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Providing accessible coverage of the basics and practical aspects of total quality management, this book is intended for students of management and engineering. The text adopts a realistic approach to the teaching of the subject with the principal focus on the philosophy of total quality management and its role in today’s world of fierce business competition. Discusses the mechanism of quality control, quality assurance and different types of quality control tools and their usage. Features the Japanese management philosophy, quality awards and standards. Presents the differences between total quality management and business process re-engineering and approaches to integrate them. Describes the various aspects of benchmarking, capability maturity model and customer relationship management.
Published by PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. on 01/01/2006
Book details: 260 pages.

Oakland on Quality Management

'Oakland on the New Quality Management' shows managers how to implement a Total Quality Management strategy throughout all activities and thereby achieve top quality performance overall, not just focusing on product or service quality. The text addresses the issues of implementing TQM, teamwork, and changes in culture, and emphasizes the integration of TQM into the strategy of the organization with specific advice on how to implement TQM. Topics covered include quality function deployment (QFD), communications and quality strategy, measurement and benchmarking, and teamwork for culture change, including the 'Drive' model. Ten points are presented to aid senior management in their thinking on commitment, culture and communication issues.
Published by Routledge on 05/04/2012
Book details: 488 pages.

Quality Control and Total Quality Management

Published by Tata McGraw-Hill Education on 05/01/2001
Book details: 379 pages.

Quality Management

In the past, when goods and services were simpler, measurement of quality was self-evident. As business became more complicated, so too did the implementation of quality management and our ability to measure it. Ultimately, the practice of quality strayed from being a business practice to become much more of an engineering discipline producing plenty of data, but little actual improvement. In Quality Management: Theory and Application, highly respected quality management specialist Peter Mauch shows you how to set up a Quality Management System (QMS) that will stay aligned with your business goals. Using examples from actual situations that can be readily applied in any industrial situation, these pages will show you how to: Plan for quality by setting objectives and metrics, and creating effective flexible blueprints, and procedures Get staff involved by understanding how to motivate and train them Establish responsibility and accountability across your entire organization Create the right reporting mechanisms and learn how to analyze them Understand the value and particulars of certification QMS is a performance-reporting system designed to accumulate and report data useful for the achievement of management’s objectives. Combining the technical aspects of quality engineering with successful business management practices, this book will teach you that quality is an ongoing practice, and that it must be implemented throughout an organization rather than stand as the responsibility of one department. Ultimately, through this system, you will align individual departments to continuously maximize quality throughout your entire organization.
Published by CRC Press on 12/17/2009
Book details: 171 pages.

Total Quality Management

Acclaimed and used in over 200 colleges and universities around the country, Total Quality Management: Text, Cases and Readings has been completely revised and expanded to meet the growing demands and awareness for quality products and services in the competing domestic and global marketplaces. Since the publication of the first and second editions of this book, interest in and acceptance of TQM has continued to accelerate around the world. This edition has been thoroughly revised, updated and expanded. Some of the changes are: A new chapter on the emerging Theory of Constraints Expanded treatment of Process Management Eleven new readings Ten new cases Chapter examples of TQM at 12 Baldrige winning organizations End of chapter recommendations for further reading Revised and updated textual material The Varifilm case is retained as a comprehensive study that illustrates good and not so good practices. Each chapter contains an exercise which provides the reader with an opportunity to apply TQM principles to the practices illustrated in each case. Based on sound principles, this practical book is an excellent text for organizational development programs aimed at practitioners responsible for developing and implementing TQM programs in their own service or manufacturing organizations.
Author: Joel E. Ross
Published by Routledge on 10/06/2017
Book details: 568 pages.

A Total Quality Management Process Improvement Model

Contents: the beginnings of TQM, the management challenge, the principles of TQM, areas for practice improvement, the cost of poor quality, the medical practice in transition, the tools of TQM, TQM methods, applying TQM to the practice, and implementing.
Published by DIANE Publishing on 07/01/1993
Book details: 269 pages.


This comprehensive text on Quality Management provides ways and means of delivering efficient and effective production/services quality to utmost satisfaction of the customers. Comprising 20 chapters, the book explains the concepts and techniques of quality management supported with related case studies. Numerical examples given in each chapter help students to understand the concept easily. Primarily designed for MBA, ME/MTech (Industrial Engineering, Production Engineering), BE/BTech (Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering) and MSc (Operations Research and Statistical Quality Control), the book also serves as a reference for professionals/consultants to carryout projects in quality domain for manufacturing or service organisations. KEY FEATURES OF THE BOOK • Detailed coverage of process and statistical quality control • Chapters on ANOVA, orthogonal arrays and signal-to-noise ratio • A chapter on Six Sigma including Shainin techniques • A chapter on Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) • Presentation of Design of Experiments (DOE) techniques Audience • MBA • ME/MTech (Industrial Engineering, Production Engineering) • BE/BTech (Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering) • MSc (Operations Research and Statistical Quality Control)
Published by PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. on 04/02/2014
Book details: 432 pages.

Total Quality Management

In this book leading experts including George Box, Noriaki Kano, Yoshio Kondo, John Oakland and James Harrington, analyse and document various aspects of Total Quality Management. Contributions range from discussions of the principles, strategy, culture, leadership, eduction and benchmarking to world class experience and achieving excellence both in the manufacturing and service industries. With over 100 contributions this book is an invaluable resource for the total quality managment journey. It will be of special interest to educationalists, academics, senior managers and directors, and quality practitioners from both the public and private sectors.
Author: G. Kanji
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 03/31/1995
Book details: 618 pages.

Quality Management in Construction

Amongst the many topics it covers are: a step-by-step approach to creating a quality management system that is right for your company; how to include all your stakeholders in the quality process; how to identify and map your key processes; how to use your system to help market your business and stay competitive; how to monitor and improve ongoing business performance. The book is part of the Leading Construction Series, co-published by Gower and CITB-ConstructionSkills. The Leading Construction Series is part of a CITB-ConstructionSkills initiative to develop management skills within the industry. The books in this series are designed to be essentially practical, with a firm grounding in the construction industry.
Published by Gower Publishing, Ltd. on 04/22/2018
Book details: 216 pages.

Total Quality Management

Quality is a customer issue. It arises because customers require products and services, which not only meet their performance requirements but are satisfac tory in terms of safety, length of working life and pride of ownership. In a manufacturing organization, therefore, the achievement of quality standards is not restricted to the production departments. It extends to all parts of the business from conceptual design to marketing, from order processing and distribution. A quality product is not just a solidly made item dating from the days when 'Made in Britain' distinguished goods from all the inferior products coming out of the emerging industries of the Far East. It is a product which ranks high against all the criteria which sophisticated consumers now use to evaluate the things they buy. If you agree with the argument that a company is much more likely to produce high quality if all departments are motivated to achieve high quality results then you already have a good understanding of the basic principles of Total Quality Management (TQM). But TQM is not a 'quick fix' or a magic cure. It is a management technique designed to involve all parts of the business in the pursuit of, and commitment to, the highest quality result. By involving everyone from the Chief Executive to the most junior employee in the company's objectives, in a way which means something in their particular job, the company is well on the way to achieving the best results its workforce can achieve.
Author: Peratec Ltd
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 04/30/1994
Book details: 208 pages.
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