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Programming: Computer Programming For Beginners: Learn The Basics Of HTML5, JavaScript, & CSS - 3rd Edition (Computer Programming for Beginners (2017))
Programming 101 - Your Ultimate Guide - New 3rd Edition (2017)☆★☆ Get access to a FREE video training inside the book - Download Now! ☆★☆The easiest programming tutorial you’ll ever read!Living in the 21st century, it’s now very common to learn many things that you never thought you could. For one, programming must be something that didn’t cross your mind, but because of its importance and popularity, it has served to be one of the most core skill you must have.Would you like to learn how to do it? If so, then you came to the right place!Computer Programming For Beginners: Learn The Basics Of HTML5, JavaScript & CSS - 3rd Edition will show you the ABC’s and 123’s of programming. In here, you will find the easiest to learn guide for three of the most famous programming languages that are widely used in the past and up until today!Here’s what you’ll find inside:
  • Introduction To Web Development
  • Learning HTML5: The Language Of The Web
  • Understanding CSS: Stylizing The Internet
  • Learning JavaScript: Making The Web More Interactive
  • Programming may sound a little too overwhelming but it really isn’t! All you have to do is learn the basics and you’ll be surprised at how good you can be at it. More than that, you get to create and open up doors for opportunities since it is considered to be one of the most high-paying jobs out there! This book can be a great platform for your success or for whatever purpose it may serve. So hurry up and get your own copy of Computer Programming For Beginners: Learn The Basics Of HTML5, JavaScript & CSS - 3rdEdition TODAY!Just scroll up and hit the BUY button.Have fun!
    Publication date: 09/27/2016
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 138 pages

    C Programming Language
    This ebook is the first authorized digital version of Kernighan and Ritchie’s 1988 classic, The C Programming Language (2nd Ed.). One of the best-selling programming books published in the last fifty years, "K&R" has been called everything from the "bible" to "a landmark in computer science" and it has influenced generations of programmers. Available now for all leading ebook platforms, this concise and beautifully written text is a "must-have" reference for every serious programmer’s digital library.   As modestly described by the authors in the Preface to the First Edition, this "is not an introductory programming manual; it assumes some familiarity with basic programming concepts like variables, assignment statements, loops, and functions. Nonetheless, a novice programmer should be able to read along and pick up the language, although access to a more knowledgeable colleague will help."  
    Published by: Prentice Hall | Publication date: 03/22/1988
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 296 pages

    The Go Programming Language (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series)
    The Go Programming Language is the authoritative resource for any programmer who wants to learn Go. It shows how to write clear and idiomatic Go to solve real-world problems. The book does not assume prior knowledge of Go nor experience with any specific language, so you’ll find it accessible whether you’re most comfortable with JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Java, or C++.
    • The first chapter is a tutorial on the basic concepts of Go, introduced through programs for file I/O and text processing, simple graphics, and web clients and servers.
    • Early chapters cover the structural elements of Go programs: syntax, control flow, data types, and the organization of a program into packages, files, and functions. The examples illustrate many packages from the standard library and show how to create new ones of your own. Later chapters explain the package mechanism in more detail, and how to build, test, and maintain projects using the go tool.
    • The chapters on methods and interfaces introduce Go’s unconventional approach to object-oriented programming, in which methods can be declared on any type and interfaces are implicitly satisfied. They explain the key principles of encapsulation, composition, and substitutability using realistic examples.
    • Two chapters on concurrency present in-depth approaches to this increasingly important topic. The first, which covers the basic mechanisms of goroutines and channels, illustrates the style known as communicating sequential processes for which Go is renowned. The second covers more traditional aspects of concurrency with shared variables. These chapters provide a solid foundation for programmers encountering concurrency for the first time.
    • The final two chapters explore lower-level features of Go. One covers the art of metaprogramming using reflection. The other shows how to use the unsafe package to step outside the type system for special situations, and how to use the cgo tool to create Go bindings for C libraries.
    The book features hundreds of interesting and practical examples of well-written Go code that cover the whole language, its most important packages, and a wide range of applications. Each chapter has exercises to test your understanding and explore extensions and alternatives. Source code is freely available for download from and may be conveniently fetched, built, and installed using the go get command.
    Published by: Addison-Wesley Professional | Publication date: 11/16/2015
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 399 pages

    Programming: For Beginners: 3 Manuscripts in 1 Bundle - Python For Beginners, Java Programming and Html & CSS For Beginners -
    In this book you will learn:- Everything you need to know about Python: from “Python Syntax “and “The Loops” to “Coding a Full Program”.You will learn:- Everything you need to know about Java: from the “Conditional Statements” to “Interfaces and Inheritance”You will learn:- Everything you need to know about Html & CSS: “The Fundamentals 1,2,3” of Html and CSS in depth
    Publication date: 02/22/2017
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 295 pages

    The C++ Programming Language
    The new C++11 standard allows programmers to express ideas more clearly, simply, and directly, and to write faster, more efficient code. Bjarne Stroustrup, the designer and original implementer of C++, has reorganized, extended, and completely rewritten his definitive reference and tutorial for programmers who want to use C++ most effectively.   The C++ Programming Language, Fourth Edition, delivers meticulous, richly explained, and integrated coverage of the entire language—its facilities, abstraction mechanisms, standard libraries, and key design techniques. Throughout, Stroustrup presents concise, “pure C++11” examples, which have been carefully crafted to clarify both usage and program design. To promote deeper understanding, the author provides extensive cross-references, both within the book and to the ISO standard.   New C++11 coverage includes
    • Support for concurrency
    • Regular expressions, resource management pointers, random numbers, and improved containers
    • General and uniform initialization, simplified for-statements, move semantics, and Unicode support
    • Lambdas, general constant expressions, control over class defaults, variadic templates, template aliases, and user-defined literals
    • Compatibility issues 
    Topics addressed in this comprehensive book include
    • Basic facilities: type, object, scope, storage, computation fundamentals, and more
    • Modularity, as supported by namespaces, source files, and exception handling
    • C++ abstraction, including classes, class hierarchies, and templates in support of a synthesis of traditional programming, object-oriented programming, and generic programming
    • Standard Library: containers, algorithms, iterators, utilities, strings, stream I/O, locales, numerics, and more
    • The C++ basic memory model, in depth 
    This fourth edition makes C++11 thoroughly accessible to programmers moving from C++98 or other languages, while introducing insights and techniques that even cutting-edge C++11 programmers will find indispensable.   This book features an enhanced, layflat binding, which allows the book to stay open more easily when placed on a flat surface. This special binding method—noticeable by a small space inside the spine—also increases durability.
    Published by: Addison-Wesley Professional | Publication date: 07/10/2013
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 1368 pages

    Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++
    An Introduction to Programming by the Inventor of C++   Preparation for Programming in the Real World The book assumes that you aim eventually to write non-trivial programs, whether for work in software development or in some other technical field.   Focus on Fundamental Concepts and Techniques The book explains fundamental concepts and techniques in greater depth than traditional introductions. This approach will give you a solid foundation for writing useful, correct, maintainable, and efficient code.   Programming with Today’s C++ (C++11 and C++14) The book is an introduction to programming in general, including object-oriented programming and generic programming. It is also a solid introduction to the C++ programming language, one of the most widely used languages for real-world software. The book presents modern C++ programming techniques from the start, introducing the C++ standard library and C++11 and C++14 features to simplify programming tasks.   For Beginners—And Anyone Who Wants to Learn Something New The book is primarily designed for people who have never programmed before, and it has been tested with many thousands of first-year university students. It has also been extensively used for self-study. Also, practitioners and advanced students have gained new insight and guidance by seeing how a master approaches the elements of his art.   Provides a Broad View The first half of the book covers a wide range of essential concepts, design and programming techniques, language features, and libraries. Those will enable you to write programs involving input, output, computation, and simple graphics. The second half explores more specialized topics (such as text processing, testing, and the C programming language) and provides abundant reference material. Source code and support supplements are available from the author’s website.  
    Published by: Addison-Wesley Professional | Publication date: 06/02/2014
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 1312 pages

    Programming: C ++ Programming : Programming Language For Beginners: LEARN IN A DAY! (C++, Javascript, PHP, Python, Sql, HTML, Swift)
    Start Learning to Program in the C++ Language - In Just One Day! 2nd edition - NOW in paperback - with NEW added content at no additional cost!★ Read this book for FREE on Kindle unlimited - Download Now! ★No matter what work you do with computers, there's no escaping the fact that you need to improve your programming skills. Have you ever come home after a long day at work wishing you were an expert programmer?Don't crash on the couch - get motivated and start learning C++ right away!C++ Programming: Programing Language for Beginners - Learn in a Day! explains why C++ is so useful and important in the programming world. Most operating systems, compilers, apps, drivers and a lot of other software are all written in C++. If you're a beginner you should choose this programming language first!Find out how to use variables, size changers, sign changers and other prefixes in your C++ code. Learn how to input and output data and write useful programs. Also, find out about the various kinds of operators, conditionals, loops, and arrays!Here's a preview of what you can learn from this helpful book:"An array is nothing more than a list of variables, all grouped together because they share common uses. It’s more a way of keeping everything neat and tidy, as you can see from the following code:
    • int a[5];
    It looks like a standard variable but note the use of square brackets. These brackets contain the size of the array that you want in your declaration, or the number of variables, in this case, 5 integer variables. Arrays can be whatever size you want them to be, provided your computer has the RAM to take it, but they can only have one type of variable in them at any one time."Download C++ Programming: Programing Language for Beginners - Learn in a Day! NOW to find out about this essential computing language and stop wasting your money on expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective learning methods.You'll be so glad you did!
    Author: Os Swift
    Publication date: 04/28/2015
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 170 pages

    Python Programming for Beginners: An Introduction to the Python Computer Language and Computer Programming (Python, Python 3, Python Tutorial)
    Learn Python the Easy Way, Complete with Examples and ExercisesKnowing where to start when learning a new skill can be a challenge, especially when the topic seems so vast. There can be so much information available that you can't even decide where to start. Or worse, you start down the path of learning and quickly discover too many concepts, commands, and nuances that aren't explained. This kind of experience is frustrating and leaves you with more questions than answers.Python Programming for Beginners doesn't make any assumptions about your background or knowledge of Python or computer programming. You need no prior knowledge to benefit from this book. You will be guided step by step using a logical and systematic approach. As new concepts, commands, or jargon are encountered they are explained in plain language, making it easy for anyone to understand.Here is what you will learn by reading Python Programming for Beginners:
    • When to use Python 2 and when to use Python 3.
    • How to install Python on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Screenshots included.
    • How to prepare your computer for programming in Python.
    • The various ways to run a Python program on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
    • Suggested text editors and integrated development environments to use when coding in Python.
    • How to work with various data types including strings, lists, tuples, dictionaries, booleans, and more.
    • What variables are and when to use them.
    • How to perform mathematical operations using Python.
    • How to capture input from a user.
    • Ways to control the flow of your programs.
    • The importance of white space in Python.
    • How to organize your Python programs -- Learn what goes where.
    • What modules are, when you should use them, and how to create your own.
    • How to define and use functions.
    • Important built-in Python functions that you'll use often.
    • How to read from and write to files.
    • The difference between binary and text files.
    • Various ways of getting help and find Python documentation.
    • Much more...
    Every single code example in the book is available to download, providing you with all the Python code you need at your fingertips!Scroll up, click the Buy Now With 1 Click button and get started learning Python today!
    Author: Jason Cannon
    Publication date: 08/28/2014
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 164 pages

    Programming: Computer Programming for Beginners: Learn the Basics of Java, SQL & C++ - 4. Edition (2017)
    PLEASE NOTE: You DON'T need a Kindle to buy this book. It's available for immediate reading with your Amazon virtual cloud reader. Updated 2017 edition.A Book That Actually Teaches You How to Master Computer Programming? Do you want to program in today’s hottest computer languages:
    • Java?
    • SQL?
    • and C++?
    If so, this new 4th edition is just right for you! In Programming: Computer Programming for Beginners, Joseph Connor takes you through a step-by-step process of understanding these powerful and popular computer languages. He’ll help you understand what computer programs are, what they can do, and how to operate their various functions:
    • Setting Up Environments
    • Using Text Editors Like a Pro
    • Understanding Compilers and Interpreters
    • Employing Reserved Keywords – In All Three Computer Languages!
    • Starting and Developing Your “Hello,” Explorations
    • Enabling CLR Integrations
    • Creating, Compiling, and Executing Java Programs
    • and Structuring C++ Programs
    You’ll even learn how to troubleshoot and weed out your errors!From data types to variables, this Expanded 4th Edition (2017) of Programming: Computer Programming for Beginners offers you chapter after chapter of essential, valuable programming information. Unlike the other books in this growing niche, this book is incredibly extensive, thorough, and detailed!Don’t wait another day to start learning – Download Programming: Computer Programming for Beginners Today and let Joseph Connor introduce you to the wide world of computing and programming!You’ll be so glad you gained these essential modern-day skills!
    Publication date: 08/17/2015
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 254 pages

    MQL5 programming language: Advanced use of the trading platform MetaTrader 5: Creating trading robots and indicators
    Development of indicators and advisors using the MQL5 programming language for the platform MetaTrader 5
    Publication date: 11/22/2016
    Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 428 pages
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