommunikationsinstrumente wurden vertiefend bercksichtigt, die Ausfhrungen zum Marketingcontrolling im Rahmen der Marketing-Mix-Kapitel aktualisiert und die Zukunftsperspektiven des Marketing fortgefhrt. Die Bibel des Marketing w & v - werben und verkaufen
Category: Business. ISBN: 9783658023430

Das bewhrte Lehrbuch vermittelt wesentliche Grundlagen des konzeptionellen Marketings. Im Fokus steht dabei das (klassische) Konsumgtermarketing. Das Buch ist in sieben Teile untergliedert: Teil I widmet sich den Grundlagen des Marketings. Hier werden Basisbegriffe erlutert und Entwicklungen der Marketingtheorie und -praxis aufgezeigt. Teil II befasst sich mit dem Bereich Marketinganalyse, wobei die Notwendigkeit einer ausfhrlichen Analyse von Umwelt, Markt und Unternehmen als Basis fr Marketingkonzepte aufgezeigt wird. In Teil III wird die Zielebene, in Teil IV die Strategieebene erlutert. Teil V behandelt den klassischen Marketing-Mix, d. h. das Zusammenspiel konkreter Manahmen der Produkt-, Kontrahierungs-, Distributions- und Kommunikationspolitik. Teil VI widmet sich der Marketingkontrolle. Schlielich werden in Teil VII (Marketingplanung) die diversen Ebenen des Marketingprozesses zusammengefhrt. In der vorliegenden vierten Auflage wurde insbesondere der Bedeutung der Marke Rechnung getragen. Die substrategische Dimension der Markenpolitik findet im Kontext der Marketinginstrumente Bercksichtigung; die zusammenhngenden Konstrukte Markenidentitt und Markenimage werden ausfhrlich thematisiert. Ferner wurde das Kapitel zur Kontrahierungspolitik kompletten neu strukturiert. Der Abschnitt zum Internetmarketing wurde aktualisiert und erweitert.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9783110413953

'This is a really exciting introductory text that brings to life the key principles of marketing. It is packed with good examples of marketing in practice and students will find it highly accessible.' - Pauline Maclaran Professor of Marketing & Consumer Research, Royal Holloway University of London, Editor in Chief Marketing Theory
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781446266465

Dieses Lehrbuch vermittelt die gesamten Grundlagen des Marketing und nimmt dabei konsequent Bezug auf die Praxis. Die anwendungsorientierte Darstellung versetzt den Leser in die Lage, Marketingprobleme zu analysieren und eigenstndig Problemlsungen zu erarbeiten. In der 11. Auflage wurden neue Entwicklungen, wie z.B. Social Media Kommunikation, integriert. Das Kapitel Marketing Controlling wurde vollstndig berarbeitet.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9783834934390

Comment apprhender le marketing? Quelles sont les actions marketing mettre en uvre? Comment tenir compte des nouveaux comportements des consommateurs et des organisations? Quelles sont les tendances et les enjeuxdu marketing ? Rsolument actuel, ce manuel montre comment le champ du marketing s'est largi et a intgr Internet pour rpondre aux attentes des consommateurs. Alliant thorie et pratique, ce manuel met l'accent sur l'acquisition des mthodes et des comptences indispensables la russite d'une licence ou d'un bachelor. Il propose: des situations concrtes pour introduire les concepts; un cours visuel et illustr par des exemples pour acqurir les connaissances fondamentales enmarketing; des conseils mthodologiques et des clairages professionnels pour traduire la thorie en pratique; des exercices progressifs et varis (QCM, questions de rflexion) et leurs corrigs pour s'valuer et s'entraner.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9782100715152

Marketing Champions
Praise for Marketing Champions "Much has been written about the importance of using marketing principles and tools effectively. But we've paid far less attention to how marketing works within an organization--and how marketers can better interact with other prime movers in their companies. This book really delivers on this much-neglected subject--sounding a wake-up call to marketers everywhere on how to exert their influence and improve their contribution to cash flow." -- Philip Kotler , S.C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University "The authors understand that marketing is now the most important force within an organization--if you can figure out how to coordinate the rest of your colleagues. This book shows you how." -- Seth Godin , author of Small Is the New Big "This leadership guide is a must-read for every executive who wants to understand the crucial connection between marketing and bottom-line results." -- Warren Bennis , Distinguished Professor of Business Administration, University of Southern California, and author of On Becoming a Leader "The best marketing leaders are those who can harness the power of the enterprise--not just lead the marketing team. This book will give you the ability to align and inspire the entire company." -- Jerry Noonan , Spencer Stuart
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780471744955

Global Marketing
Global Marketing provides students with a truly international treatment of the key principles that every marketing manager should grasp. International markets present different challenges that require a marketer to think strategically, and apply tools and techniques creatively in order to respond decisively in a fiercely competitive environment. Alon et al. provide students with everything they need to rise to the challenge: Coverage of small and medium enterprises , as well as multinational corporations , where much of the growth in international trade and global marketing has occurred. A shift toward greater consideration of services marketing as more companies move away from manufacturing. A focus on emerging markets to equip students with the skills necessary to take advantage of the opportunities that these rapidly growing regions present. Chapters on social media, innovation, and technology teach students how to incorporate these new tools into their marketing strategy. New material on sustainability, ethics, and corporate social responsibility ; key values for any modern business. Short cases and examples throughout the text show students how these principles and techniques are applied in the real world. Longer cases provide instructors and students with rich content for deeper analysis and discussion. Covering key topics not found in competing books, Global Marketing will equip students with the knowledge and confidence they need to become leading marketing managers. A companion website features an instructor's manual with test questions, as well as additional exercises and examples for in-class use.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781138807877

Mobilized Marketing
Integrate your mobile marketing program and take your brand to the next level Mobile marketing is finally entering the forefront of the marketing realm as megabrands roll out million-dollar budgets and small businesses have turned to the channel for its affordability, measurability, and repeatable successes in producing sales and driving engagement and loyalty. Through insights from bold industry visionaries and fellow mobile pioneers, Mobilized Marketing takes readers through campaigns worth repeating and others that are not. Learn the many roads that marketers can take and the proven strategies and tactics that move products and build loyalty through the consumer's most personal device. With examples from the more than 130,000 campaigns developed by mobile marketing leader Hipcricket, Mobilized Marketing breaks down how brands of all sizes have performed in their mobile efforts—why some have failed and how others bravely turned to mobile. Demonstrates how to integrate mobile into marketing programs and how to effectively measure it Explains how to make your existing marketing spends work harder Delivers step-by-step instructions on how to optimize campaigns in real-time Shows how to determine which mobile tactics are keepers and which are not It's time to mobilize your marketing programs and drive your profits to new heights.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781118243268

Free Marketing
Simple, powerful marketing strategies every business can afford to implement There's never been a better time to be a marketer or entrepreneur than right now. Thanks to the Internet, a new world of free and inexpensive tactics can help get the word out to the prospects of any business with a limited marketing budget. Free Marketing delivers more than 100 ideas to help any small business owner or marketer generate new revenue—with little or no marketing budget. With both Internet-based and creative offline ideas, you'll discover ways to turn your top customers into your unpaid sales force, get your competitors to help you promote your new products, and other innovative ways to get the word out. Create a "squeeze page," the most powerful one page website you'll ever build Use simple YouTube videos to grow sales Hold an eBay auction for publicity purposes (author Jim Cockrum made $30,000 and earned tons of free publicity from just one auction) and more! Grow a successful business without letting your marketing budget tell you "No." Jim Cockrum has proven that the most powerful marketing strategies are the cheapest.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781118034712

Hispanic Marketing
This book is about strategic thinking in Hispanic marketing. The size and economic importance of the Hispanic market in the US are attracting enormous attention. The buying power of the US Hispanic market is now larger than the GDP of the entire country of Mexico, and it is the second largest Hispanic market in the world. Businesses and institutions have launched major initiatives to reach this important segment. Yet, the number of qualified individuals who understand the market is small; and many of those already catering to the market still struggle to learn about its intricacies. This book is a cultural approach to Hispanic marketing. Each of the chapters describes and explains the cultural principles of Latino marketing. Recent case studies help marketers relate to the material pragmatically. The book integrates concepts and practical examples and provides critical guidance to discern between alternative courses of action. This book is not about repeating well-known statistics, but about the Hispanic market as a cultural target. It takes a profound look at the values, beliefs, and emotions of US Hispanics, which impact consumer behaviour. Each of the chapters has been the subject of public presentations and lectures to marketing professionals. It is their positive reactions as well as the authors' dedication to Hispanic consumers which motivated this book. Chapter 1: The Role of Culture in Cross-Cultural Marketing Chapter 2: Characteristics of the Hispanic Market Chapter 3: What Makes Hispanics Hispanic Chapter 4: The Role of Language in Hispanic Marketing Chapter 5: The Processes of Enculturation, Acculturation, and Assimilation Chapter 6 Cultural Dimensions and Archetypes Chapter 7: Culturally Informed Strategy Based on Grounded Research Chapter 8: US. Hispanic Media Environment and Strategy Chapter 9: The Evolution of Hispanic Marketing Chapter 10: The Future
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780750679039
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