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Physics of Quantum Fluids

This book provides an overview of the field of quantum fluids. It presents analogies and differences between polariton and atomic quantum fluids and explains a new type of quantum fluid with specific characteristics.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9783642375682

Quantum Physics in Minutes

Quantum physics is the most fundamental -- but also the most baffling -- branch of science. Allowing for dead-and-alive cats, teleportation, antimatter, and parallel universes, as well as underpinning all of our digital technology, it's as important as it is mind-bending. This clear and compact book demystifies the strange and beautiful quantum world, and hence the nature of reality itself. Contents include: Schrodinger's cat, inside the atom, the particle zoo, the Higgs boson, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, God playing dice, relativity, the Big Bang, dark energy and matter, black holes, the fate of the Universe, the Theory of Everything, quantum gravity, string theory, the multiverse, instant communication, quantum computing and cryptography, superconductivity, quantum biology, quantum consciousness, and much more. Written as a series of mini essays with 200 simple diagrams to help understanding, there can be no easier guide to this notoriously confusing subject. At last it's possible for non-specialists to understand quantum theory and its central role in the birth of the universe and the very existence of life.
Category: Reference. ISBN: 9781681441733

Physics of Quantum Rings

This book presents the new class of materials of quantum rings. It provides an elemental basis for low-cost high-performance devices promising for electronics, optoelectronics, spintronics and quantum information processing.
Category: Technology. ISBN: 9783642391965

Local Quantum Physics

Four years aga Walter Thirring suggested to me that it would be desirable to have a book describing recent results of the "algebraic approach" to quantum field theory and statistical mechanics. After long deliberations with my younger colleagues I decided to write a book but to enlarge the topic, the guiding line be ing expressed in the title "Local Quantum Physics". In essence this concerns the synthesis between special relativity and our understanding of quantum physics, together with a few other principles of a general nature. The algebraic approach, that is the characterization of the theory by a net of algebras of local observ ables, provides a concise language for this and an efficient tool for the study of the anatomy of the theory and of the relevance of various parts to qualita tive physical consequences. It is introduced in Chapter III. In compliance with the original suggestion its main results of more recent vintage are described in Chapters IV to VI. The first two chapters serve to place this material into context and make the book reasonably self contained. There is a rough tem poral order. Thus Chapter I briefly describes the pillars of the theory existing before 1950. Chapter II deals with progress in understanding and techniques in quantum field theory, achieved for the most part in the fifties and early sixties.
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9783540536109

Fundamentals of Quantum Physics

This comprehensive introduction to quantum mechanics discusses dynamical operators and their expected values, the Heisenberg and matrix representation, the Dirac notation, angular momentum and hydrogen atom, the spin-field and spin-orbit interaction and more.
Category: Science. ISBN: 9783642293771

Fundamental Aspects of Quantum Physics

This volume includes new topics such as the stochastic limit approach to nonequilibrium states, a new algebraic approach to relativistic nonequilibrium local states, classical and quantum features of weak chaos, transports in quantum billiards, the Welcher–Weg puzzle with a decaying atom, and the topics related to the quantum Zeno effect.The proceedings have been selected for coverage in:• Index to Scientific & Technical Proceedings (ISTP CDROM version / ISI Proceedings)
Category: Science. ISBN: 9789812382955

Greens Functions in Quantum Physics

In this edition the second and main part of the book has been considerably expanded as to cover important applications of the formalism. In Chap.5 a section was added outlining the extensive role of the tight binding (or equivalently the linear combination of atomic-like orbitals) approach to many branches of solid-state physics. Some additional informa tion (including a table of numerical values) regarding square and cubic lattice Green's functions were incorporated. In Chap.6 the difficult subjects of superconductivity and the Kondo effect are examined by employing an appealingly simple connection to the question of the existence of a bound state in a very shallow potential well. The existence of such a bound state depends entirely on the form of the un perturbed density of states near the end of the spectrum: if the density of states blows up there is always at least one bound state. If the density of states approaches zero continuously, a critical depth (and/or width) of the well must be reached in order to have a bound state. The borderline case of a finite discontinuity (which is very important to superconductivity and the Kondo effect) always produces a bound state with an exponentially small binding energy.
Category: Computers. ISBN: 9783540122661

Quantum Aspects of Beam Physics

This proceedings volume records the advances in quantum beam physics since the first meeting in Monterey (1998). In addition to further progress regarding quantum effects in beam dynamics, photon–electron interaction in beam handling, beam phenomena under strong fields, and quantum methodologies in beam physics, the newly introduced topics — the physics of condensed beams as well as astro-beam physics and laboratory astrophysics — have also been well documented by world experts in the field.This book should be a valuable reference to those who are interested in the joint frontiers of beam physics and other fields such as astrophysics and condensed matter physics.
Category: Science. ISBN: 9789810249502

The Physics of Quantum Mechanics

The Physics of Quantum Mechanics aims to give students a good understanding of how quantum mechanics describes the material world. The text stresses the continuity between the quantum world and the classical world, which is merely an approximation to the quantum world.
Category: Science. ISBN: 9780199688562

Functional Integration and Quantum Physics

It is fairly well known that one of Hilbert's famous list of problems is that of developing an axiomatic theory of mathematical probability theory (this problem could be said to have been solved by Khintchine, Kolmogorov, and Levy), and also among the list is the axiomatization of physics. What is not so well known is that these are two parts of one and the same problem, namely, the sixth, and that the axiomatics of probability are discussed in the context of the foundations of statistical mechanics. Although Hilbert could not have known it when he formulated his problems, probability theory is also central to the foundations of quantum theory. In this book, I wish to describe a very different interface between probability and mathematical physics, namely, the use of certain notions of integration in function spaces as technical tools in quantum physics. Although Nelson has proposed some connection between these notions and foundational questions, we shall deal solely with their use to answer a variety of questions in conventional quantum theory.
Category: Science. ISBN: 9780126442502
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