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Fun science
Fun science. la vie, l'univers, les poussières d'étoiles (nous! ) et autres histoires passionnantes: c'est LE livre du YOUTUBEUR anglais Charlie MCDonnell qui revendique plus de 2,4 M d'abonnés sur sa chaîne scientifique. Un livre pour ceux qui sont passés à côté de l'intérêt des sciences, pour ceux qui l'aiment déjà ou pour les plus jeunes déjà passionnés! Le narrateur, qui a actuellement 25 ans, est tombé dans la science quand il était ado. Il a décidé de partager sa passion avec le plus grand nombre en faisant des vidéos de vulgarisation qu ont vite connu un énorme succès au Royaume-Uni. Ce livre reprend en 250 pages les sujets qu'il a traités sous forme de petits films. Les thématiques, variées se découpent en 10 chapitres: L'Univers, Le système solaire; La vie; Le corps humain; Le cerveau; La cellule; Les éléments; Les particules; La fin des temps.L'ensemble est mis en page à la façon d'un roman graphique, avec une alternance de couleurs, de tailles de caractères, des dessins d'humour, d'autres plus explicatifs qui est en parfaite cohérence avec le ton familier avec lequel Charlie s'adresse à son lecteur.

Christian Science
Christian Science

Candied's Science
Candied's Science

Christian Science
Christian Science

Christian Science,
Christian Science, by Mark Twain.

Christian Science
Christian Science

Child Science
Book Summary Coming Soon

General Science
General Science by Bertha M. Clark.

Animal Science
This Title Introduces Students To The World Of Agriscience With In Depth Information On How Animal Science Affects Our Daily Lives. Also Gives A Wide Array Of Careers In This Growing Field, From Biologists To Geneticists, To Zoologists.

Science in Arcady
Grant Allen was a late 19th century Canadian author best known for writing about both science and novels. This is one of his horror tales.

Christian Science
Christian Science is a highly critical essay published in 1907 by Mark Twain, on the beliefs of Christian Scientists. His biographer Paine suggested that Twain had reversed his stance later in life; but, this is unlikely, from his other statements

The Sociable Sciences
This beautifully written history traces the fortunes of Charles Darwin and his contemporaries in Chile. It explains how they showed Chileans a new way to see their own natural environment, teaching a younger generation of scientists there and forging international networks that helped to shape the modern world.

Regionalizing Science
Victorian England, as is well known, produced an enormous amount of scientific endeavour, but what has previously been overlooked is the important role of geography on these developments. This book seeks to rectify this imbalance by presenting a historical geography of regional science.

Occult Science
This book sets out the fundamental facts concerning the nature and constitution of the human being and, in chronological order, the history of the universe and man. Whereas the findings of natural science are derived from observations through the senses, the findings of spiritual science, or anthroposophy, are 'occult' inasmuch as they derive from direct observation of realities which are hidden to everyday perception. Part of Occult Science is occupied by a description of the preliminary training necessary to make such spiritual observations.

Life Science
Gwen, Alex and Elena are discussing the near impossibility of maintaining one's honest in a largely dishonest environment when Gwen's boyfriend, Donald, drops by to announce that has been appointed a lecturer in botanical science at the university. That lead to an impromptu celebration during which the discussion is continued from a variety of viewpoints representing the interests of the participants - Donald, science; Alex a philosophy grad student; Elena, an artist; Gwen, a nurse practitioner. Events reach a climax when young Peter arrives for a painting lesson and instead serves as a lesson for the others.

Actuarial Science
This little handbook is the outcome of a course of lectures delivered by the author during the winter of 1891-92, under the auspices of the Institute of Accountants and Actuaries in Glasgow. It is intended as an elementary treatise on Actuarial Science, and is published in the hope that it may, in part at least, supply a want which has frequently been expressed. The existing Text Books are all that could be desired for the professional Actuary, but they are much too advanced for those who make the subject only a side branch of study.

Christian Science
Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

From pre-science to science; The origin of mathematics; The roots of physics and chemistry, and the urge to experiment; Are there limits to what science can know?; Understanding organisms: Goethe's method; The quest for archetypal phenomena; Light, darkness and colour; The rediscovery of the elements; What is warmth?; The scale of nature; The working of the ethers in the physical; Sub-nature; What are atoms?; Natural science and spiritual science.

Science Candy
Candy School Chapter Book 4It's science project time and Sam and Danny are headed to the candy shop to look for ideas. Whether they're learning about refracting light, the states of matter or the way erosion works, in this Candy School book they're sure to find how sweet learning can be. This beginning chapter book is for kids ages 4-8.Now with illustrations!

Heart and Science
Is it morally permissible to conduct often-painful experiments on innocent animals? That contentious debate is still going on today, but it has its roots in the Victorian era, when the issue of 'vivisection' had only recently made its way into the public discourse. In Heart and Science, self-professed animal lover Wilkie Collins uses fiction to mount a compelling attack on animal experimentation. This thought-provoking and entertaining novel is a worthy read.
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